A sudden change in style! The British Prime Minister said that it was a mistake to leave Europe without agreement. Everyone was responsible for it.

 A sudden change in style! The British Prime Minister said that it was a mistake to leave Europe without agreement. Everyone was responsible for it.

Johnsons desperate desire for a break-out agreement

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According to Reuters on September 9, at a joint press conference with the Irish Prime Minister, British Prime Minister Johnson expressed his hope for an EU-free agreement on October 18. I think what the British people want us to do is to reach an agreement and successfully leave Europe by October 31.

Later, he also talked about the failure to find a suitable exit plan, which would lead to Britains no agreement to leave Europe, would be a manifestation of the countrys failure to govern, and we all have a responsibility.

On the same day, Britains House of Lords passed a bill aimed at preventing hard-to-break on 6, which was approved by Queen Elizabeth II, and came into force. This means that Britains plan to break away from Europe without an agreement on 31 October will not be implemented at the legal level.

Britains House of Commons has passed a bill to prevent a non-consensual exit from Europe

In addition, the British House of Commons passed a conservative MPs proposal by 311 votes to 302 on the 9th to require the government to publish all documents related to the no-agreement European exit plan. On the 9th, the Speaker of the House of Commons, John Burke, announced that he would resign on October 31, or before the next general election, depending on which event happened first.

Before that, Johnson had been hit repeatedly: on the 3rd, after 21 conservative anti-water parties, he lost the first battle in Parliament; on the 4th, the motion to prevent his hard-to-break bill passed in the House of Commons and early elections was subsequently rejected; on the 5th, his brother-in-law announced his resignation; and on the 7th, the British Minister of Employment and Pension, Amber Rudd, announced his resignation. Submit your resignation letter.

According to Reuterslatest news on October 10, only 293 people supported the governments proposal in the early morning vote for an early general election, while the British government needed 434 votes in the House of Commons, or more than two-thirds majority, so Johnsons early election abacus failed again.

The dilemma between advance and retreat: the British Parliament adjourns again

A spokesman for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the British Parliament would adjourn later on 9 October local time until 14 October, Reuters reported Wednesday. The spokesman added that the Prime Minister would not approve any meaningless delay in Britains exit from Europe.

Johnsons dilemma in the face of the current split Conservative Party, runaway Parliament and a strong European Union is a real dilemma, and early elections to regain control of the situation have not been achieved. According to Reuters on September 9, Johnson lost all six votes in the House of Commons after the British Parliament ended its summer recess on September 3.

British Prime Minister Johnsons Visit to Ireland

After the meeting with the Irish Prime Minister on the 9th, Britain and Ireland failed to reach a fruitful agreement, and the gap between the two countries remains deep.

The biggest controversy comes from the border control issue in Northern Ireland. Irish Prime Minister Valladka expressed his hope that under any circumstances, the two countries could reach a realistic, legally binding and reasonable agreement or alternative mechanism. So far, Ireland has not received such a proposal.

In a subsequent joint statement, the two sides expressed their commitment to the agreement between Britain and the European Union, but it is difficult for British Prime Minister Johnson to give effective feedback in the current situation of Britains political stalemate.

The prospect of Britains Prime Ministers early general election motion being vetoed by Parliament is still worrying.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnsons motion to hold an early general election failed to win two-thirds of the vote and was again rejected by the British Parliament, Sky News reported Wednesday. Johnsons efforts to break the deadlock on Britains exit from Europe have again been frustrated.

The Queen officially approved the Act to Prevent Non-Agreed Europeanization

Queen Elizabeth II has officially approved a bill passed by the British Parliament to prevent a no-agreement exit from Europe, Reuters reported. The bill requires that if Britain and the EU do not reach an agreement before October 31, the deadline for de-EU, the British Prime Minister must send a letter to the EU requesting an extension of de-EU.