US media asked Lin Zheng Yue-e to respond positively to withdraw the amendment but the violence has not stopped

 US media asked Lin Zheng Yue-e to respond positively to withdraw the amendment but the violence has not stopped

A CNN reporter on the spot asked: The withdrawal of the amendments did not succeed in stopping the protests. How can we provide some political measures to bring peace?

In response, Lin Zhengyue E said, If you have seen my videos, I propose four actions, not only to withdraw the amendments, but also to express my sincerity to open a dialogue.

Lin Zheng stressed that violence should be stopped. If we want to look forward and restore peace to Hong Kong, we are very willing to communicate directly with the people. This is our position. At the beginning, we also mentioned that we are going to the community and have a dialogue with the people. Lin Zheng said. Lin Zheng-yue-e appealed that the first task for Hong Kong to regain peace is to say no to violence for all.

On September 4, in a televised speech, Lin Zhengyue-e proposed four actions to break the current Hong Kong dilemma, including: the withdrawal of the bill by the Secretary for Security following the resumption of the Legislative Council, under the motion of the Rules of Procedure; full support for the work of the Supervisory Police Commission; and from this month, the Chief Executive and all the Directors-General will enter into community dialogue with the public. Invite social leaders, experts and scholars to independently study and review the deep-seated social problems and make suggestions to the government.

Lin emphasized that the continuing violence is shaking the foundation of the rule of law in Hong Kong. Very few people challenged the one country, two systems, impacting the central government agencies in Hong Kong, tarnishing the national flag and emblem, and pushing Hong Kong into a dangerous situation. Violence is by no means the solution to the problem, no matter how dissatisfied citizens are with the government or the current situation of society. At present, the most urgent thing is to curb violence, safeguard the rule of law and rebuild social order. The government will strictly enforce the law on all violations and acts of violence.

Source of this article: Global Network Responsible Editor: Liu Yuxin_NBJS7825