Is it appropriate for retired policemen to work as security guards in private factories? Tell me three facts, netizen: Hello, good man

 Is it appropriate for retired policemen to work as security guards in private factories? Tell me three facts, netizen: Hello, good man

Retirees belong to the free body. They go to work with their retirement pension. They belong to the export of labor services and form labor relations with their employers. This is totally no problem. Old people with a solid family background either travel around the world with their spouses or play tricks on their grandchildren at home, but there are still many retired people who go to work to earn a little hard money. There are three main reasons:

First, family economic pressure is high. Pensions are high in some places and low in others. Every family has its own hard nut to crack. Some families are not short of money. Others are burdened with heavy burdens. For example, the elderly are ill in hospital, their children go abroad to study, their sons get married and buy houses. They need money everywhere. There are retired men who are responsible for it. They dare to lay down their positions and go to work again.

Second, the old man is not idle. Some retired elderly people spend their whole lives at work, without other interests and hobbies. They dont like fishing, photography or playing mahjong. They feel itchy at home. They might as well go out to find something to do. Therefore, the security guards, guards and watchers near their doors are more suitable. If you dont want that small salary, the key is to find something to do. Dont let things go wrong. You should also exercise.

Third, we want to give full play to waste heat. Especially the veteran policeman who asked questions, who is not good at other things, but knows security and security, and works as a security guard in private enterprises, can exert surplus heat and solve the anxiety of skill itching. Many units like to employ this kind of retired old people, they have professional level, conscientious and responsible, unrestrained and hard-working style. For example, our unit hired a retired police officer and a veteran, and brought the security class very well. The company has never had any trouble.

[3] Retired workers in private enterprises receive low wages, and the elderly should learn to protect themselves.

Private enterprises only pay 2,000 yuan to retired people. They do not need to pay social security, work-related injuries, training and other charges. It is not the labor relationship established with retired old people, which is not protected by the labor law, but the establishment of the labor relationship, the occurrence of industrial injuries and disputes, not enjoying the compulsory responsibility stipulated in the labor law, can only go through the civil compensation procedure. Therefore, retired elderly people should not be re-employed to engage in risky occupations. It is good to be a security guard and a doorman. The risk is not big. Although the labor cost is relatively low, peace and security are the blessings.

Many netizens posted that retired men who do not want to take care of their old age, can work hard to make money, so that their families live a better life, they are strong, glorious, worthy of respect, I admire.