Visionary people have the ability to say no

 Visionary people have the ability to say no

Before leaving work, my colleague brought a stack of documents and said to him embarrassingly, Lao Hua, today is my 10-year wedding anniversary with my husband. He has been waiting for me for a long time. Can you help me with these? Ill certainly help you if you need it later.

But in fact, he had already told his wife that he would go home early tonight, and now he had to work overtime.

This has happened more than once. There are always colleagues who say they need his help. Lao Hua wants to refuse many times, but when it comes to his mouth, they always have two words good.

My friend advised him, If you dont want to do it, dont do it. Why should you promise? It shouldnt be your job.

Lao Hua sighed, I think its good for everyone to help each other.

My friend was white-eyed. Then think about it. Did they help you when you were busy?

Lao Hua recalled that his son had been ill recently. He wanted to go to the hospital to accompany his son early from work. He asked his colleagues to help him proofread the documents. It was not difficult. He could finish it in at most one hour.

But when his colleagues saw Laohua asking him for help, they laughed and pushed aside, saying that they had something important to do and had to leave early.

In the end, Lao Hua himself worked overtime with his son at the hospital.

Looking at Lao Huas stunned look, my friend continued, Just say,I dont want to do it. Is it so difficult?

After a while, Lao Hua said, Im afraid of hurting others.

Every good old man has a scar called loss in his heart.

They have not tried to refuse, but each time they open their mouth, they seem to be an invisible bondage. They have practiced many times in public and private, but when someone really makes a request, they habitually agree.

They are not not smart, they are not ignorant of the people, they are afraid of breaking up the relationship that can be maintained because of a refusal, and they are more afraid of becoming a self that is not liked by others.


Having met a partner of Party B, the most admirable thing is his vision and sagacity.

At work, he will not be willing to accept the needs of each party A. If he meets party A who knows nothing but interferes with himself, he would rather not do this business and would choose to refuse it.

In terms of making friends, he will not refuse to all the people who show him goodwill. Sometimes even if a good friend asks him, he will not ask for anything and promise everything.

Someone laughed at his ignorance. After all, some of them were powerful and some of them had strong self-esteem and could not refuse.

But his friends and customers who have been with him for a long time all recognize him as a person and ability. Although those who are narrow-minded will cause stumbling blocks, more people will choose to provide him with effective help and support.

He never changed his principle from the beginning. He accepted it calmly. He refused it decisively, with little hesitation and little regret.

Over the past few years, his business has become bigger and bigger, and his high-quality network resources have become more and more extensive. Everyone admires his foresight. The development of Party A which he refused is very poor. The friends who he refused also have strong selfishness and purpose.

Man is a social animal, and he who lives in this world must always be connected with others.

Some people never refuse all the friends they connect to, rather wronging themselves and trying to keep each relationship going for a long time, but unfortunately, it takes a lot of energy, and few people can give charcoal in the snow when they are in trouble.

From the very beginning, some people know how to reject people who are not compatible with their own magnetic field, screen their colleagues, friends and customers, and only interact with people who are comfortable with each other. They not only live a relaxed life, but also have a stronger relationship with others.

A farsighted person will naturally understand that not everyones good will be accepted, nor all thrown olive branches can not choose to refuse.

Choosing what you want to choose and rejecting what you want to reject should be a freedom that no one can interfere with.

Saying no bravely is the way to be responsible for your life.


In fact, rejection does not break a high-quality interpersonal relationship. The relationship that is easily damaged by no is very fragile from the beginning.

Everyones energy is very limited, no one can worry about all aspects, in dealing with their own life, work, at the same time, they have to submit to accept the requests of all people, such a day is too tired.

When you look beyond the horizon, you will find that some people will not learn to be grateful if you accept his request and will not hurt you much if you refuse him.

Dont overestimate your relationship with anyone, and dont underestimate anyones psychological endurance. Those who look weak and deceptive are not so vulnerable. Those who look fierce and ferocious are not so powerful.

Everything in life is the result of your own choices. You have to be brave enough to say no to the life you dont want, the relationships you dont want and the things you dont want. When your heart is free, your actions will keep pace with your thoughts.