A batch of popular technology stocks were upgraded and 21 stocks were recommended by institutions (list)

 A batch of popular technology stocks were upgraded and 21 stocks were recommended by institutions (list)

Science and technology stocks are bursting out again. Yesterday, 5G, software, chip and other industries rose again. The 5G index has risen 16.98% since September. The index of photoresist, circuit board and integrated circuit has risen more than 16% in the month, leading the two cities.

Technology stocks are facing a double burst of market performance, while institutions have also upgraded the relevant stock ratings. In the past three months, 296 listed companies in the two cities have been upgraded by institutions. More than 30 stocks are related to hot topics such as 5G, chips and integrated circuits. In the past three months, the ratings of Shanghai Telecom, Biotech, Four-dimensional Mapping and Huiding Technologies have been upgraded more than twice.

Among the stocks related to the 5G industry chain, Shanghai Telecom Co., Ltd. has been collectively upgraded by three securities firms for its outstanding performance since the publication of the semi-annual report on August 29, and has been upgraded the most frequently. Shanghai Telecom Co., Ltd. is the leader of the popular PCB concept in the near future. In the first half of the year, net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was about 478 million yuan, an increase of about 143.40% year on year. The companys share price has doubled in the past two months, and yesterdays latest closing price hit another record high.

In terms of the popularity of recommendation, 21 of the hot technology concept stocks that have been upgraded by institutions have received purchase rating recommendation from no less than 4 institutions in the past month. The leading single crystal silicon equipment, Jingsheng Machinery and Electricity Co., Ltd., which involves the concept of chip, has been recommended by 11 institutions for purchase ratings in a month, with the highest heatwave in the stacking of institutions. The target price of Guoyuan Securities is 18.67 yuan, which is 27% higher than the latest closing price. Zhaoyi Innovation and HKUST News Flight have also been recommended by 10 institutions for buying ratings in the past month, with the highest increase space being 30% and 17% respectively.

According to the performance of the secondary market, among the 21 popular technology stocks recently upgraded and recommended by institutions, the share prices of six stocks, including Tianfu Communications, Shanghai Telecom and Guangxin Materials, have risen by more than 20% since September. Since this month, the stock prices of Shengyi Science and Technology, Zhaoyi Innovation, Shanghai Telecom and Shunluo Electronics have reached an all-time high. In terms of performance, Huiding Technology, Great Wall of China, Shanghai Telecom, Zhuoshengwei and Ziguangguowei reported non-net profit growth of more than 100%.

Seventeen shares have been upgraded more than three times in the past three months.

In the whole market, in the past three months, 296 listed companies in the two cities have been upgraded by institutions, of which 17 listed companies or institutions have upgraded their ratings no less than three times, and most of them are consumer and software stocks. In the past three months, Jiuyang Stock Co., Ltd. and Hongqi Chain have been upgraded by four institutions respectively, with the largest number. Yili Share, Gree Electrical Appliances and UFriends Network have been recommended by 21, 18 and 16 organizations in the past month, with the highest heatwave.

Among the 17 listed companies that have been intensively upgraded, the non-net profit deducted by Baotian, Zhonglian Heavy Branch, Shanghai Electric Power Company, UFI Network and Xugong Machinery has doubled year on year, while the non-net profit deducted by Changan Automobile and Sunshine Power Supply has declined year on year.

Dragon and Tiger List Fund Raising Exposure

From the point of view of capital flow, the net inflow of main capital is over 50 million, and there are 10 stocks purchased in Longhu List. Among them, Kangqiang Electronics, Zhongke Chuangda, Guanghong Technology and other stocks have the largest net inflow. The stocks with the greatest net inflows were Tianxia Wisdom, Dongfang Electronics and Zhongke Chuangda, with net inflows of 38.62%, 24.13% and 22.24%, respectively.

ZTE soared 3 days to attract 4 billion yuan

According to the latest data, by the close of September 9, 1312 stocks in the two cities had risen for more than three consecutive trading days, 520 stocks had risen for more than five consecutive trading days. The top three stocks with the largest number of consecutive days were Siyuan (12 days), Hengli Hydraulic (10 days) and Liquidity Shares (10 days). During the period of successive stock increases, the top three were Shennan (88.07%), Dongfangtong (67.38%) and Tianjin Pulin (55.36%).

It is noteworthy that among the 1312 consecutive rising stocks, 73 stocks have accumulated net inflows of major funds exceeding 100 million yuan. Among them, the largest cumulative capital inflow is ZTE, the main capital inflow is 3.919 billion yuan.

As of September 9, 75 A-shares had actively crossed the 10-day average. Among them, the 5-day average of Tongyu Communications, Boshi Share and Jack Share were the most distant from the 10-day average, reaching 2.37%, 1.44% and 1.42% respectively.

It is worth noting that the net inflows of the main capital of Jixiang, Boshi and Taiji groups reached 0.46 billion yuan, 0.45 billion yuan and 0.44 billion yuan respectively.

Shaanxi Coal Industrys Equivalent Share Average Line has been in a multi-headed arrangement in recent days

As of September 9, 367 stocks were in a multi-headed arrangement on the 5th, 10th, 20th and 60th day. Among them, the deviation rates of Shaanxi Coal Industry, Chongqing Water Industry, and the three-dimensional share price from the 60-day average are the smallest, which are 2.86%, 3.36% and 3.46% respectively.

In addition, 145 stocks are not only multi-headed, but also multi-headed for 120 and 250 days. Data show that Shenzhen Gas, Shaanxi Coal Industry, Tailong Lighting and 250-day average deviation rate is the smallest, respectively, 8.92%, 11.01%, 13.23%.

Among the four stocks that have formed a multi-headed ranking in recent days, 26 of them increased their net profit in the third quarter of 2019 by more than 50% year-on-year, while the largest increase was in the performance of distant information, Longxin Technology and Lianhua Technology, which were 8075.37%, 2396.42% and 2374.95% respectively.

Note: Four forms after this information have excluded new shares listed in the past year.