Female Master and 3 sons returned to the countryside to study: Xiangfu is the best profession

 Female Master and 3 sons returned to the countryside to study: Xiangfu is the best profession

Tan Ailin, 40, took her three sons out of the courtyard to take them to primary and kindergarten schools in the town. Simple and rural women like Tan Ailin have an unknown aura: she is a Bachelor of foreign languages at Central South University, and a master of education at Hangzhou Normal University. Her husband, Ji Yunfeng, is a doctor, has his own company in Hangzhou, and Dadun Village is Tan Ailins mother-in-law.

Husband has a career in Beijing and Hangzhou, and our family can also stay in Beijing and Hangzhou. For more than a decade, I have been working as a full-time mother. I prefer to take my children to live in the vast countryside while working as a substitute teacher and taking care of children. Now the children are doing well. Husband can also start a business in the city. I think the most important thing is to teach a husband. Good job. Tan Ailin said.

Female Master accompanies her three sons while she is a substitute teacher.

Dadun Village is about 2 kilometers away from Lianhua Town. Tan Ailins farmhouse is surrounded by paddy fields and orchards. Hundreds of square meters of courtyard, in addition to grape shelves and various flowers, there is a small basketball court, which is a place for children to relax and exercise.

Its not the alarm clock that wakes Tan Ailin up, but the cock in the chicken house behind the house announcing the dawn at 5 a.m. Tan Ailin gets up to make breakfast for the three children. Breakfast is made of eggs and fresh vegetables and fruits in the vegetable fields.

After the children had eaten, Tan Ailin also prepared a breakfast for her parents-in-law who had not yet got up.

At seven oclock in the morning, Tan Ailin took three children out of the courtyard and waited for the school bus at the village entrance. Now her eldest son is in Grade 6 of Lianhua Town Central Primary School, her second son is in Grade 3, and her youngest son is in the town kindergarten.

Tan Ailin is a sixth-grade Chinese substitute teacher. Tan Ailin is highly educated and conscientious in teaching. All the students like her lessons. I take my students with me like I take my own baby. I will take it seriously.

During recess, Ailin Tan will watch her son playing on the playground in the distance. Watching them grow up healthily, I feel very down-to-earth.

During lunch, Tan Ailin and her two sons had dinner together in the school canteen. During lunch, Tan Ailin also answered some questions that the children did not fully understand in the classroom.

Afternoon after school, Tan Ailin took three sons back to the farmhouse villa. After cooking dinner for her children and her parents-in-law, Ailin Tan took her children to water grapes pruning on campus and admire all kinds of blooming flowers. Before dark, Ailin Tan would take her children for a walk on the country road.

Every evening at 8 oclock, Tan Ailin accompanies her children to read. On the first floor, 180 square meters of living room is the childrens reading room. There are hundreds of books on the shelf. Under the orange light, Tan Ailin reads quietly with her two sons while her younger son plays with building blocks on the sofa.

Tan Ailins two sons keep reading habits for at least one hour every day. They can read more than six hours every day on weekends. Both sons dont watch TV on their mobile phones. Its been a good habit for me to accompany them for years.

At 21:00 p.m., the three children and Ji Yunfeng, an entrepreneur in Hangzhou, made timely video calls. The father of the child comes back only once a month, and I make video chats with him every day in order to enhance the emotions between father and son.

At 21:15, the three children went to bed on time. There were more than ten rooms in the three-storey villa, but Tan Ailin let the three children sleep in one room. I want them to know that they are good brothers and that they must always be united and get along well.

White-collar workers in foreign enterprises resign as full-time mothers

Tan Ailin is from Changde, Hunan Province. In 2003, when she was a senior at Zhongnan University, she fell in love with Ji Yunfeng, a fellow graduate student.

After graduation, Tan Ailin went to work in a foreign enterprise in Guangzhou and Ji Yunfeng went to a state-owned enterprise in Beijing.

In 2005, they settled down and married in Hangzhou. Ji Yunfeng still worked in Beijing, while Tan Ailin returned to work in a foreign trade enterprise in Hangzhou.

At the end of 2005, Ji Chunfan, the eldest son, was born. Tan Ailin took the initiative to consult with her husband. I want to quit my job as a full-time mother and take my son with me.

Ji Yunfeng nodded his head and promised.

Afterwards, Tan Ailin gave birth to two more sons and worked as a full-time mother. Tan Ailin was admitted to Hangzhou Normal University as a postgraduate student in education, and finished her course in 2014 and got her masters degree in education.

Ji Yunfeng, who works at ease, has also made some achievements in his work. He has his own residence in Hangzhou, Beijing. Later, he came to Hangzhou as a talented person to start a business. His family lives in Hangzhou and Hemei.

When the son reaches the school age, the children can go to school near the school district, but Tan Ailin wants to take the children to live in Lianhua Town, Quzhou, Ji Yunfengs hometown. I fell in love with the fields and the fresh air. I think its the best place for me and my children to live. School in Hangzhou can not accompany children all day, childrens trivial things will also distract the breadwinners husband.

Ji Yunfeng once again agreed to Tan Ailins request and built a three-storey villa with a total area of more than 500 square meters on his old homestead.

From then on, Tan Ailin took her children back to Dadun Village, Lianhua Town, Qujiang District, Quzhou City, and lived a rural life accompanying her three sons to study.

Admittedly, Teacher-in-law is the best profession. Being a full-time wife has no regrets.

Now, Tan Ailin has lived in a small mountain village for six years. Few people in the village know that the woman with three children in school is an intellectual woman with a masters degree background in education.

Tan Ailin said she had never regretted being a full-time mother for so many years.

Nowadays, the eldest son and the second son rank first in the class, and they dont play with mobile phones and computers. They are also very healthy, and Ji Yunfengs career is constantly improving. I think my most successful career in this generation is not college entrance examination, nor a masters degree, but my healthy children and successful husband, who teaches my husband is the best career in my life.

Under the influence of Tan Ailin, Ji Yunfeng, who was in his early forties, also had the idea of returning home to start his own business. I cant leave their mothers and daughters in the countryside and work in the city for a few years. I will go home with them. My wife has paid too much for this family these years. I am grateful to her.

Tong Weihao, principal of Lianhua Town Central Primary School in Quzhou City, said: From the rural primary school level, we welcome Teacher Tan, a highly educated and high-quality teacher, to enrich the teaching staff. Facts have proved that Teacher Tan is also an excellent substitute teacher. From the aspect of choosing life, we should respect Teacher Tans choice. We Can not imitate the life style of Teacher Tan, but should accept her way of life, I praise Teacher Tans harmonious family.

Source: Du Shuo_NB12556, responsible editor of Qianjiang Evening News