The mother in Little Joy is an international actress: the true generosity to the future is to present everything to the present.

 The mother in Little Joy is an international actress: the true generosity to the future is to present everything to the present.

u2014u2014 Little Marriage

The most popular TV play in this summer vacation is Little Joy.

She is gentle and quiet, and considerate, and her understanding education for children has frequently aroused heated discussion.

Just as the netizens said: I envy Ji Yang so much that I want Liu Jing to be my mother. Such a mother will give me a dozen!

Compared with Tao Hong and Hai Qing,

Before Little Joy,

The name Yongmei is unfamiliar to many audiences.

even if

At the beginning of the year, she relied on the excellent acting skills of the film Long Time and Long Time.

The first Berlin film queen in the mainland was captured.


Like the treasure mother in Little Joy,

Yongmei herself is a treasure girl who has been performing for 24 years.

Even if nobody knows, she is still not in a hurry, light clouds and breeze, calmly doing what she likes.


Walking in your own time zone

Speaking of Yong Meis acting career, she has participated in more than 40 works so far.

Apart from being starred in Men of the Clouds in 1995, it has been playing the role of Green Leaf ever since.

Until the movie Long Time.

She was the first mainland actress to be awarded the Berlin film queen.

Yongmeis name appeared overnight, and many people envied her for her good luck.

In this regard,

Yong Mei is not humble but not exalted.

Winning a prize is of course related to luck. Plays, roles, timing and judgestastes are all luck. But when luck comes, I cant grasp it without previous accumulation and polishing. They are all complementary.


In her eyes,

There are no roles, no roles, no roles, no roles, no roles, no roles, no roles, no roles, no roles, no roles, no roles, no roles, no roles, no roles, no roles, no roles.

Get the script.

She spends a lot of time delving into the characters, sitting, walking, and figuring out the charactersbehavior and psychology.

In order to speak the lines smoothly instead of memorizing them stiffly,

Her mind was often filled with long lines of dialogue.

Writer Wang Hailin recognized the level of Yongmeis lines very much, and took Nie Yinniang, an assassin, as an example.

Yongmei has a long monologue in classical Chinese, which is naturally fluent in pronunciation and pronunciation. It must have done a lot of hard work.

In her performance,

No exaggeration with too much force, no traces of affectation,

Win in delicacy, sincerity, fluency and naturalness.

As an actor of non-academic background, she plays with some professional actors and never falls behind.

Middle-aged male actors who are the best performers in China,

For example, Chen Daoming, Chen Jianbin, Zhang Jiayin, Xu Yajun, Hou Yong, Jiang Wu and so on, she has cooperated.

Director Liang Mai praised her as a tense actress and calm.

When shooting The Assassin Nie Yinniang, her role has a lot of classical monologue, which is very difficult to shoot.

But when she arrived at the scene, Hou Xiaoxian saw her play and said, As soon as she reads white, she will take it.

Over the years,

So many outstanding supporting roles, her acting skills have already been affirmed and recognized, but she is not fired.

Yongmei once described her acting career as without a magnificent legend or a surprising sensation.

It doesnt matter that she hasnt become popular and few people pay attention to her. She walks in her own time zone and acts conscientiously and firmly.

After more than 20 years of careful precipitation, she has accumulated a lot of thin hair and welcomed her own blossom.

Everyone has his own development time zone, and what he decides must be done patiently before he can get anything.

The worst result is that its too late.

Dont rush for gifts. You do things in March and April. You have your own answers in August and September.


An Actress Who Dont Think of Enterprising

In 2004,

She worked with Chen Daoming and Jiang Wenli in Chinese Divorce, playing Xiao Li, which brought her wide popularity.

Where to go?

She will be recognized, the phone calls to her will continue, all kinds of temptations will follow, and she feels that her inner desire is growing.

It confused her very much.

In order to stay awake,

She took the initiative to stay away from Vanity Fair and set up her mobile phone as a call transfer, using only text messages to communicate with the outside world. This habit has been maintained for 15 years.

An actor does not take the initiative to search for a performance, passively waiting for the role through text messages, which is really rare in the Performing Arts circle.

Thats all.

She is also very selective, even if the reward is generous, can increase the exposure, contrary to her values of the role, she will not accept.

Screening scripts through text messages, I think only those who want to act will respond.

She has been acting for more than 20 years, and has hardly encountered bad scripts or rough characters.

She hadnt filmed for four years before she won the film.

She soothed and said:

Im waiting for a role that belongs to me. Im not in a hurry. You are not in a hurry.

So cherishing plum chant feathers is inseparable from his fathers teaching.

She is a Mongolian. Her real name is Senjidema.

Yongmei, the Han name given to her by her father, is derived from the famous poems of great men.

With a beautiful face with unique temperament, she has been a white-collar worker in a foreign trade company for several years and has entered the performing arts circle by mistake.

From an early age, her father told her that peoples needs were nothing more than getting in a bucket of rice every day and sleeping eight feet at night. She remembered all this.

It is said that Yongmei is very critical of her role because she does not lack money.

In fact, whether the next role can be nurtured or not is what she considers.

Her usual hobbies are drinking tea, reading books, watching movies and traveling. When she is not filming, she will buy food and cook like ordinary people.

In the opera group, Yongmei is a very quiet existence. She seldom participates in the party between actors.

On other occasions, she can often be seen again.

I dont think much about future success. I have my own definition of success. Im not an ambitious actor. If ambition is too big, I will become very tired and impetuous. I dont like that. Lets settle for the occasion.

As she wrote in a book on Weibo:

The true generosity to the future is to give everything to the present.

In the time waiting for tomorrow, you may as well like Yongmei, love life and live each day with your heart.

Living in the present, all the present efforts will be a precipitation, they will pave the way silently, let you become excellent.


In 1991,

Panther released its first music album, Panther.

In the MV of one of the famous songs Dont Break My Heart, there is a beautiful woman in white with a blurred face. She is Yongmei.

Because of shooting MV and love for rock and roll, Yongmei and Luan Shu met and fell in love, and then entered the palace of marriage.

Luan Shu was a member of the Panther Band at that time. He was a keyboard player and lead singer.

Later, he quit the band because of his obsession with equestrian.

In 1994, he set up an equestrian team to study in Australia at his own expense. Because of the huge cost of the equestrian team and their lack of stable financial resources, they lived very hard. At the poorest time, they lived in a humble cabin on the horse farm.

Some friends couldnt see it anymore. They said to Yongmei that it was easy to write some songs to other singers with Luan Shus talent, so that they could improve their lives somewhat.

Yongmei said:

Instead of yelling at her husband to make money, she respects and fulfills her partners choices and interests.

Yongmei likes to be quiet and alone, Luan Shu likes to be lively and friends everywhere.

The two people with different personalities have gone through more than twenty years together.

Luan Shu has always been very kind to her, and her friends all admire Yongmei for having such a long immortal love.

She broke the truth of marriage in one word.

There will also be contradictions between them in life.

The trick of Yongmei is to sit down and talk about something.

A good marriage can not be separated from the efforts of husband and wife to communicate calmly and solve problems together.

On weekdays, Luan Shu called Yongmei Commander of My Family and his words were full of spoiling.

On one occasion, a reporter interviewed Luan Shu at his horse farm home, saying that his home was too messy. Luan Shu said proudly, Go and see my home in the city. My wife has made a good job of it. Every place is very particular.

She also cherishes her husband very much. Just after she got the Berlin film, the reporter asked her who she most wanted to share her joy with. Yongmei did not hesitate to answer: Husband.

In 2002, in his spare time, Luan Shu returned to the music circle and participated in the production of some music.

And Yongmei has always been an actress, accompanied by two people, growing up together.

Their marriage is unusually low-key, not vigorous enough, not ups and downs, but sincere enough to flow in the plain.

Yong Mei, 49, won the honor of the actress after the film at the age of the least favored Chinese actress.

Yongmei doesnt care much about the actresss age.

She calls herself a craftsman:

As long as you have good craftsmanship, someone will come to you, regardless of gender, age, is not an obstacle.

This is the best look of a woman I like.

Have a clear understanding of oneself, gentle and firm, calm, regardless of winning or losing, not afraid of the evening, live in the present, not afraid of the future.

And how rich and full life can we have such calm and self-confidence?

But do good, dont ask about the future.

The stars dont ask the passers-by, and time bears no burden on them.

What you want will come to fruition.

May you and I share your encouragement.