Germany is as bad as the 2018 World Cup! Luff was questioned again. German media angrily criticized the post-90s elders: the range of activities is 10 meters.

 Germany is as bad as the 2018 World Cup! Luff was questioned again. German media angrily criticized the post-90s elders: the range of activities is 10 meters.

Germanys possession rate reached 69% in this match. The team scored 21 times, eight of which were in the right direction, while Northern Ireland only scored one in the whole match. In the first half, however, Germany was always in the ascendant, while Northern Ireland almost scored a single goal. It was not until the second half that Germany scored by Harstenberg and Gnabri, and finally won 2-0 away.

Germanys 2-0 victory over Northern Ireland is a big step towards the 2020 European Cup, Pictures criticized after the match. But the performance of the national team, especially in the first 45 minutes, reminds us of Germanys disastrous performance in the 2018 World Cup. And there was no improvement in Germanys 2-4 defeat to the Netherlands in the European preliminaries on Friday. The Kicker also indicated that Germany could win the match with luck.

Germany lost 2-4 to the Netherlands in the last round of European preliminaries, and the exit situation was not optimistic. After the defeat, German national team coach Loew said that he would play more aggressively and make fewer mistakes in the match, but Pictures said, There is no such change before the half-time break. In the seventh minute of the game, Cross was interrupted on the left side of the back court, and Washington, the home team forward, faced Noyle in the penalty area. Fortunately, his shot was saved by Noyle, so Germany avoided losing the ball first.

In Germanys SPOX post-match scoring, Cross scored only the lowest score of 5 points (Germany scored 1-5 points, the best score of 1 point and the worst score of 5 points). The media criticized his mistake in the 7th minute, which almost led to the teams early passivity, and Crosss running and passing on the Court seemed to be confined to a circle with a radius of 10 meters. Medium. In addition, two German starters, Kinter and Wiener, also scored only five points, and both were replaced halfway.

In the 48th minute of the second half, Kostromans right pass, Brandts header ferry, and Halstenberg on the left side of the penalty area volleyed directly with his left foot to break the door. The world wave helped Germany to take the lead. Harstenberg said, My teammates passed the ball very well. I saw the ball was high, so I shot directly from the air and the goal broke the deadlock.

In the 63rd minute, Dallas, a Northern Ireland player, missed another good chance to score six meters in front of the goal. The score was almost equalized, Bild said. Until the full-court stoppage period, Gnabrys small angle shot helped Germany to lock in the victory. Although Germany won in the end, their overall performance was clearly unsatisfactory.

If it werent for Noyles excellent performance, its not clear what the outcome of Germanys game would be.

After the match, German coach Luff said, We are facing a lot of pressure after losing to the Netherlands. We have to overcome some difficulties, so we are not playing very well. Many of our players have never played together before. We are learning and need to grow. But Gnabry did well, not only because he scored, but because he has become a very important player in the team and played at a very high level.

Luff suddenly announced in March this year that he would not recruit three experienced international players, Muller, Homeles and Boateng. Now the German national team lacks veterans in key matches. In particular, many fans were dissatisfied with Homelesdefeat. 73.4% of the fans voted for his return to the German national team, while only 26.6% of the fans supported coach Loews previous choice.

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