Peoples Daily: Make Teachers an enviable profession

 Peoples Daily: Make Teachers an enviable profession

Every autumn is the beginning of a school year for teachers to work hard, and it is also the best time to carry forward the virtues of respecting teachers and re-educating them. On the occasion of the thirty-fifth Teachers Day, the Ministry of Education has issued a series of achievements which have received many praises: promoting the dignity of teachers, setting up excellent teachersmodels, setting up teachers professional codes of conduct; promoting status treatment, improving teachershonor system, and raising teachers salaries to the seventh place in the nineteenth major industries of the country;u201c Developing space , perfecting the system of evaluation and appointment of teachersprofessional titles, unblocked the channel of teachers development. These achievements let more people see that deepening the educational reform is actually implemented in the sense of education workersacquisition.

Education is the foundation of a centurys plan, and teachers are the foundation of education. Over the years, a series of laws, regulations and policy documents, such as the TeachersLaw of the Peoples Republic of China, Opinions on Strengthening Teachers Team Construction, Opinions on Deepening the Reform of TeachersTeam Construction in the New Era in an All-round Way, as well as special plans such as Special Post Plan, Public Fee Teachers Livelihood Plan and Rural TeachersSupport Plan The implementation of the plan has consolidated the cornerstone of the system to ensure that teachers are at ease to teach, so that the majority of teachers have a sense of happiness in their posts, a sense of achievement in their careers, and a sense of honor in society.

Classics are easy to seek, but teachers are rare. How to attract more outstanding talents to join the teaching staff and how to build a high-quality teacher group, schools in various places, especially in rural areas and hard areas, are facing many challenges. Only when we have peace of mind and body can we cultivate a strong sense of education. To build a team of teachers with good morality, excellent knowledge and willingness to take root in the countryside, great efforts and painstaking efforts must be made. Only in this way can outstanding talents go down, stay and teach well and light the light of ones dream and heart.

It is in this way that we can see that in 2018, about 1.27 million rural teachers in the poor areas in serial films received a maximum monthly subsidy of 2,000 yuan; the implementation of the national training program, which trained 1.2 million teachers and principals; and 300 outstanding young rural teachers received a reward of 10,000 yuan... The warmth of the system and the concern of human nature have watered the educational undertakings in remote and hard areas. Rural areas have begun to retain and attract more educational talents. Up to now, 28 provinces have attracted about 335,000 college graduates to teach in rural areas, of which about 45,000 in 2018. Teachersteam construction is still on the way, but as long as the valuable teachers fall into the system of benefiting people and retaining people, rural teachers will be more vigorous and strong.

It should also be noted that the cultivation of high-quality teachers is inseparable from the infiltration and nurturing of a good atmosphere of respecting teachers and respecting education in the whole society. Zhi Yueying, a village teacher, has been standing on the platform of remote mountain villages for 39 years, from supporting sisters to supporting mothers to supporting grandmothers. His dedication for decades has brightened the childhood of mountain children, which deeply touches countless people. She has been awarded honorary titles such as National Model of Teaching and Education and Person Who Moved China 2016 successively. Her story has also been filmed in the film One Thing in Life, which will eulogize the great love forever. Zhan Yingxian and Xin Dehui, a group of teachers from China Agricultural University, moved their classes to the saline-alkali land of Quzhou, Hebei Province, and led students to write their papers on the ground. They received praise from the whole society. Quzhou County also made a special edition of the Henan Opera Tianlu, thanking the farmers for their efforts. In fact, there are countless excellent teachers like this, who have conscientiously upheld the backbone of national education. Warming every dedicated dreamer with respect and praise is the greatest support for education and the best gift for teachers.

What education is like, what tomorrow is like. General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed: Let teachers become enviable professions. The whole society jointly guards the beliefs and feelings of educators, makes the atmosphere of respecting teachers normal, and makes the re-education advocate benefit every teacher, so that the nation has hope and the country has a future.