Hong Kong Stock Exchange Standard Included in Star Stock Southern Energy was rushed up 56percent.

 Hong Kong Stock Exchange Standard Included in Star Stock Southern Energy was rushed up 56percent.

Yesterday (September 9), there were also a number of changes in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Standard. Before that, some star stocks of Hong Kong Stock Exchange were included in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Standard and were favored by the market. Interestingly, Southern Energy, a stock that surged 56.76% yesterday, had been short before.

China Tobacco Hong Kong and Other Star Stocks Included

In the first half of this year, China Tobacco Hong Kong is a star of the Hong Kong stock market. Its rare concept and huge increase make it the focus of the market. However, many mainland investors can only look at it with eyebrows, because the stock has just been listed and has not yet been incorporated into the Hong Kong stock exchange.

But now comes the chance.

Previously, due to the regular adjustment of the Hang Seng composite large-scale stock index, medium-sized stock index and small-scale stock index, the list of Hong Kong stock exchanges has been adjusted according to the relevant provisions of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Shenzhen-Hong Kong Communications Business Implementation Measures, which came into effect yesterday. Among them, China Tobacco Hong Kong is one of the stocks transferred in.

There are many highlights in the list of Hong Kong stock exchange tenders transferred yesterday. Besides the star stocks in Hong Kong, there are also New Oriental Online, Hansen Pharmaceutical, a big market value pharmaceutical stock, and so on.

Yesterday, some of the stocks transferred also made good gains. Southern energy rose 56.76%, Chinese food and meat rose 8.77%, Jinxin reproduction rose 8.7%, and Oriental education rose 7.05%.

Hong Kong stock exchange has been transferred in and out, and there are also some star stocks in the transferred stocks, such as Guangqi Science, Standard Chartered Group of Big Banks, Vida International, the famous paper group and so on.

From the trading volume of Southern Energy, Jinxingeng and other stocks that have just been incorporated into the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Standard, there was a significant enlargement both yesterday and the previous trading day. Take Southern Energy as an example. Yesterdays trading volume of the stock was close to 10 times that of the previous trading day. Daily Economic News reporter from yesterdays Southern Energy Exchange data, we can see that the top four securities firms with the largest turnover are domestic securities firms.

Regarding the current market situation, Cen Zhiyong, the licensed director and strategist of Hong Ruiyuan Financial Securities, said that investors can wait for the Hong Kong stock exchange funds to enter the market before watching, and do not rush with the funds first.

Southern energy was short

In yesterdays Hong Kong stock market, Southern Energy was naturally the most beautiful offspring. While being included in the Hong Kong stock market, its share price surged by more than 50%, and led the rise in the Hong Kong stock market.

According to the data, Southern Energy is a producer of anthracite in Guizhou Province. The company is engaged in mining and selling anthracite. Southern Energy pointed out in its latest annual report that the company has four anthracite mines, three of which have begun commercial production, and the remaining one is under development. However, Southern Energy was attacked by the bombing agency at the end of July.

On July 29, Emerson Analytics issued a short-selling report on Southern Energy, in which it pointed out that the false revenue of Southern Energy Affiliated Company masked the loss; the information obtained from ECIS (Enterprise Credit Notification System) did not match the financial information of the Groups annual report from 2016 to 2018; The actual output in 2018 accounted for about one third of the reported output; false sales to major customers; and allegations of unusually high coal prices.

Faced with the criticism of the short-selling agency, Southern Energy issued a Clarification Announcement and responded to the above-mentioned criticism, pointing out: We welcome shareholders, investors and regulators to supervise the companys business operations and financial performance. At the same time, the company will not tolerate malicious insults to the company on the basis of self-interest, which will damage the companys reputation and business prospects. If any significant loss is caused to the company or its shareholders and investors, the company will retain all its rights and interests, in appropriate or necessary circumstances, by law or any other means to safeguard their rights and interests.

Source: Daily Economic News Responsible Editor: Yang Bin_NF4368