Wang Guang, former deputy director of Shandong Environmental Protection Bureau, was investigated after 48 retirements after accepting bribes

 Wang Guang, former deputy director of Shandong Environmental Protection Bureau, was investigated after 48 retirements after accepting bribes

At about 9 a.m. on August 13, Wang Guanghe, a former inspector of the Shandong Environmental Protection Department, who was prosecuted by the Dongying City Procuratorate of Shandong Province, was suspected of bribery. The case was heard publicly by the Dongying Intermediate Court. During the trial, the defendant Wang Guang and several times choked and regretted.

On February 28, Wang Guang was investigated and detained; on May 19, he was expelled from the Party; and on May 28, he was transferred for examination and prosecution. The indictment of the procuratorial organ alleges that the defendant Wang Guangzi, who served as a member of the Party group and deputy director of the Shandong Environmental Protection Bureau in September 2000, retired in July 2015, took bribes 48 times and provided assistance to eight units or individuals with a total amount of 5.73 million yuan.

Ten thousand yuan cash rips open the gap of psychological defense line

Born in a cadre family, Wang Guanghe worked at the age of 23 and joined the Communist Party of China at the age of 29. Through organizational training and personal efforts, he gradually grew up to be a leading cadre at the Department level. In September 2000, he became a member and deputy director of the Party Group of the Shandong Environmental Protection Bureau; in May 2009, he became a member and deputy director of the Party Group of the Shandong Environmental Protection Department. Director; Deputy Secretary and Deputy Director of the Party Group of Shandong Environmental Protection Department in May 2011; Inspector of Shandong Environmental Protection Department in February 2014; retired in July 2015.

Wang Guang, who has been engaged in business work, has the courage and determination to start a business. He has contributed to the Party and the people, and has been recognized by the organization. However, with the increase of power and temptation, he gradually relaxed his ideological transformation, abandoned his ideals and beliefs, and forgot his original intention.

In 1997, Wang Guanghe was appointed Director of Finance Department of Shandong Environmental Protection Bureau. In one job, he met Li Mou, the president of a biochemical company, and he has maintained working contact with Li Mou ever since. In 2000, Wang Guanghe served as deputy director of Shandong Environmental Protection Bureau. At a dinner party, Li expressed to Wang Guanghe his intention to invite Wang Guanghe to take care of himself in the issue of special funds for environmental protection. Wang Guanghe promised.

Before the Spring Festival of 2001, Li Mou went to Jinan to find Wang Guanghe, to express his mind. I didnt accept it at first. Wang Guanghe later explained, But Li Mou insisted on it again. I felt that if I did not accept the cash which seemed unhuman, I would accept the 10,000 yuan. From then on, the psychological defense line was torn open.

In 2001, a company of Li received 200,000 yuan of environmental protection governance subsidies from Shandong Environmental Protection Bureau. Since then, I have realized that as the leader of the provincial environmental protection bureau, Wang Guanghe can really provide some care for our company, and it is necessary to continue to strengthen contacts with him in order to let Wang Guanghe continue to tilt for our company in the future work. Feeling the benefits of Wang Guanghes power, Li Mou took the opportunity of the Spring Festival and the Mid-Autumn Festival to give Wang Guanghe cash 25 times in the next 13 years, totaling 280,000 yuan.

Peach for peach, and plum for plum. Wang Guanghe, who has received the benefits, once approved the subsidies for environmental protection governance for Li Mou Company by using his authority. In the three years from 2008 to 2010, the special funds for environmental protection allocated by Shandong Environmental Protection Department to Li Mou Company reached 56 million yuan.

Selfish desire is getting bigger and bigger in a stroke of mind

In 2004, the Shandong Environmental Protection Bureau tendered for the construction of the provincial environmental monitoring and management system. The legal representative of a scientific and technological company found Wang Guanghe, a member of the Party group and deputy director of the Shandong Environmental Protection Bureau at that time. He hoped that he could help his company win the bid for the project.

At that time, after inspecting the staff of Shandong Environmental Protection Bureau, Wang Guang was recommended to a company in Dalian, Liaoning Province. But later, Wang Guanghe, as the project leader, recommended and finally decided that a technology company should be the supplier, and the company should be responsible for the follow-up projects. In 2005, Shandong Environmental Protection Bureau directly purchased 200 sets of environmental protection equipment from the company; in 2007, Wang Guanghe arranged staff to produce tender documents according to the technical parameters and functions of the equipment produced by the company, so that the company won the bid for 1275 sets of environmental protection equipment; in 2014, Wang Guanghe rearranged staff to research and develop equipment products according to the company. The parameters and functions of the bidding documents, so that the company won the bidding for system upgrading and transformation projects... In this way, Wang Guanghe used his public power again and again, and from 2004 to 2014, he obtained more than 30 million yuan of engineering projects for this technology company.

In order to thank and continue to receive Wang Guang and his help to the company, the companys legal representatives have banqueted Wang Guanghe and his wife in high-end hotels during the past 11 years and around the Spring Festival. At the same time, they have prepared cash heart for Wang Guanghe almost every time, from 50,000 yuan at a time, to 100,000 yuan at a later time, to 200,000 yuan at a time. The total amount of forest is 2.3 million yuan.

According to Wang Guanghe, after organizing inquiries in 2014, he tried to cover up his crimes by forging repayment records for fear of being investigated. Little did you know that the sky is vast and careless.

Once favoritism begins, desire will snowball like a snowball, more and more human relations continue to stick to the body, rolling bigger and bigger. In 2007, Shandong Environmental Protection Bureau purchased municipal environmental emergency center equipment and monitoring equipment. At this time, an old colleague who had worked with Wang Guanghe found him and asked to undertake the procurement project. I wont forget you if I make money!

Stuck in the old colleagues friendship and his desire for money, Wang Guanglian agreed to help. Afterwards, Wang Guanghe said to the staff responsible for the tender: Our old colleague was originally the person of our environmental protection system. We should take care of this enterprise and purchase the equipment of this enterprise under the same conditions. So far, the meaning is self-evident, that is, to let the company of old colleagues win the bid.

Since then, less than half a year apart, the mind promised by the old colleague has been sent to him by Wang Guang and the opportunity to buy a house. Normally, your salary is not much money. Savings Environmental Protection Bureau purchases equipment. My company won the bid thanks to your help. Now that you want to buy a house, its my intention to help you pay for it. Not long after the old colleague said this, he was sent 300,000 yuan in cash to Wang Guanghe.

Tolerate family members to collect money, bad family customs breed corruption

The so-called rule of the country must first align with the family, whose family can not be taught, but who can teach, there is no such thing. Leading cadresfamily customs are not only related to their families, but also to the Partys and government styles. As the head of a family, Wang Guanghe did not establish a good family style and spread positive energy, but condoned his family members to collect money. Among Wang Guangs and 5.73 million yuan in bribery, 2.25 million yuan was borrowed by his wife from the briber. Wang Guanghe not only failed to repay the money in time, but also covered up his wifes borrowing many times after he learned it. He took the opportunity of the briber to exempt him from borrowing and took the money as his own.

From April to June 2011, Wang Guanghes wife asked a legal representative of a technology company to borrow money, which transferred 400,000 yuan and 350,000 yuan to him through a bank account. By the end of the year, Wang Guanghe and his wife learned about the loan and negotiated with each other to deal with the loan. The legal representative wanted to express his gratitude to Wang Guanghe and to continue to get Wang Guangs support for his companys business. He immediately cancelled the debt of 750,000 yuan, which Wang Guanghe accepted with pleasure.

In 2015, Wang Guanghe heard that he had been reported and was worried about the exposure of 750,000 yuan in loans. He immediately agreed with the other party to give him 750,000 yuan in cash. He deposited the money into the other partys bank account.

It is because Wang Guanghe did not establish a good family style, so that the pillow wind became the fuse of corruption, and eventually put himself in court.

Hand in all the stolen money and express confession in court

Dont stretch out your hand, youll be caught if you stretch out your hand. It was too late for Wang Guangming to understand this truth.

In 2014, after Wang Guang was reported, the Organizational Department of Shandong Provincial Committee sent a letter to him. At this time, Wang Guanghe still had a chance mentality, and did not confess to the organization the fact that he violated discipline and law.

In July 2015, Wang Guanghe retired. He was supposed to be able to take care of himself for a long time. After more than three years of retirement, he was finally subject to disciplinary review and investigation by the disciplinary inspection and supervision organs for his serious violations of discipline. After the detention measures were taken, Wang Guanghe was faced with the investigation of the Supervisory Commission, the examination and prosecution of the procuratorial organs and the final verdict of the judicial organs. At this time, he finally realized the truth that reach out and be caught. Wang Guanghe, a repentant, volunteered to hand in the stolen money. By the time the procuratorial organ brought a public prosecution to the court, Wang Guanghes family members had handed over all the remaining stolen money.

In his final statement in court, Wang Guanghe choked several times and confessed deeply. He admitted that with the rise of his position, he relaxed his ideological requirements and gradually lost his vigilance under the flattery of others around him. In the face of interests, forget the party discipline and state law, and again and again use their powers and powers to seek personal benefits for the business owners around them, but they feel that it is appropriate to collect money. Its a crime deserved to be on the dock today. I hope to warn future generations with my own lessons: no matter when, where and under any circumstances, we can not touch the red line of law and Party discipline.

The prosecutor said the case

Families that are not good will suffer more.

Fan Ruiqi, Assistant Procurator of Lijin County Procuratorate, Shandong Province

I am impressed by Wang Guanghes experience of being selected by Dongying City Procuratorate of Shandong Province to examine Wang Guang and bribery cases. After he joined the work at the age of 23, he grew from an ordinary staff member to a department head step by step under the care of the organization. In September 2000, he jumped to the rank of member and deputy director of the Party Group of Shandong Environmental Protection Bureau. Up to July 2015, Wang Guanghe retired and worked in leading positions for nearly 16 years. From a college student to a leading cadre at the main hall level, it is the leader of the organization that gives him the opportunity to exert his self-ability; it is the cultivation of the organization that enables him to achieve self-transcendence; it is the trust of the organization that gives him heavy power.

However, it is regrettable that Wang Guanghe has gradually turned his public power into a tool for personal gain under the temptation of money and the entanglement of human feelings since he stepped into a leading position in 2000. From the issuance of special funds for environmental protection to the bidding of Engineering projects, from receiving 10,000 yuan to receiving 800,000 yuan, Wang Guanghes greed grew stronger and stronger. Eventually, he forgot his original mission as a Communist Party member, abandoned the political belief of a Party member and cadre, and went further and further on the road of corruption, and became more and more in the abyss of crime. The deeper the fall.

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that when a cadre has firm ideals and beliefs, his position will be higher, his mind will be wider, and he will be able to adhere to the correct political orientation and achieve the goal of stable weather. If you believe in something, you have to believe it for a lifetime, otherwise you will have a big problem. It is because of the decline of Wang Guanghes ideals and beliefs that he lost his spiritual support, corrupted his life, and grew up his economic greed, and eventually embarked on the road of crime. Gong Shengming, William Shengwei. To be impartial and selfless, we need to be open-minded and righteous. Therefore, the majority of leading cadres should insist on using power according to law, impartially and honestly, so as not to be disturbed by selfishness, human feelings, relations and interests.

At the same time, through the case of Wang Guang and bribery, we can also see the influence of family style on a leading cadre. Leading cadresfamily style is not a matter of personal or personal matters, but an important manifestation of leading cadres style of work. The family style is regular, the Party style is regular and the political style is clear, and the political style is clear and the social style is pure. If you have a good family style, you will be able to have a prosperous and harmonious family. Family differences inevitably endanger families and harm society.

The ancients said, If you teach the world, you must have your home and your body right. The so-called home of good accumulation must have Yu Qing, and the home of bad accumulation must have more harm. Leading cadres should not have the sense of superiority in power and position. They should adhere to the principle of Party spirit, strengthen self-restraint, implement the Partys discipline and abide by the Partys rules in both public and private matters. For spouses and children, strict education, strict management, strict supervision, timely reminder and correction of problems found, honest self-cultivation, honest housekeeping, education urges spouses and children to be upright, take the right path, and cultivate a good family style.