Feeling guilty and bold for oneself? The Taiwan authoritieshard support for stability of diplomatic relations has been mocked.

 Feeling guilty and bold for oneself? The Taiwan authoritieshard support for stability of diplomatic relations has been mocked.

[Global Times special correspondent in Taipei Cui Mingxuan Global Times reporter Xing Xiaojing] Solomon Islands Foreign Minister Manelis 8-day visit to Taiwan seemed to be taken as a straw for life by Cai Yingxuan. Prior to that, the news that the Pacific island country would sever diplomatic relations with Taiwan had been circulated for four or five months. Particularly disturbing to the Taiwanese authorities is the recent arrival of the ministerial group on the mainland, Solomon Islands Senator Agovaka brought home the message that its time to make a new friend. Cai Yingying praised Solomon Islands and signed a series of cooperation agreements when he met Maneli on the 9th. Wu Zhaoxie, Taiwans foreign minister, claimed that the interaction was of great significance to deepening Taiwan-based friendship. However, it was satirized by Taiwans China Times. Taiwans foreign ministry probably whistled in the middle of the night to bolster itself. The former leaders of Guinea-Bissau visited Taiwan and contacted Beijing. Later, the Taiwan side had long known that El Salvador was going to break off diplomatic relations and insisted on good diplomatic relations. They described a visit as a signal of stable diplomatic relations. The Taiwan authorities were probably very modest. If Solomon Islands and Taiwan break off diplomatic relations, it will become Cai Yings sixth break diplomatic relations in his term of office. More worrying to the Taiwanese authorities is that of the six Taiwan diplomatic states in the Pacific region, Solomon Islands has the largest area and the largest population, and breaking off diplomatic relations may trigger a chain effect in the region.

Taiwan is desperate to avoid losing its diplomatic relations again. The first person to practise what AFP calls desperation is Cai Ying. On the morning of September 9, Cai Yingying met with the Manelies at the Presidential Palace. She called Solomon Islands always a very firm friend of Taiwan in the international arena, and Reluo said good friends should always meet, and Taiwan and Solomon Islands are the best examples. AFP said Cai Yingying was seriously considering whether to abandon Taiwan and establish diplomatic relations with Beijing, which is more economically powerful. Cai Yingying apparently tried to persuade Solomon not to do so.

Cai stressed to Manila that Taiwan is a responsible and dedicated partner and hoped that Solomon Islands will continue to support Taiwan vigorously in the international arena, saying that in the future Taiwan will work with Solomon Islands to further enhance bilateral relations. An Island analyst told the Global Times that in recent years, Taiwan has spent a lot of money on retaining Solomon Islands. Shortly after Cai Ying took office, Taiwan pledged $28 million to help build the Pacific Games venue in 2023.

Since the general election held in Solomon Islands in late April this year, news of unstable relations between Taiwan and Taiwan has been coming out one after another. In May, the re-elected Prime Minister, Sogavale, said the new government was reconsidering its relationship with the Taiwan authorities. Later, the country set up a cross-party assessment team to assess relations with Taiwan, and visited the Pacific island countries that established diplomatic relations with Beijing. Reuters reported recently that in mid-August, a group of ministers, composed of Solomon Islands ministers and private secretaries of the Prime Minister, had contacted Beijing directly.

Taiwans Ministry of Foreign Affairs communicated with each member of Parliament in a carpet style after the general election in Solomon Islands and, if necessary, explained the situation of establishing diplomatic relations with Beijing, according to sources familiar with the situation, according to Taiwans Union News on September 9. In order to balance the situation, Taiwans Foreign Ministry strongly invited highlights of Solomon Islands to visit. Wang Dingyu, the Democratic Progressive Partys legislator, optimistically judged that Manelis visit to Taiwan was a signal of stability in diplomatic relations between the two sides.

During a media meeting with Wu Zhaoxie on the afternoon of September 9, Maneli said that many agreements had been signed between the two sides, including the cooperation plan for the Pacific Games venues. According to Taiwans Joint Evening News, Colin Baker, Deputy Minister of foreign affairs, told the media that Taiwan-Soviet relations are as good as ever but did not say anything about the relationship between the two sides, saying only that the government has a mechanism to review foreign policy.

Li Xiaobing, Executive Director of the Law Research Center of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao, told the Global Times on the 9th that Taiwan authorities have been making foreign investment in so-called diplomatic countries to maintain relations reluctantly, which in itself proves that diplomatic stability is ridiculous. In fact, the diplomatic state can not prove Taiwans international status. It is nothing more than a trick by the Taiwanese authorities to deceive the people of the island.

Source: Global Network Responsible Editor: Li Zaixing_NBJS9026