Trump: My hair is really better than most of my peers.

 Trump: My hair is really better than most of my peers.

How to prove your hair is true? US President Trump offered a new idea in his speech in North Carolina on September 9. He joked that he was willing to stand in the rain to make a speech, which at least proved that his hair was real.

Trump. Tuyuan: Capitol Hill

Trump held a campaign rally in North Carolina on September 9, according to the U.S. Capitol Hill newspaper. In his speech, he joked, I would even stand in the rain and soak my hair. But Im willing to do that. I should have done that. I will be very proud of what I have done. It will at least prove that my hair is real. Trumps remarks provoked laughter in the crowd.

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This is my hair. Maybe not very good, but I would say its better than most of my peers, Trump added.

It was reported that Trump had just been forced to cancel his trip to Jade Island, North Carolina, due to bad weather before making his comments.

Trumps iconic blonde hair has always been the focus of public attention.

Trump, source: CNN

In 2018, the New York Post published an article saying that President Trumps hairstyle was the result of intensive hairspray fixation during transplantation. The report quotes Flame and Anger: Trumps White House Secrets as saying that Trumps daughter Ivanka likes to laugh at her fathers hairstyle in front of friends, and she often introduces her friends the skills of doing it: after hair transplant, surround her completely bald head with side and front hair.

This speculation has existed long ago, and the New York Post reported something similar in 2016.

Trump is also concerned about the discussion of his hairstyle. Even before the inauguration ceremony, he said he was not worried about the rain on the day of the ceremony. It doesnt matter if it rains cats and dogs, because people will realize that this is my real hair. It may be a mess, but they will find that its my real hair, Trump said.

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