BeiPiao Real Life Map: The way you work hard, shining.

 BeiPiao Real Life Map: The way you work hard, shining.

One evening, her roommate began to borrow money from her, saying that her family was ill and needed money for surgery. She consoled her one night and lent her roommate all the months she had saved.

After a few words of concern, he hung up the phone quickly, and tears gushed out.

I dont know why, when I saw this story in the background, my heart ached.

When we were young, we would cry in front of our parents because we couldnt get a piece of sugar. Now, we can only hide away from our parents. Nobody can tell us the bitterness in our hearts.

We force ourselves to be strong enough to be invincible. It seems that only in this way can we really survive in this city.

Shi Biebei, a blogger in the tremolo, impressed me with her recent film The Survival of BeiPiao.

She took pictures of a day of flashing messengers, the sweat of real estate agents, and countless thin people sleeping on the ground at night at Beijing Railway Station.

But what touched me most was her own story.

She moved many times in Beijing and changed several jobs. In 2017, she began to shoot tremolo and short videos.

Self-taught editing recordings, behind each 60-second video, she has corrected countless copies, recorded dozens of sounds, tripod collapsed in the gale, mobile phone smashed, but only to comfort herself, broken and safe.

I dont know how many sleepless nights and the persistence of running with tripods in the cold wind have brought millions of fans today.

Yes, everyone here has gone to this prosperous capital with great dreams, and tried to give up countless times in one setback, but they have also lived a legend in the countless trials.

This is Beijing, where there has never been a shortage of hard-working people.

She also had a brother, whose mother valued boys over girls, and was unkind to her from an early age. She scolded wildly, sometimes even kicked and punched for no reason.

But as soon as it dawned, we still had to pick ourselves up and pull ourselves through.

When I first arrived in Beijing, my salary was 3500 a month, but I got a call from my mother asking for money. My younger brother is not angry. He owes a lot of foreign debts and can only be filled by her.

A few years ago, she created a public number and wrote about countless independent and shining women, as well as herself.

As the public clamoured, life gradually became hopeful, but on the other hand, it was more endless demand.

But I dont think shes like anybody else. Shes stronger than them.

She did not try to depend on anyone like Fan Shengmei, nor did she have as much money as Su Mingyu. She had nothing but the belief that she could support herself.

Think of Chen Ges Lili Wanxiang has such a lyric: the city is generous and bright all night, young people are not afraid of years.

The big city is generous, it gives dream-chasing teenagers unlimited life possibilities, so that they can sail here, to pursue the desire and love in their hearts.

As a drifting party said, sometimes choosing to go north to Guangzhou means choosing a bed, 5 square meters of a second bed, one can only choose to go to bed once entering the room.

But you know what? When you walk out of the room, you have the whole city.

Life is a river and lake, ups and downs, there are always people galloping horses, sailing, you will never be a person in pursuit of dreams.

I know that many people toss and turn in the middle of the night, weeping bitterly, thinking of the suffering of tomorrow, they once again fall into despair and confusion.

But I also believe that you will be refreshed at dawn and strive to face life.

You see, weve been desperate, weve cried, weve yearned, weve been devoted.

Since we are here, dont be afraid of loneliness and hardship. Always believe that everything will be all right, okay?