Good wind to help! Reducing the Standard to Boost the Outbreak of Science and Technology Stocks and Calling for Dont Get Off the Bus

 Good wind to help! Reducing the Standard to Boost the Outbreak of Science and Technology Stocks and Calling for Dont Get Off the Bus

Judging from the volume of transactions, the market is active, with the total turnover of the two cities exceeding 700 billion yuan.

In addition, northbound funds re-entered the market to sweep goods, with a net inflow of 3.601 billion yuan on the 9th day. The previous week (September 2-6) saw a net purchase of 28.09 billion yuan, the highest net inflow in a single week of the year, and the second highest net inflow in the history since the opening of Shanghai and Shenzhen.

Obviously, under the fermentation of the reduction of the central banks liquidity by 900 billion yuan and the formal incorporation of S&P Dow Jones into 1,099 A-shares over the weekend, the A-share markets bullish mood has obviously warmed up.

Some interviewees said bluntly, The trend has started, now is the time tosteal money, the main shareholding.

Science and Technology Shares Lead the Market

Will A share open higher and go lower? Before September 9, many investors were worried about whether the market could continue to strengthen.

However, under the outbreak of science and technology stocks, market sentiment was quickly suppressed. Shortly after the opening of the morning market, 5G, semiconductor, telecommunications, Internet of Things, edge computing and other sectors rose one after another. The market of on-site technology stocks was fully opened. The small and medium-sized venture index dominated by technology stocks continued to rise, and the market sentiment was hot.

After the opening of the afternoon, the rise and fall of ZTE has added a ladle of hot oil to the market of science and technology stocks.

On that day, ZTEs turnover reached 9.604 billion yuan; on the previous trading day, ZTEs turnover was 10.587 billion yuan, up 9.27%. Compared with the average trading level in the past month, ZTE has seen a huge expansion in the last two trading days.

This is a signal worthy of attention, a private equity interviewee in Shenzhen pointed out. ZTE is the leading representative of science and technology stocks, and its trading volume has increased dramatically, which has a directive significance for the continuation of science and technology market. From the A-share high-rise trend, the power of the trend is also very strong.

Coincidentally, a private-equity person in Guangzhou has repeatedly emphasized the term trend mentioned by the above-mentioned people.

It pointed out that the market is still in the trend of technology stocks, for the ticket pool on the main line of the market, we should be patient to hold shares, short-term shocks can be ignored; for the ticket pool is not on the main line, we can switch to the main line.

Last week, we judged that the main line of the market will focus on three lines - military industry, technology and medicine. Now it seems that technology stocks have won completely and will continue their strong trend. From the ZTE Sealing Board, we can see that the back-row institutional weight votes are stacked with billions of dollars a day, while the hot money tickets are somewhat constrained and lack of sustainability. Therefore, it is necessary to dig deep into the individual stocks of institutional capital operation in the sub-area of science and technology, and the replenishment ticket in the back row may have greater potential. At present, I prefer the direction of financial science and technology and military science and technology.

Institutional warehousing game Jinjiu

Under the sustained upward trend of A shares, more and more institutions are optimistic about the September market, and some of them appeal to investors to never get off.

The National Life Security Fund is one of the optimists. On September 9, the National Life Security Fund said that the A-share market has entered a better rebound window, which is still continuing and should not get off.

National Life Security Fund pointed out to reporters, First, the global easing signal began to confirm internally that the central banks intention to reduce the accuracy is obvious, and the corresponding domestic policy environment will also open a new round of easing, which is the support of the structural market; second, the mid-term report data is unsatisfactory, but the core assets profitability is strong and resilient; Thirdly, it is speculated from the policy intention that the macro-data in August are still under pressure. Last weeks export data have shown some signs. The turning point of the fundamentals still needs time, structural opportunities rather than total opportunities. Fourthly, the internationalization of A-share is still continuing. It is also imminent to incorporate the S&P emerging industry index. The trend of foreign capital inflow has been clear and has been strengthened in the near future.

Now we must grasp the chips, a person interviewed by an agency in South China told reporters on the same day, pointing out that at this stage we should focus on the big and the small, referring to the heat and stability of the index and the plate, and the small referring to the strength of the individual stock in the day.

In fact, from the perspective of the position change of public funds, it can also be seen that the institutions are high-spirited to the current market.

According to the calculation data of good buy fund positions, in the past week, the overall increase of public offering partial equity funds was 5.61%, which was 64.23% as of September 6. Among them, the stock fund position rose 4.05%, the standard hybrid fund position rose 5.82%, the latest position was 87.44% and 61.14%, respectively.

It is worth mentioning that the increase of electronic components reaches 1.24%, ranking fourth in the allocation increase of fund industry.

Wei Fengchun, chief macro strategist of Boshi Fund, pointed out on September 9 that the 13th round of high-level economic and trade consultation between China and the United States was held in October. External uncertainties declined significantly, and the pressure of RMB devaluation temporarily eased. Domestic counter-cyclical adjustment policies tend to increase, and other policy reserves are expected to come out after the reduction of standards. Policy expectations or further boost market sentiment, the structure is relatively biased towards financial real estate and science and technology.

It remains to be seen whether A shares can continue to take advantage of the good wind to further attack.