Ma Yun has retired three times: 55-year-old Torrential Brave retired saying that life is not just about doing business

 Ma Yun has retired three times: 55-year-old Torrential Brave retired saying that life is not just about doing business

On September 10, 2019, in accordance with last years agreement, Ma Yun formally resigned as Chairman of Alibaba Board of Directors, and was replaced by Zhang Yong (Xiaoyao Zi), the current CEO of the Group. Ma Yun will retire.

This is not Ma Yuns first retirement.

In fact, Ma Yuns first retirement can be traced back to November 2006. After introducing professional managers, he gave up his position as president of the company to Wei Zhe. In the second year, with Wei Zhes efforts, Alibaba B2B successfully listed in Hong Kong, with an issue price of HK$13.5. The first day closed at HK$39.5, up 200%, making it the biggest new-stock leader in the history of Hong Kong stocks.

Ma Yun retired for the second time in May 2013. Ma Yun resigned as CEO of Alibaba Group and was succeeded by Lu Zhaoxi. Ma Yun, 48, kneeled on one knee at Huanglong Stadium in Hangzhou, announcing to his employees that work is my life before the age of 48, and life is my work after the age of 48, and I will ask you later.

And Ma Yuns third retirement is today, Ma Yun resigned as chairman of Alibabas board of directors, and Ali changed his commander-in-chief.

I. I dont want to die in the office.

In fact, Ma Yun can retire long ago.

On September 10, 2009, 18 Rohan resigned as founder and Alibaba formally entered the partnership system. According to the partnership retirement system disclosed by Alibaba later, the total age of the partners themselves and the length of their working years in Alibaba Group equals or exceeds 60 years. Alibaba Rong can apply for retirement and continue to serve as Alibaba Rong. Honorary partner.

So if you follow this algorithm, Ma Yun can retire as early as 2012. Of course, Ma Yun is a permanent partner of Alibaba, so in his own words, If you are a partner of Alibaba, you will belong to Alibaba all your life. Retirement is just another way to work for Ali, but we can still see Ma Yuns deep feelings for Ali.

Regarding retirement, in an interview with Chen Weihong, he said, I dont want to die in the office. If Im older, Im happy to die on the beach. Life in this world is not to do business, life in this world is to enjoy experiencing a variety of things.

Second, why is it free-spirited?

Zhang Yong assured Ma Yun.

On all occasions, Ma Yun is always generous when it comes to Zhang Yong. What Zhang Yong shows is something I dont have. Systematic thinking, calm and calm... In order to persuade him (Zhang Yong) to become chairman, I gave him medicine almost whenever I had time these two years. I was very moved by the day he promised.

As Alis only remaining professional manager, this can not be regarded as Zhang Yongs special treatment. Alis partner system is actually a substitute for the professional manager system. After Wei Zhe, Ma Yun said publicly: Ali does not need professional managers. If anyone considers himself a professional manager, I will kill him. However, Zhang Yong, Ma Yuns successor, is Ma Yuns most hated professional manager.

Zhang Yong can enjoy such treatment, undoubtedly related to his outstanding performance. When Zhang Yong took over Taobao Mall in 2009, inspired by Black Friday in the United States, Zhang Yong put forward the idea of Double Eleven to make Taobao profitable by the end of 2009, and gradually became the biggest shopping Carnival of the global Shatter Party.

In the past two years, Zhang Yong has taken the lead in Alibabas new retail strategy, with fruitful results. According to Alibabas financial report for the first quarter of fiscal year 2020, Alibabas revenue in the first quarter was 114.424 billion yuan ($16.741 billion), up 42% year-on-year. Among them, revenue from core e-commerce increased 44% year-on-year, reaching 99.544 billion yuan ($14.500 billion), which exceeded market expectations. Among them, Zhang Yong played a very important role.

As early as ten years ago, Ma Yun thought of Alis successor question. On how to break the founder dependence, Ma Yuns answer was, Establish a system, form a special culture, train and train a large number of talents successor system. For this reason, Ali has created a partnership mechanism to solve the problems of innovation, leadership inheritance, future responsibility and cultural inheritance of large-scale companies. With the perfect combination of system, human and culture, the company can develop healthily and continuously. Zhang Yong is the representative of this system.

III. Alis Weaning

Ali is ready.

As early as November 26, 2018, Zhang Yong carried out a round of organizational structure upgrading, which became the last strategic adjustment before Ma Yun retired. The focus of this strategic adjustment is still on Aliyun and the retail business group.

In this adjustment, Aliyun Business Group upgraded to Aliyun Intelligent Business Group. Chief Technical Officer (CTO) Zhang Jianfeng is also president of Aliyun Intelligence Business Group, reporting to Zhang Yong. At the same time, Tianmao upgraded to Big Tianmao, forming three major sectors: Tianmao Business Group, Tianmao Supermarket Business Group and Tianmao Export Business Department. The former president of Tianmao Business Group will continue to serve as the president of Tianmao Business Group. In addition, Ali has also made adjustments to the rookie network, Alis mother, Alis large entertainment sector and the artificial intelligence laboratory.

After that, on January 4 this year, Ma Yun and Xie Shihuang withdrew from Zhejiang Taobao Network Co., Ltd. for stock right filing. Ali explained that it was for the perfection of Alibabas partner system and for the transparency and openness of Alibabas management.

It is noteworthy that after Ma Yun announced his resignation as chairman of the board one year later in September last year, Cai Chongxin, Alibabas other permanent partner, has gradually faded out of Alibabas daily business. Since then, on June 18 this year, Alibaba announced several business adjustments, including a clear No. 1 position for big entertainment, the announcement that Boxed Horse upgraded to an independent business group, and Hou Yiren as president. Aliyun, nail business has also been re-integrated.

All kinds of performances show that Alibaba, which embraces change as its corporate culture, is ready to wean.

More than 20 years ago, the young man who sat down on the bus and talked to himself in The Scholar Ma Yun has finally returned home. But unlike the expectations of the public, Ma Yun called his retirement a torrent of courage. In an open letter last year, Ma Yun said, I am a restless person. Besides continuing to work as an Alibaba partner and contributing to the organizational mechanism of the partners, I want to return to education and do what I love will make me very excited. And happiness.

Hello, Mr. Ma Yun!

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