Wolfe, who won the title by Ferrari Monza, was strongly dissatisfied that he had violated the rules and escaped for the New Years Eve.

 Wolfe, who won the title by Ferrari Monza, was strongly dissatisfied that he had violated the rules and escaped for the New Years Eve.

A week ago in Spa, Belgium, Leclair won Ferraris first sub-station championship of the season. He won very hard. Hamilton was blocked by Vettel for a long time, but he almost caught up with Leclair before the end, less than a second apart. Everyone can see that Ferrari has a clear speed advantage on the straight road, but suffers from tire wear. With the longest straight road in F1 in Monza, Italy, Ferrari seems to have a bigger advantage here, but Vettel slipped behind after only six laps and could not help his teammates as he did in the previous race.

Ferraris strategy and efficiency have been criticized this season, but this time they have done a good job. Le Claire, who started from pole position, could keep the lead, but could not get rid of Hamilton, who followed him. The distance between them was only over one second. On lap 19, Hamilton came in and replaced the neutral tyre. Ferrari immediately gave Leclair a hard tyre on lap 20. This somewhat risky decision became the winner or loser of the game.

There are 33 laps left in the race. If both sides choose the same tyre and dont stop, Mercedes will have a big advantage in tyres at the end of the race. However, the hard tyre will also make Leclair lose in lap speed, especially in the bend grip is certainly not as good as the neutral tyre. Monza is not as easy to overtake as it looks, unless you have the advantage of extreme speed on the straight road, which is why Ferrari dares to use hard tyres and has enough confidence in the straight speed of his car. Sure enough, Hamilton quickly approached Leclair and tried to overtake him many times in the bend. However, as long as Leclair kept the line, he had no way to do it. Leclair could pull away immediately after going out of the bend.

Hamiltons tires were also consumed faster as he kept trying to overtake, and the battle ended after he rushed out of the track to third place on lap 42. Although Botas began to chase Leclair, and eventually was less than a second behind him, it was far less tense than the last laps of Belgium. Ferrari won the most desired victory of the season and Mercedes did not lose much.

Judging from Belgium and Italy, Ferrari and Mercedes are racing at similar speeds, and the Jump Horse Team seems to have made great progress after the summer break, already competing with Mercedes. However, the speed advantage of Ferrari is mainly on the straight road. The next stop in Singapores Street track will be a great test for them.

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