New MAGNITUDE Advanced Jewelry Exhibition

 New MAGNITUDE Advanced Jewelry Exhibition

MAGNITUDE, which means the vast scale or breadth of things, carries the infinite admiration of the universe and the earth. It represents the brightness of stars in astrology, and in geology it means the force of the earths plate movement. Time, temperature, pressure, moisture, air... After tens of millions of years of wanton collision, the Earth and the universe have evolved to concentrate these silent and slow dialogues on a variety of mineral protoliths. Crystallization, Beryl, Petrochemical Wood, Opal... These gems not only show their unique mineral properties, but also have amazing ornamental value. While the traditional standard still pursues the scarcity and purity of precious stones, Cartier focuses on the more abundant ornamental stones, breaking the shackles, without losing the classical style, contradiction collision, and amazing harmony and smoothness; with exquisite skills, the jewellery is transformed into a delicate miniature landscape, showing great self-creation. But the magnificent spectacle of miracles.

The brand-new Cartier MAGNITUDE jewelry series traces back to the original beauty of heaven and earth, regards ornamental gems as the leading role, and reproduces the miracle of creation of the earth for hundreds of millions of years. The irregular movement of the earths crust made palm trees go through vicissitudes of life and become petrified wood 70 million years later. The white spots on its surface reminiscent of cheetah fur, and the PANTHEREATTENTIVE Necklace came into being at the historic moment. Crystallization is attracted by rutile and quartz buried deep in the ground. It blends with beryl, which represents plants, and aquamarine, which looks like the sky. It outlines a natural view of a forest waterfall on the PARANA necklace. Inspired by the Russian Ballet in 1909, the blue-green color matching has become the classic color matching in Cartier. The LYRIDES necklace consists of a 23.41-carat Sri Lankan water-drop sapphire, 86 sapphire beads, Zambian emerald, Black Agate and diamonds arranged together, like a meteor shower with ripples of light and shadow. The rhythm echoes in the depth of the Star River; the three octagonal red seals with rich color and harmonious saturation inject vivid vitality into the LAKSMI necklace. Against the backdrop of diamonds, the contradiction between red seals and Black Onyx contrasts, presenting Cartiers classic red-black color matching from the early 20th century. INDRA advanced jewelry watch uses Afghan emerald, melon-shaped cut Burmese Ruby and carved sapphire to present the TUTTI FRUTTI style, which continues from the iconic design of Indian style in the 1920s. The diamonds embellished in it are reminiscent of the precious raindrops falling on the smart branches and leaves.

As night falls, a full-mirror glass curtain wall space stands on the vast lawn of the Bund Yuanyi, reflecting the changeable stars, like a vast cosmic mystery, unfolding. Stepping into the MAGNITUDE theme exhibition area, a clear water curtain symbolizing the origin of life pours from the sky. The metope design with meteorite texture echoes each other with the new high-level jewelry and toiletries. It is fascinating and the journey of gemstone exploration begins. The following ORIGINS Animal and Plant Exhibition Zone, TRADITION Cartier Antique Collection Exhibition Zone and HAUTEHORLOGERIE Advanced Tablemaking Exhibition Zone not only vividly demonstrate the classical style of Cartier, but also present the beauty of gemstones with richer creative methods and inspiration.

In this exhibition, Cartier also invited the master craftsmen of Paris High Jewelry Workshop to attend the exhibition, bringing the demonstration of advanced jewelry craftsmanship and master classes. Master craftsmen will demonstrate the inlaying, fixing, articulating methods and subtle steps of different shapes of gemstones in Cartiers TUTTIFRUTTI works, and ingeniously reproduce the whole process of cheetah works from open hand-drawn design to traditional articulation and fixing, and then to the brands unique fur inlaying skills. Show the creative process of Cartiers advanced jewelry excellence. In the master class, the master craftsman will guide the guests to experience the process of carving gemstones or wax patterns, or carve the fruits of fruit brocade sacs, witness the artistic skills in subtle places, or delineate the outline of cheetahs, in order to show the creative power of understanding the craftsmanship. This is also the first time that Cartier has invited Chinese guests to experience the creation process of high-grade jewelry. With exquisite 100-year craftsmanship and unswerving ingenuity to strive for perfection, Cartier presents a dedicated dialogue between people and gems to capture the beauty of gems.

The exhibition will be open to the public from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on September 15. Guests and jewelry lovers from all walks of life are invited to join in the gem exploration tour. Please pay attention to Cartier Wechat Public Number online booking or direct to the scene, encounter jewelry appointment.

Cartier New MAGNITUDE Advanced Jewelry Exhibition and Cartier Advanced Jewelry Craft Demonstration, Public Visit Day

Date: 15 September 2019

Time: 10:00-20:00

Venue: No. 1 Bund Source, No. 33 Zhongshan East Road, Shanghai