Chen Shui-bians medical parole as a platform for Taiwan independence: jumping the ditch without winning a million votes

 Chen Shui-bians medical parole as a platform for Taiwan independence: jumping the ditch without winning a million votes

Photo Source: Zhongshi Electronic Newspaper

Taiwans Zhongshi Electronic Newspaper published a quick commentary on the 9th, saying that Chen Shui-bian, a former leader of Taiwan who was on parole for medical treatment, attended Taiwans Taiwan Independence organizational activities on the evening of 8th, breaking the red line of five yearsnon-platform speech, ignoring the four no of Taichung prison that does not go on stage, do not speak, do not talk about politics, do not accept media interviews. Provisions, speaking on stage, but also directly choking Taichung prison, five is not bad, six is not bad, eight Tianlong is not bad! In addition, he also vigorously canvassed for the One Country Action Party on the One Side. It seems that Chen Shuibian would be so bold if he had to go to Taichung prison early.

Chen Shui-bian said that his work and politics are related, not to mention what politics should talk about, but also felt that members of the 908 Taiwan State delivered three meals a day when he entered Taichung prison. He also called for the focus of the general election to be on non-regional legislature elections. He even said that if he did not win a million votes, he would not have the face to participate in activities next year and would jump to Kaohsiung. The former Shenzhen ditch.

It turned out that Chen Shui-bian did not eat the prison meals prepared by the prison in Taichung Prison, but was sent out loving meals every day. Only when Chen Shui-bian Ganmao violated the prison regulations in Taichung, would he be canvassed on the stage. After all, he would be rewarded by a lot of gushing springs. Perhaps this would help to stabilize the illness.

But Chen Shui-bians move has made the Greens, a small party, nervous. Is it reasonable for Facebook to criticize Chen Shui-bian for canvassing votes openly and not returning to prison? Requesting Taiwans Ministry of Justice team to investigate and return Chen Shui-bian to prison if necessary is nothing more than fear that Chen Shui-bian will affect the election.

In particular, Chen Shuibian vowed heavily that he would jump into the Shenzhen ditch in front of Kaohsiungs house without winning a million votes. In last years nine in one election, Chen Shui-bian, in order to stand up for Chen Qimai, also said that after taking office as mayor of Kaohsiung, Korean Yo wanted to move from Kaohsiung to the north. As a result, when he voted, his residence registration was found in Tainan and had already drifted north.

This time, taking the diving into Shenzhen ditch as a bet, it shows that Chen Shui-ran-bian is really the material for politics. Chen Shui-bian has been granted medical parole since January 5, 2015. In Taichung Prison, Chen Shui-bian was restricted from participating in electoral activities according to the Regulations on the Administration of External Medical Treatment of Inmates and other four principles. However, Chen Shui-bian repeatedly stepped on the red line, especially Lai Qingde, who stood up for Chen Shui-bians amnesty in the Democratic Progressive Partys initial election bureau, which made Chen Shui-bian eager to find for himself. A living road.

The desire of Chen Shuibian, a former leader of Taiwan who is unwilling to be lonely, to attend the establishment of the new Taiwan Independence political party has officially been blown. According to reports from Taiwans Central News Agency and Lianhe News Network on August 17, the One Country Action Party was originally scheduled to hold its inauguration tomorrow, inviting Chen Shui-bian to attend, but Dai Mingwei, deputy warden of Taichung Prison, said today that Chen Shui-bian was not allowed to participate because of its political nature.

Chen Shuibian said he wanted to set up a Taiwan Independence political party. Sons opposed netizens: two tricks

Former Taiwan leader Chen Shui-bian claimed to set up the so-called one-sided one-country action party in August on the social website Facebook on the evening of 26. However, Taiwan media reported that Chen Shui-bians son Chen Zhizhong objected, He personally believes that it is not appropriate to organize the party at this stage. However, some netizens satirized the father and son: playing double-reed and two operas.