Hong Kongs young children are indoctrinated with the idea that the police are bad guys. Hong Kong media: Whats wrong with young children?

 Hong Kongs young children are indoctrinated with the idea that the police are bad guys. Hong Kong media: Whats wrong with young children?

Some public opinion in Hong Kong believes that this violent movement is a great exposure of the vicious acts of the instigators and the rioters who extend their black hands to schools and poison students. It is urgent to cure the education disorder thoroughly.

Interview teachers suspect that they instill hate police prejudice into 5-year-old children

Recently, parents of primary school students interviewed by the HKU StudentsAssociation sent letters to the Hong Kong Education Bureau strongly condemning an interviewing teacher in the school for instilling police are bad hate prejudice into immature 5-year-old children, which affects their childrens future physical and mental growth.

The police are bad people. Mrs. Zhang was very surprised to hear that it came from the children who had just finished the interview. She then asked the child who said that? The child answered that the teacher had just interviewed. Mrs. Zhang immediately corrected, The police are catching bad people, not the police are bad people. Mrs. Zhang said that the family has always supported the police, not to mention spreading hate police statements. The first time I heard a child say such a thing, I was shocked and angry.

It happened on last Saturday (September 7). Mrs. Zhang took her 5-year-old child to Hong Kong Universitys Classmate Association Primary School for an interview in Grade 1. The schools first round of interviews only saw students and lasted about one hour. The interviews included drawing, playing games, looking at pictures and answering questions in daily life. The school arranged parents to wait in the auditorium.

In her letter to the Education Bureau, Mrs. Zhang made it clear that she would never agree with the interviewing teachers talk about subjective prejudices on political issues to a 5-year-old child. It is also the responsibility of parents to teach these values, and it is not the turn of an interview teacher in a primary school to teach them!

She disclosed that in 2019, more than 6,000 students enrolled in HKUs classmatesassociations primary school, fearing that many young children were inculcated with the prejudice that the police are bad people.

She concluded that the Education Bureau would like to provide the childs name, registration number, interview time and classroom number for follow-up if necessary. We are not worried about the impact of admission opportunities, because we have decided to withdraw from the examination.

The Bureau of Education said that it attaches great importance to teachersprofessional ethics. Teachers duty is to educate and guard students. Their speech and behavior should conform to professional ethics and social expectations. Whether teachers disseminate hate speech in any form, they violate the socially acceptable code of conduct, set a very bad example for students and damage the professional image of teachers, which the authorities can never accept. No one can use the school as a place to express political appeals, let alone involve minor school children.

The spokesman said that he had received complaints and understood that the school was investigating the incident. The Education Bureau also hopes that the parent can provide further information to help the school verify the incident. The Education Bureau will follow up the relevant matters in accordance with established procedures and provide appropriate support to schools as needed.

Rioters use children as human flesh political billboards

The mob made trouble in Central on the 8th, with online media posting in the evening that the youngest demonstrator appeared at the junction of Bidda Street near Devon Road, accompanied by photographs showing a young boy wearing a helmet mask and a military green tactical vest, estimated as a pupil by height, standing in the middle of the road while standing in the middle of the street. The latter was filled with smoke.

More than 10 minutes before this post was published, the network media just photographed the blockage of fire roadblocks across four traffic lines in Bida Street. The risk on the spot was shocking.

And a large number of netizens are worried about this, LpChow in English means too young, please go home immediately, safety is important! Huang Migao criticizes its parents for negligent care for children! Helen Ng says: Dont let the children out! Its not fun! Parents should be responsible for protecting the safety of children! Man, dont try to help the children take this picture of a good prestige! ___________

The fact is that some radical parents are brainwashing their young children to show politics regardless of their importance. The so-called human chain of joint schools was held in many districts of Hong Kong on September 9. In addition to the appearance of politicians such as Kuomintang Liang Jiajie, there were also parents who participated as high school alumni with young children. At least three young girls were seen standing outside the school gate. They were wearing school uniforms and kindergarten sports clothes, each holding a cartoon. Naiveness has become the human flesh political billboard of the rioters.

Huang Jinliang, chairman of the Hong Kong Federation of Education, said that children often follow the example of their parents, who are also their best teachers. If parents sow hate seeds and instill prejudices, such as hate police, racial discrimination and gender discrimination, they will promote the development of extreme personality. In the future, they will not rule out doing extreme things and destroying their own future. He urged parents, regardless of their position, not to impose political demands on young children.

Hong Kong Media: Its Urgent to Cure the Disease of Education thoroughly

Hong Kong Wen Hui Pointed out in the 10th issue of the Hong Kong Wen Hui Pao that young children are so ungrateful that they have been exposed to hate police by any means, which has polluted their anti-government and anti-social mentality from an early age, and laid great hidden dangers for their growth and Hong Kongs stability. In this radical violence campaign launched by the anti-revision law, students and teachers are the most disastrous group, and education is to blame. It is precisely because some schools have been occupied by radical Huang Shi for a long time, and students have been brainwashed year after year, which leads to todays disaster. Educational authorities are duty-bound to rectify the chaos. They must face the difficulties and rectify the outline of the rule of law and discipline so as not to make schools an extrajudicial place to breed anti-social personality.

The article holds that this violent movement is a great exposure of the viciousness of the instigators and the rioters who have extended their black hands to schools and poisoned students. In this violent movement, many teenagers participated in illegal demonstrations, and some acted as cannon fodder to undermine the rule of law and attack the police, causing serious harm to Hong Kong and themselves. This kind of disorder, some teachers who have lost their moral integrity, abet and induce them for a long time behind their backs, is the culprit. It is self-evident that teachers like Dai Jianhui wantonly incite hate police and bully police childrens culture, seriously violate the professional spirit and codes of being a teacher, and even exceed the bottom line of normal peoples conscience.

The article holds that the disturbance of the anti-revision cases originated from the disease of education, and it is urgent to cure the disease of education thoroughly.

Li Ka-shing reiterated his voice on the situation in Hong Kong: I hope young people will understand the overall situation.

Since the publication of the advertisement Huangtai Melon, Why Pick More in mid-August and calling for anti-violence, Li Ka-shing has recently appeared in the publics vision and voiced on the situation in Hong Kong.

He Chaoqiong Wu Shuqing will speak at the United Nations: tell the world the real Hong Kong

The 42nd meeting of the Human Rights Council of the United Nations was held in Geneva on 9 September. He Chaoqiong, Chairman of the Hong Kong Federation of Womens Associations, and Wu Shuqing, the supervisory consultant, will deliver a speech during the meeting to tell the world the real Hong Kong. Before the speech, He Chaoqiong and Wu Shuqing received a joint interview with the Chinese media.