If you want to mix up smoothly, dont distribute these three kinds of words in the company. Colleagues look down on you and leaders dont reuse them.

 If you want to mix up smoothly, dont distribute these three kinds of words in the company. Colleagues look down on you and leaders dont reuse them.

Xiao Lin is a foreigner who wants to return home on Mid-Autumn Festival. Ask the Logistics Department when the Mid-Autumn Festival benefits will be issued so that he can take them home. As a result, no one answered the phone after a round call. Xiao Lin spoke in the company group, Its a holiday right now. The benefits of Mid-Autumn Festival have not arrived yet. Can you consider the feelings of the employees who come home from other places?

The busy company group suddenly became quiet, as if it had solidified in the conference room and could be heard without a pin. The president of perennial diving suddenly bubbled, Please logistics department must pay holiday benefits before Mid-Autumn Festival, and send the warmth and care of the unit to employees in time.

The Director of Logistics Department had no choice but to reply to the word received. In fact, the Logistics Department is not idle, everywhere about the Mid-Autumn Festival welfare issues. Xiao Lin felt that this sentence was just a reminder of early welfare. But for the Logistics Department, thats face-to-face, especially in front of the leadership.

Since then, some supervisors and colleagues have deliberately avoided Xiao Lin, believing that Xiao Lin is not provocative, important and sensitive affairs, never arrange Xiao Lins participation, for fear that Xiao Lin will not keep the door open and throw out any troubles to the unit, which will affect Xiao Lins growth and progress for a long time. In fact, Xiaolin is anxious for Mid-Autumn Festival benefits, or should go to the logistics department privately to reflect, avoid publicly stabbing people with arrows.

[2] If you raise the bar with your comprehensive colleagues.

The most frequently spoken by the company group and the working group are usually the colleagues of the comprehensive port, who issue notices, organize activities, interpret documents and convey instructions. All day and night, buzzing, so that employees can not be bothered. But they are eating this job. Wechat Group is a good office platform. Throwing the notice into the group is easy, convenient and fast.

Huazi is busy with his work. He hates all kinds of activities unrelated to his job and often has selective invisibility. On one occasion, Huazi pretended not to see him when the office sent a notice to take a vigorous walk. The director of the office said a few phenomena without naming names in the group, for example, some employees are not enthusiastic about collective activities, Yunyun.

Hua Zi felt that the director of the office was criticizing himself. He said in the company group that the notification in the Wechat group was sometimes invisible. Besides, the notification in the Wechat group was not clear, and the way of group notification should be improved. Therefore, the director of the office rebutted Huazi. The more he said, the more angry he became, the more he had to go to the bottom with the office staff. The two men spent more than half an hour arguing about swords in Huashan.

The next day, the general manager went to Huazi to talk with him. The purpose was to remind him to have a sense of teamwork and cooperation, not to be an elite person, to call the shots everywhere. Everything was real, which was not conducive to work and personal growth and development, Yunyun. Sure enough, Huazi has become a well-known barojie in everybodys eyes, affecting several promotions and salary increases.

[3] Publicize the words of the superior who is too numb.

Company group and work group are a small workplace, or even a workplace ecology, which is more important than the real workplace. For example, even in a conference room, there are people who attend, people who do not attend, people who hear, people who do not hear, even if they hear, immediately forget, the negative impact of wrong words is limited. However, the negative impact of the work group of the company group, visible to everyone, screenshots and certificates, persists for a long time.

Daniel usually talks and honeys his mouth when he praises people. It makes people very comfortable and has a good mix of people. Of course, Daniels performance is also good. Everything is as good as fish. The boss, Lao Liu, appreciated Daniel more, and always trained and carried Daniel, so that Daniel would be grateful.

On several occasions, Liu, the boss, arranged his work in the company group, and his colleagues received a series of receipts. Only Daniel would boast a few words every time, This idea is really open, the task is thoroughly decomposed, a capitalized dress. Daliu started to work well and said nothing.

Several times later, colleagues nicknamed Daniel flatterer behind his back. On one occasion, the general manager met Daliu and imitated Daniels tone ironically, How can this idea be so wonderful, a capitalized dress? Da Liu blushed and his neck was thick, and he alienated Da Niu from then on.