Xiaoxian 1: The pre-sale box office has exceeded 10 million, and Zhang Xiaofan, the male god of Xiao Zhan, is worth looking forward to.

 Xiaoxian 1: The pre-sale box office has exceeded 10 million, and Zhang Xiaofan, the male god of Xiao Zhan, is worth looking forward to.


Qixian 1 also experienced the storm of renaming. Changing the name from Qixian to Qixian 1, despite this small change, has a greater meaning behind it. It means that the film will be made into a series of films. And Qixian 1 hit the cannon, and then Qixian 2 and Qixian 3 came one after another. Zhang Xiaofan is Xiao Zhan, it must be more attractive. Xiao Zhan went out for the sake of Xixian.

Xiao Zhan, a 24-year-old, was a designer to add variety shows. Hes not in the class. Everything starts from scratch. Over the years, he began to hone his acting skills. Finally, with Chen Qingling Wei Wuenvy ranked among the top traffic. From online drama to movies, from small screen to large screen - we see the progress of Xiao Zhan, but also see that Xiao Zhan has unlimited possibilities. Actors can go further.


Xiao Zhans first film work is Xiao Xian 1. It is said that the plot is the first half of the original work. Describes the life of Zhang Xiaofan and his brother and sister, until he just got the burning stick and demonization ended. How about knowing the aftermath? Listen to the next breakdown. The first film is the excitement and tension of Xiao Zhan, the male protagonist. However, Zhang Xiaofans sculpt in Qixian 1...

Xiao Zhan first responded positively to the hot discussion on modelling: When fixing makeup, not only black powder was applied, but also the feeling of sunburn and freckles was deliberately made to express the role. Now it may be unacceptable, but after watching the film, you can feel chivalrous feeling from the modelling, so you have to go to the cinema to see it before you can feel it. (Wen/Piaoyutong) Okay, but this way of dressing the Huadao - because he is Xiao Zhan, we can bear it.


By the time of issue, the pre-sale box office of Qixian 1 has exceeded 10 million; 44.5% of the first days film arrangement is comparable to Naju (the highest film arrangement is 46%). The trailer of Qixian 1 has a good reputation. But there are still such worries: the film time is so short, can you explain the content of the original book Qixian? All of this is known by the release of Qixian 1. Must have confidence in Xiao Zhan!

Xiao Zhan introduced the role of Zhang Xiaofan. He thought that the most similarity between them was that they were sincere people: When I ask myself to get along with others, they are very sincere. Xiao Zhan concluded from the shooting of Qixian 1 that I tried my best to be worthy of myself at that time. Shushan Biography was released 18 years ago. Can Qixian 1 subvert the magical peak of China? Xiao Zhan, look at you!