The National Football Team is going to be a head team tonight. Can Exxon cure the national teams weakness?

 The National Football Team is going to be a head team tonight. Can Exxon cure the national teams weakness?

Exxon will make his debut. The National Football Team may have a double naturalization tonight.

On June 7, in the 2:0 victory over the Philippines at home, Li Ke, a Chinese player, made his first appearance in the national football team. Because he took the first step of naturalization, the match was regarded as a milestone of the national football team, and Li Ke established his position as the new nucleus of the national team.

In this national football training, it was once reported that Li Ke may not travel with the team to Maldives. After all, the strength of the opponents is limited, but in the final list, Li Kes name is still listed. It can be seen that Lippi still attaches great importance to Li Ke. Meanwhile, with the success of Ixons naturalization, tonights National Football Team is likely to send out a double naturalization team in the game.

Judging from the current situation, Ixon is likely to make his debut tonight, which will be his first appearance in the national football team. For the Football Association, the significance of Exxons first show is even greater than that of Li Ke. After all, Li has half Chinese blood, and Exxon is absolutely pure naturalization, so tonights first show of Exxons national team will certainly be more surprising.

Weakness of the front is the stubborn disease of the National Football Association. It is expected that Exxon can effectively alleviate this problem. For more than six years in the Chinese Super League, Exxon won two golden boots in the Chinese Super League, and also broke the Golden Boot scoring record in the Chinese Super League. In addition, the Guangzhou Evergreen Team won the second championship twice. Exxon scored key goals in the final, and his ability to fight hard and psychological quality were proved. Now, fans are hoping that Exxon will bring his performance at the club to the national team. So, tonight is a very intuitive test of whether Exxon is really a good medicine for frontal weakness.

In Maldives, Yang Xu is expected to score again every four years.

In recent days of training and teaching competitions, Exxon has always been a member of the National Football Associations front trident. His front partners are Yang Xu and Wu Lei. In position, Exxon is on the left, Wu Lei is on the right and Yang Xu is in the middle. Ninety-nine out of ten of these Ivy Yang attacking combinations are the main frame of the front court tonight.

Yang Xu, who is 1.88 meters tall, is a rare local main center in the Chinese Super League. In terms of technical characteristics, Yang Xu can carry the ball on his back and grab a spot in front of the door. More importantly, Yang Xu is good at top-notching. Yang Xus aerial advantage will be obvious when playing against the Southeast Asian team. In the face of Maldives defender who is generally less than 1.80 meters tall tonight, Yang Xus header advantage has reason to dominate in an all-round way.

Yang Xu is also familiar with the opponent of the Maldives. Four years ago in Russias World Cup Asian Top 40, Yang Xu received a pass from teammate Zhao Mingjian in the 12th minute and scored a header in the way he was good at in the national teams 4:0 victory over Maldives. Four years later, Yang Xu is expected to break the goal of the Maldives again.

Comparing the strength of the National Football Team with that of the Maldives, it should be easy for the National Football Team to win tonight, but the key is that the attack combination of Aiwuyang can pass the test smoothly. It can be predicted that if Yang Xu can perform well with Exxon and Wulei in tonights match, the trident of Aiwuyang will probably be a common plan for the national football team to compete in the fortieth and even the twelfth finals in the future.

New Express reporter Wang Enemy

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