The strongest Yunnan folk song on the surface, how wild is the painting style?

 The strongest Yunnan folk song on the surface, how wild is the painting style?

One of the greatest characteristics of Yunnan folk songs is that the original ecology without any additions, coupled with shameful coquettage, with a very rural atmosphere, expresses a tacit agreement, but also reveals an infinite reverie.

Among the many Yunnan folk songs, the most classic one can be called an epic work, but this one is Old Driver Take Me.

The three most widely circulated editions on the Internet are the carriage edition, the van edition and the old driver edition.

Although there are many versions, the essential difference of the content is not big. They are all moving stories about Yunnan younger sisters discussion of life philosophy and love after she stopped the old driver.

When the catchy lyrics, vivid and high melodies and grounding atmosphere are merged together, and a wonderful chemical reaction is collided, a tremendous storm is quickly set off in the Chinese music circle, which makes people want to stop it! ___________

For Wen Qing, who is accustomed to classical jazz or rock blues, the new music like The Old Driver Leads Me is like a breeze blowing in the mountains and a warm light shining in the ancient city, from the woods to the study, from morning to night....

Taking advantage of the old drivers wind, Yunnan folk songs are rampant on wild roads.

The song One Shot at You till Dawn tells the story of a couple of men and women in swimsuits dancing by the lake in the park, expressing the contemporary youths yearning for freedom in a dynamic way.

With metaphor, the novel compares courtship to the common behavior of Yunnan Province, namely, beating turtle dove, which implies the hormonal agitation of men and women in their youth. It can be regarded as a great romantic work in contemporary folk song circles.

The demon in the demon is like a woman embodies the advanced gender concept of the Yunnan people, praises the sensitive LGBT topic bravely and generously, conveys the spirit of equality and anti-discrimination, and can be called a great legend of folk song theology.

Look more at the MV of Yunnan folk songs. Maybe you will find that these singers come and go in the same wave.

There are independent production teams behind them, but they will often play tricks with each other, cooperate with each other, and constantly present the wonderful works of refreshing the three views for the local people.

As one of the heavenly kings of Yunnan folk song circles, Li Linfeng is famous for his song Old Driver Leads Me. His image of honest and kind old driver is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, which is unforgettable up to now.

In many works, each character he deduces is full of emotion and texture. He is good at conveying the protagonists inner situation through delicate expressions. He is really a senior actor.

Another heavyweight King, Lei Minmin, learned to sing folk songs at an early age. At the age of 7, he began to appear in major folk songs competitions. At the age of 12, he began to learn from a group of senior folk song artists and achieved good results at a young age.

Yunnan folk song god big man Geng Jing, because of the scale problem, here do not do more introduction.

As the saying goes, all magical things can conquer the world, let alone music regardless of national boundaries.

On YouTube, Yunnan folk songs, as the external export of folk culture, are enough to prove the victory from the amount of broadcasting.

Unable to withstand this powerful deterrent and destructive force, the crooked nuts have drifted through the clouds and reached their climax... Its sour and refreshing, like being overturned by an unknown civilization, and then poured into an inexplicable hallucinogen.

Lets see what kind of touches the crooked nuts have respectively harvested. Maybe you can really appreciate the international charm of Yunnan folk songs.

If my mom comes into my room at this time, Ill jump the page to X-ray, which is more convenient to interpret.......................................... ...

Promise me to play this song while Im dancing on my grave.

Listening to this song, there is a wonderful feeling of chrysanthemum being poked, joy and pain at the same time surging into my heart...

If I were caught by terrorists, Id like to sing the song in a single cycle, so that they can let me go happily.

Is it vulgar? Is it coquettish? Is it funny? Yes, none of this is denied.

Some people say we are too vulgar, I admit. But I care more about how much joy folk songs bring to local farmers than cynicism from netizens. The criteria of evaluation are farmers, not netizens living in cities.

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