Fifty-one couples were interviewed and the truth of successful love was summarized.

 Fifty-one couples were interviewed and the truth of successful love was summarized.

Knowing that long-distance love is difficult, but you still go hand in hand without fear, must be very in love with each other?

A few days ago, I saw a video about the experiences shared by dozens of successful couples in different places.

In particular, I want to share with you who are in a long-distance love. How to deal with the relationship between two people so as to get rid of the mist and make this long-distance love have a good result?

I summarize the following five points:

1. Reduce mutual suspicion

I have to admit that the greatest enemy of long-distance love is mutual suspicion. After all, long-distance love is an invisible experience. A trace of spider and horse will magnify the suspicion of the other half, thus endless quarrels and contradictions.

In the video, there is a couple from different places. At first, when they start to move, they always quarrel about many trivial matters: the fact that their boyfriend cant reply in time and the comments of the opposite sex on his micro-blog are the reasons for the quarrel.

Until a cold war, boys bought tickets overnight and came downstairs to girlshomes. They talked all night long and told each other all their doubts face to face.

Before the boys left, they stipulated three chapters that they must trust each other and never cheat each other. Even if one of them changed his mind, he should confess to the other.

In this way for three years, the two ended their choice to marry in another place, giving this love a perfect ending.

2. Unconditional trust and frankness, trust each others feelings, believe you can come to the end

Knowingly, there is a question: how to maintain long-distance love?

I think the most important thing for girls is not to die, she said. For boys, the most important thing is not to spend heart. On top of that, there is also a principle of mutual trust.

This kind of trust is not on the tip of the tongue. Trust is like your bank account. You have to deposit it regularly in case of problems before you can withdraw it.

If you are an unreliable person at ordinary times, dont accuse the other party of not trusting you when you really meet a misunderstanding. Long-distance love is fragile to an ambiguous text message, a photo, or you lie about who you are with when she finds out that it is not, you can overdraw all the trust accumulated before.

Therefore, the most important thing in long-distance love is mutual trust. We firmly believe that through our efforts, we will never be far away, and we will be sure to work hand in hand with each other to grow old.

3. Arguing all night

So every time you quarrel across the screen, you will say a lot of ugly words, and even girls will break up, the boyfriend on the other end of the mobile phone is not sure how to keep face, so the two people cold war, hard, sharpen their confidence in each other.

Fortunately, under the guidance of friends, they agreed to hang up once the quarrel, calm down and then continue, but each quarrel is not allowed to stay overnight, so, from the beginning there will be some quarrels, and then slowly suppress the temper.

The speaker is not intentional, the listener is intentional, clearly a hug can solve the problem, partial to face and live to suffer.

So its normal for couples in different places to quarrel and have contradictions, but the premise is that the problem of the day is solved, so dont let the quarrel and the cold war stay overnight.

Because two people in different places are busy with their own business, they often neglect to communicate with each other, so that their feelings are diluted by time.

Among those couples who can cultivate positive results in other places, I find that they have one thing in common with each other: they say good morning and good night to each other regularly every day, talk to each other regularly on voice, video and telephone, and talk about everyday trifles.

Dont underestimate this insignificant habit. Video and telephone can feel each others joys, sorrows and warmth of care in their tone of voice compared with cold language.

Even if not in the same city, but the hearts of each other are connected, there will be more confidence to go hand in hand.

5. Open Love

Of course, I dont mean that love must be shown in the circle of friends. I just declare that I am not single. Its not only for those who have a good feeling for themselves, but also for those who have more confidence and security.

In fact, on the other hand, although it is bitter in different places, it is really sweet once it gets through.

Because endure the loneliness and loneliness of the two places separated too much, after many storms, they still choose to be together. Every difficulty they experience increases the determination of the importance of each other in their hearts.

Love across the mountains and seas, the mountains and seas are flat, survive a different place, we will get married, okay?