The market for stir-fried shoes is in turmoil: it takes only two hours for a pair of sneakers to rise from $1 to $30,000

 The market for stir-fried shoes is in turmoil: it takes only two hours for a pair of sneakers to rise from $1 to $30,000

How long will it take for the price of a pair of sneakers to rise from $1 to $30,000? The answer is: it only takes two hours. On September 3, a pair of TS&AJ opened at 8:1 p.m. at an auction of sneakers at a sporting goods store in Taobao. As of 10:00 p.m., the final price was 34732 yuan.

In the opposite direction, the family ruins its property. TS&AJ is a global limited footwear released jointly by Nikes Air Jordan and rapper Travis Scott on May 11. Because of its unique barb design, TS&AJ is highly sought after. It was once called shoe king of this year and one shoe is hard to find in the market.

With more and more merchants publicizing slogans of joint name, customization and limited quantity to promote the uniqueness and scarcity of shoes and enhance the added value of shoes, the situation of one shoe is hard to find is becoming more and more serious. Businessmen use the way of hunger marketing, which makes the market in short supply; the urgency of consumers to buy shoes, to a certain extent, gave birth to the fried shoes industry.

The soaring price of sneakers makes the purchase of sneakers more hot. A lot of hot money enters the sneakers market. The platform of sneakers selling is rising constantly, and the behavior of stir-frying shoes becomes common. According to the second-hand sneakers industry report released by American fashion media website highsnobiety in January this year, the global second-hand sneakers market has reached 6 billion US dollars, of which China, as a rising star, has more than 1 billion US dollars in second-hand sneakers resale market.

Behind the rising price of sneakers is the rise of the culture of sneakers and the expansion of the value of sneakers. According to the analysis report on the current situation of Chinese footwear culture market and fashion brand in 2019, with the development of fashion culture, footwear has become the king of fashion consumption. With the boost of the e-commerce trading platform of footwear, the loose footwear trading market has been centralized and standardized, and the collection value, display value and transaction value of footwear have been stimulated one by one, making footwear a social currency.

Stir-fried shoe market keeps warming up

Wearing dirty pigtails, wearing tide cards and stepping on AJ, this is the impression of the dynasty Cheng on weekdays. As the iron powder of the culture of sneakers, he was still in high school in 2012. He has stepped on Nikes Limited Edition Galaxy Spray, which he bought from others for more than 10,000 yuan, and is also the highest premium pair of shoes he bought.

After that, Dynasty Cheng never bought such expensive shoes again. Now, almost every month, he will buy one or two pairs of sneakers, mostly through the official lottery, or from some larger sporting goods stores, the average monthly cost of buying shoes is about 3000 yuan. At present, he has nearly 40 pairs of such sneakers.

Chen Zhisen, from Guangdong Province, is also a fan of footwear culture. In January 2014, he was still in high school. On the first day of winter vacation, he went to buy a pair of coveted footwear Kobe Bryant 8. Then he wore it everyday on the basketball court.

Since then, Chen Zhisen has gone farther and farther on the road of buying shoes, and buying shoes has become a pursuit of his life, which also accounts for a large part of his life expenditure. Now he has more than 20 pairs of sneakers, which is only amateur level in the shoelace. Its worth mentioning that this year, he spent 3,000 yuan to buy Kobe Bryants 9 Limits - when he was in high school, he was fascinated by these shoes at a glance. This time, I finally realized my dream.

Following the trend promotes the flourishing of the speculative shoe market to a certain extent. Most of the shoes Chen Zhisen bought are not hot, but he observed that some people like to chase hot sneakers and buy them at high prices. Some of them have a high level of consumption, while others follow the trend. It seems that limited sneakers can bring them row top.

Unlike Chen Zhisen, who is obsessed with the culture of sneakers, Zhao Shuo entered the sneaker hoop purely because of work needs, but became a sneaker enthusiast. As a fitness coach, his gym is mainly aimed at people with high quality of life. Coaches are required to wear shoes to show the identity of high-end people.

Six months ago, Zhao Shuo spent 2,700 yuan on a sneaker App? A pair of Air Jordan, wearing a moment he was happy old. At present, he has bought four pairs of sneakers. Recently, as soon as I am free, I will look at my shoes and buy them when I am ready to pay my salary.

Stir-fry shoes like stocks

Xu Kai (a pseudonym) is what Zhao Shuo calls shoe speculator. Xu Kai said that he regards buying shoes as an investment. By predicting which shoes may become popular in advance, he buys them at a low price and sells them at a high price when the time is ripe. I speculate on it as a stock.

The shoelaces were so crazy that they rushed in. In 2014, Xu Kai, who was still a freshman in senior high school, began to invest in Bitcoin and earned the first barrel of gold in his life in the coin circle. After going to college, he began to invest in stocks. About half a year ago, he took part of the money out of the stock market, rushed into the shoelaces and hoarded shoes in large quantities.

At present, Xu Kais most profitable shoes are the hottest TS&AJ1 this year. Half a year ago, he bought more than a dozen barbs for more than 4,000 yuan, and the average selling price was about 10,000 yuan. However, the price of the inverted hook has risen even more. Xu Kai said that he did not regret that he started too early. I never think that small profits are losses, too greedy is liable to losses.

Stir-fried shoes and stocks are exactly the same. Xu Kai said that the sale of a new pair of shoes is like setting up a new stock. Those who buy new shoes in large quantities are the bankers, and those who buy them sporadically are retail investors. He said he was just a retail investor, not a shoe speculator, but a difference in price. Real bankers buy a limited number of shoes by buying a large number of self-selling way, the price of shoes speculated high, resulting in the market in short supply illusion, and then put a few pairs of shoes into the market circulation, thus manipulating the price of shoes, which is like the stock market bankers control plate.

When the price of a pair of shoes is fired to tens of thousands of yuan, there are still buyers. Xu Kai believes that this is mainly because some retail investors feel that the price of shoes will still rise, there will be the next pick-up. In addition, there are some consumers in line with the expensive is good principle to buy shoes.

The threshold of stir-fried shoes is relatively low, even a pair of stir-fried shoes, so more and more people enter the stir-fried shoe ring. In the shoe-frying industry, some people make a lot of money and realize the myth of overnight wealth, while others lose a lot and become cut leek.

Lost a gucci. Li Wan (pseudonym) calls himself a leek. In August this year, she entered the stir-fried shoelaces, and now sells dozens of pairs of shoes. Originally fried shoes just to earn a milk tea money, I did not expect to invest 50,000 yuan, but lost 5,000 yuan.

Li Wans way of stir-frying shoes is to buy them at a low price and sell them at a high price from the relevant e-commerce platform for sneakers. Sometimes a pair of shoes can earn tens to hundreds of yuan, or may lose these money, or may buy back a pair of shoes can not be sold, it fell into the hands. On August 20, she bought a pair of sneakers for 3373 yuan, and on September 3, she sold them for 3259 yuan, losing nearly 120 yuan. She believed that the loss was due to her high price, high price entry and low price sale; on the other hand, she bought shoes on the relevant footwear platform and waited for more than ten days to enter the warehouse. The price of footwear changed very quickly. When the shoes arrived, the price had fallen sharply.

Li Wan is now waiting for the funds to come back, and is also considering whether to continue to fry shoes in the future. She advises people who want to enter fried shoelaces, If you dont know the market, try not to start, easy to be cut leek, if you have already circled, you need to look at the right time, dont chase high, dont be greedy.

Stir-fried shoes lead to disorder

Stir-fried shoes have spawned many emerging phenomena, such as sneaker ticket-grabbing software, sneaker insider trading, fake shoe industry, etc., which has led to the current chaos of shoelaces and the need for cooling down in the industry.

As more and more people enter the hoop, it becomes more and more difficult to buy shoes by drawing lots at the original price. Faced with this problem, Xu Kai began to write a Bot shoe grabbing software. By registering multiple lottery accounts, the software automatically grabbed shoes. While improving the speed of shoe grabbing, it also increased the probability of winning the lottery. Xu Kai said that he had registered 300 accounts and eventually won three pairs of shoes.

At present, there are a lot of BOT shoe-grabbing software on the market. Some people make money by selling software. The use cost of these software varies from 5000 yuan to tens of thousands of yuan a year. Software lottery is a matter of probability. If you win more lottery, you will earn, but if you dont, you will lose money. Moreover, the sale of such software may be against the law.

Some offline footwear stores have insider dealings with shoe speculators. Xu Kai said that the shop is now one of the ways they get goods. Take Nike Obsidian as an example, the official issue price is 1299 yuan, and the price is about 3000 yuan on some shoe apps. They buy the goods in batches and get the price around 2000 yuan by cooperating with the shoe shop clerks. This usually requires acquaintances, or no one will cooperate with you.

The operation of e-commerce platform for sneakers also affects the price of sneakers to a certain extent. Relevant e-commerce platform for sneakers has set up price trend curve, buyers can clearly understand the price trend of the shoes, so as to predict the price trend and provide data support for stir-fried shoes; on the other hand, the delivery speed of e-commerce platform also affects the price of sneakers, some sellers buy shoes at low prices, but some platforms only a month later. Shipment, the price of sneakers changes very quickly, during which the price of the shoes may rise or fall sharply.

In addition, stir-fried shoes lead to high premium of genuine shoes, which to a certain extent stimulates peoples demand for fake shoes, where fake shoes refer to imitations of genuine sneakers. For the tens of thousands of footwear, some people want to keep up with the latest trend, so they go to buy low-cost fake shoes, which mostly exist in major e-commerce platforms and micro-business platforms.

Chen Xian (alias) is a high imitation footwear. According to him, at present, the fake shoes on the market can be divided into five categories according to their quality: currency, super A, real standard, company level and pure origin. The price varies greatly among different types, ranging from more than one hundred to five or six hundred yuan. The price of shoes is mainly based on the heat and cost of shoes. Many people came to him to buy fake goods of high quality, mainly because the price of shoes was too high to buy genuine.

To cool down the sneaker hype industry, we need to exert more efforts, which involves all fields of production and circulation of sneakers. Take the e-commerce platform of sneakers as an example, Toxic App launched the no-stir-frying initiative in July, accompanied by relevant measures to prevent the stir-frying of shoes and so on, and appealed to consumers to buy rationally. In addition, there are also calls for regulation of the sneaker market.

Stir-fried shoes make people who really like the culture of sneakers have no place to buy shoes. Wang Chaocheng said that the high price of shoes has deteriorated peoples love for the culture of sneakers, and now he can only be Buddhist shoe-reading. Dynasty Cheng expresses, buy shoes rationally in the future, Buy shoes that expensive again, I am a fool.

Source: Responsible Editor of China Youth Daily: Zhou Xinyi_NB12002