How did Princess Megan change from a media darling to a nuisance?

 How did Princess Megan change from a media darling to a nuisance?

Megan and Harry refused an invitation from the 93-year-old Queens Grandma to attend family events in Balleburg, Scotland, on the grounds that the four-month-old son Archie was too young to travel long distances.

Only last month, however, Megan took Archie on vacation to Spain and France and spent several days at Elton Johns Luxury Estate in southern France.

Then, on Thursday, Megan flew first class to New York to watch her friend Serena Williamstennis final.

Megan flew from London to New York to watch Serena Williams in the final of the US Open

_Serena Williams, 37, a good friend of Megan, was invited to attend Megans and Harrys wedding.

Ironically, Megans spokesman just announced that:

When she met her sister, she said that the duty of the royal family was not to accompany the queen to perform family harmony. Even the activities organized by the Queen were not attended. What work was busy?

The BBC royal correspondent said:

Unlike celebrities, members of the royal family are responsible. You cant board the plane at will for the weekend. There are many rules in Royal life.

_According to the rules, members of the royal family should not argue in public, but some people saw Megan and Harry had a heated conversation. Nor should members of the royal family sign for the public, and Megan always happily signs for others.

The Daily Mail also published a commentators article accusing Megan of mistaking her priorities in life:

Pushing off the Queens invitation and turning to New York was a puzzling act, and her attitude towards the Queen was too bad.

The author of the article said:

Megan thought of babies everywhere, but he lived a leisurely life and refused to give up any entertainment and enjoyment.

I dont know which one of the more negative effects on Archie is to refuse the Queens invitation to V.S. for the sake of watching a tennis match and leaving the children at home to fly to the United States.

Whats more, she just spent 2.4 million pounds renovating her new home. Cant she watch live games on Wi-Fi and send her best wishes to friends on IG?

Megan claims to be breastfeeding

In June, Harry and Megan renovated their home, Frogmore Cottage, at a cost of 2.4 million pounds, all paid by British taxpayers.

The title of the Daily Telegraph editorial is Open Letter to Megan: Why is Archies baptism so secret? It hurts our British feelings.

I cant blame the British glass heart.

Since members of the royal family enjoy the support of taxpayers, their private life can not be entirely their own.

Life is extravagant, words are insincere

In May, Katie, a royal writer, told The Sun that like many Hollywood stars, Megan believed that it was better to keep fit without eggs.

At a dinner in Windsor Castle, Megan was upset by the suspected presence of eggs in the dish.

Although the waiter told her there were no eggs in the dish, Megan insisted on the taste of the eggs.

Meet the elder sister said, you are not allergic to eggs, smell the taste of eggs will die?

According to Katie, Megan was losing her temper when the Queen came in.

In this family, we dont have to speak in such an attitude.

Between the queens calmness and gentleness, this is a rather harsh criticism.

Megan seemed indifferent to the increased expenditure.

One of the biggest mockery incidents has been the frequent use of private jets by Harry and his wife, who advocate green energy.

_Harry and Megan transformed Windsors new home, Frogmore Cottage, which cost 50,000 for a single green energy system.

In August alone, Megan flew two private planes.

First, in celebration of Megans 38th birthday, the Harries arrived in Ivisa, Spain, on a 9-seat Cessna private jet with three-month-old Archie, and spent six nights at the islands most luxurious Moon Resort.

It costs 120,000 pounds a week for a single rent.

Inside the Moon Resort

Just two days after returning home from Ivisa, Harry and Megan took Archie to Nice, France, to visit Elton John.

Although London has nine flights to Nice every day, Harry and Megan still choose to fly by private jet.

_Mr. and Mrs. Harry rented 12 Senas Award-winning official planes. It costs at least 20,000 pounds to fly from London to Nice. The minimum fare for commercial flights is only 100.

Husband Harry didnt give in too much.u2014u2014

At the Climate Change Summit held in Sicily, Prince Harry arrived at the venue by private jet and gave a passionate speech on humanitarianism and saving the planet.

A total of 114 private planes and various Super Yachts were flown by celebrities such as Barack Obama, Little Plum and Fruit Sister.

_In February, Megan flew back to London on a private jet to New York to attend the expectant moms party.

Although the cost of arriving in Nice is paid by Elton John and the cost of arriving at the Climate Summit is paid by Google, it is widely believed that the contradiction is not all about money.

Carbon emissions per person are seven times higher on a private plane than on a commercial airliner.

Take the case of Prince Harry and his wife flying from London to Nice.u2014u2014

In an hour and 40 minutes flight, 12 Cessna business planes consumed 1,800 litres of fuel, generating 2.5 kilograms of carbon dioxide per liter of fuel.

In this way, Prince Harry and his wife produced 10 tons of carbon dioxide once and for all.

If its any other local tyrant, its OK, but Prince Harry and his wife have been putting it up by environmentalists.

Prince Harry, in particular, just said publicly in an interview with Vogue magazineu2014u2014

It is everyones responsibility to leave a sustainable environment for future generations; he and Megan plan to have at most two children for the sake of the planets environmental protection.

Meet the elder sister and say, other than that, your elder brother just gave birth to three, ah, is it really good to say so?

_In July this year, Harry and his wife powen on IG: Nearly 7.7 billion people live on this planet, and every choice, every footprint, every action will have an impact on the planet. Now it looks like it is. The picture shows Harrys painting style in IG.

Not eating meat is environmentally friendly, sitting in a private jet crying for emission reductions

In the face of fierce criticism, Harry and his wife were also respected.

He also said he would donate to the Carbon Footprint Foundation to compensate for inviting Harry and his wife to fly in a private jet.

A few days ago, under pressure of public opinion, Prince Harry made a statement about the private jet incident.

Nevertheless, his words are more like making up for themselves than admitting mistakes.

Harry said this:

Ninety-nine percent of all my trips in my life took commercial flights. Occasionally, I need a special environment to ensure the safety of my family. Its as simple as that.

In addition, Harry has repeatedly stressed that he has carbon neutralized the pollution of private aircraft, please do not hold on to it.

But Harrys usual way of life cant save much energy. Maybe he thinks wearing the same pair of shoes several times is called low-carbon life.

What does carbon neutralization mean?

Carbon neutralization means to neutralize the total amount of carbon dioxide emitted by oneself through environmental protection actions such as planting trees and walking.

The question is, how did Harry calculate this carbon neutralization?

Who is your so-called low-carbon life compared to?

Nobody knows.

Meet the elder sister said, these people who think that not eating meat is environmentally friendly, sitting in a private plane shouting emission reduction, really should take them to my Daliangshan for two years, let them know what is the real low-carbon life.

_Before she married into the Royal family, Megan revealed on the talk show that she did not like flying in civil aviation. She said that civil aviation is very unhygienic. It is necessary to carry wipes and spray with you, clean the seats and wipe your nose. Megans requirements for living conditions are more valuable than those of an orthodox Royal family.

Megan cant get anything he wants.

Two years ago, when Megan first married Harry, she was still very fond of him.

Big girls, married women and black people in the United States make melon eaters feel fresh everywhere.

Megan cut off contact with her native family, and everyone was on her side.

At first, tabloid Tucao Megan was very bossy and very difficult to get along with. Now, BBC, the sun and the Daily Telegraph bring Mei Genquan up for criticism.

It is also a wonderful flower that a person is disgusted by the word up, down, and all.

_Just two years ago, Megan was also called the fashion force that reshapes the image of the Royal family by the New York Times.

As early as Megan had just entered the Royal family, there were various stories of domineering.

Three assistants and one bodyguard resigned successively.

The reason is that Megan is always at his fingertips, sending e-mails to employees in the early morning and making demands.

Later, there was news that Megan was in trouble with Harry about choosing the wedding crown.

Megan insisted on wearing an emerald crown, which was rejected by the royal family because of some embarrassment.

Prince Harry was so unhappy that he lost his temper at the waiter. Give Megan whatever she wants!

When the Queen learned of this, she warned Prince Harry, Megan cant get anything she wants.

Megans engagement ring was originally designed by Prince Harry himself.

The top 3 diamonds, two were left by Princess Diana, and the other came from Botswana to commemorate Harry and Megans first holiday there.

One year after the wedding, Megan asked for more diamonds to be added to the ring simply because it was more fashionable.

Modify the ring and lose the design intention. Megan said with a lot of spots on her hands

The authenticity of these rumors is still unknown, but the facts are clear:

Last year, Megan topped the list with more than $500,000 in Royal cost statistics.

That doesnt include her $135,000 wedding dress.

_Megans most expensive outfit should be the Givancy suit she wore when visiting the Queen after her engagement. The naked dress sells for $24,516. Beauty is beautiful, but its equivalent to 100,000 RMB. Its only a word expensive.

In February, Megan launched a Baby Shower in New York, spending a total of $200,000, which was criticized by a large number of media.

Although Megans friends paid $100,000 for her private jet and $75,000 for her accommodation, the question is, if Megans identity was not special, which trench would pay for her huge expenses?

Before the baby was born, Harry and his wife spent more than $40,000 on a three-day antenatal honeymoon.u2014u2014

The cost of one night is $13,000, and three bodyguards have their own rooms.

Recently, without informing the Royal family, Megan hired a public relations team that had served Harvey Weinstein, the hero of the Hollywood sex scandal, to reshape public opinion for herself.

When I met my sister, I said it was a strange thing.

The image of the royal family members has always been the responsibility of the Royal Department itself. Whats the matter of inviting a Hollywood team to do public relations for the princess?

_Megan took promotional photographs for her new capsule clothing line SmartWorks. SmartWorks is a charity designed to help women pursue career goals. Meet the speech elder sister to say, this cant be another Ivanka who plays professional womens brand to sell goods.

In addition, Harrys painting style is also visible to the naked eye.

Now, Harrys relationship with his brother-in-law is also changing, along with Megans vegetarian diet and pedicure.

In June this year, Harry and Megan announced that they would no longer participate in Prince Williams Royal Foundation but would form their own foundation.

In response to the growing criticism of Megan, it is generally agreed thatu2014u2014

It has nothing to do with Megans nationality, race and personal background, but with her attitude.

No one is perfect.

Thats a very questionable statement.

As a defender of traditional values, the Royal familys duty is to set an example to the people in their moral image.

Dianas excellence was recognized because the British royal family was incomplete 30 years ago.

Megans style of acting is not inappropriate from a personal point of view, but as a member of the Royal family, she apparently did not correct her role.

Over the past century, the dramas of the British royal family have been ups and downs, always giving new surprises to the people who eat melons.

It doesnt cost us money. Theres gossip.

If you think about it, you can keep the Royal family.

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