Nadals Mallorca nostalgia

 Nadals Mallorca nostalgia

At the US Open Awards Ceremony, Rafael Nadal thanked his team in English with a strong Spanish accent that had remained unchanged for many years. Most of the team members were in his box: parents, sisters, fiancee of Tsing Mei and Zhuma, coach and friend Moya, physiotherapist Phil Maymore, and fitness trainer Hoan Fuk. Cades. The above team members, including Rafa himself and uncle Tony, a 28-year retired full-time coach, all come from the same place, Mallorca Island, Spain. Even agents Carlos Costa, Deputy coach Roig, Nikes agent and close friend Zodi Robert, part-time doctor Angel Ruiz Kotoro, all come from Catalonia, which is geographically and linguistically close to Mallorca, with the exception of PR director Benito Perez Babadiro. Andalusia, southern Spain. But the 12-person service team has not changed since its inception, except that Uncle Tony has retired to the second tier.

Rafa and the team

Tennis is a highly internationalized sport. Playersservice teams, like different positions in a company, are constantly changing with the times, environment and players needs. Federer has worked with coaches in Australia, Sweden and Croatia in order to make continuous progress, Djokovics team. After a variety of game changes, German coach Becker and meditation master of the heyday left one after another, and Slovakian mentor Vaida returned. Nadal, such a thorough, closed and long-term home children can be said to be nowadays in the top-ranking tennis players.

In fact, not only do team members all come from their hometown, but also Rafas close friends of the same sex in life, almost all of them are Mallorca. In October, he finally got married to his girlfriend Maria Francesca. Unlike most tennis wives, Francesca, also from Mallorca Island, has little contact with the tennis circle. Apart from traveling with Rafa herself, generally speaking, she will only appear in the box with Rafas mother and sister.

Whether in life or on the court, Rafa is surrounded by only three women: his mother, his sister and his girlfriend.

Tennis is a travel around the world. Players often choose tax-avoiding countries or regions as their places of residence. Monte Carlo has always been the first choice for European players. Deyo, Berdych and Silich all settle here. French players like Tesonga, Gasquette and Memphis prefer Swiss French-speaking areas. Kam, Sava and many famous American players gather in Florida. Commonwealth players like Hewitt and Shapovalov prefer the Caribbean. Rafa is an absolute exception. Every time he finishes an important match, he will go back to Mallorca with his family, trim and train, and wait for the next battle to migrate as a whole and leave home. He spends almost all his time away from the game on the island. If you see him on a yacht vacation worth 3 million Euros and playing with bikini girls in the beach, it must be on Mallorca Island, with his mother, sister or girlfriend of young plum and bamboo horse.

John Carlin wrote in Rafa, Nadals autobiography: Although Nadal, as a tennis player, has won countless victories in tennis competitions around the world, without Mallorca, Nadal is like a fish out of water. Mallorca is Rafahs only gentle home.

Mallorca Island is located in the western Mediterranean Sea. It was first established by Phoenicians. Later, ancient Rome, Vandals, Byzantium and Moors ruled it successively. After several changes of hands, Mallorca Island officially became part of Spain on July 2, 1715. Long-term aggression has made Maloka people distrust and even reject outsiders. For their own people on the island, they are very close to each other.

A member of the Nadal family

The pleasant climate and beautiful scenery make Mallorca a resort. The Spanish governments vigorous development of local tourism has brought a large number of German and British tourists - even more than the Spanish native tourists. But in the eyes of the local people, these northern barbarians just took a fancy to the most charming places on the island and settled down. In the eyes of outsiders, Maloka are conservative, exclusive and difficult to communicate.

As a well-known family, the Nadal family is an inseparable and United whole. In Manaka, Mallorca Island, the Nadal family bought a five-storey building in the center of the town. Rafahs grandfather wanted everyone to live together. Rafah spent his ten-to-twenty-one-year-old years in this small building. All the members of the family - grandparents, four brothers and a daughter, together with their companions. Couples and children - all live here, the gates are open day and night, and they are happy. Eight kilometers away, in the seaside resort of Christopher Harbor, the Nadal family also has an industry, and they still live next to each other.

Nadals house

Rafa has an easy-going and taciturn father. His tennis career has gradually become a world star from enlightenment. Under the supervision and care of his uncle Tony, the two brothers have a clear division of labor. Sebastian, a father who does not like to show up, concentrates on the familys industry. Tony, who has a strong personality, puts all the work in his hands. Focus on training. Mother and sister have always been Nadals spiritual comfort, shelter.

Rafas love for his family was deeply rooted in his adolescence. Barcelonas St. Kugart Tennis School offered training scholarships to Nadal, where Murray trained as a young man with the best tennis training resources in Europe. But Rafas parents flatly refused the invitation, and Rafa was relieved that his parents had chosen for themselves - he really did not want to leave home and his family.

At the age of high school, Rafa left his home town to attend boarding school in Palma, Mallorcas capital. Maloka Island is 3,640 square kilometres, at most tens of kilometres apart, but an hours drive is enough to make Rafah uncomfortable. He missed his parents and sisters, a big family dinner, a football match and food at home. The only happy thing is that every day I am tired enough to sleep soundly. And every weekend to go home is the most comforting thing for Rafa.

Rafa and his mother and sister

In such a deep attachment to his hometown, Rafa has gone further and further on the tennis road. His nostalgia has kept the growing team Mallorca lineage all the time. In the course of many years of fighting abroad, Rafa has always maintained unity, stability, unity and closure. They won the 19th Grand Slam championship with Rafa.

In 2009, Rafa won the Australian Open championship. On his way home from Melbourne, Rafas father informed Rafas mother that the couple were about to separate. My spiritual pillar has collapsed, and the family I depend on will be divided into two parts. For Rafa, family is his sacred and unshakable core. For the whole hard season since then, although he has been in a series of battles, he has never felt happy, bad, depressed and sad until he accumulated to the French Open. He will never be able to sustain it again. As we all know, that became the only French Open champion lost in 10 years before the first trough.

Rafahs parents


There are many sports talents on Mallorca Island, such as Miguel Angel Nadal, another uncle of Rafa, who was the main centre-back of Barcelona, Rudy Fernandez of the amazing NBA dunk contest, and Jorge Lorenzo, the third-time champion of MotoGP. The most famous person, of course, is Rafael Nadal.

The picturesque island of Mallorca

After winning the 2010 US Open, Rafa became the youngest full Slam winner in the Open era. Back home from New York, there were no people to pick up the plane, no welcoming ceremony, and no band to play. Rafa spent some time in town with some friends, and the next morning he set foot on the training ground as if nothing had happened.

Rafah responded to the disaster in his hometown.

As Rafa said, in Mallorca, he plays tennis better, there is no difference in other aspects. Apparently, Rafah himself believes that last October, the San Lorenzo area of Mallorca suffered severe floods. Rafah, who was not travelling to Asia due to injury, put on rainboots, picked up brooms and joined the relief team to clean up the mud and carry debris. His boots, trousers and gloves were covered with mud, and his surroundings were ordinary. There is no difference between Mallocans.

It is this place of not rejoicing with things, not grieving with oneself that enables Rafa to gain peace of mind. Every time he stepped off the court and flew home to his town, he returned to being an ordinary islander, relaxing him thoroughly and drawing on his energy to prepare for his next departure.

The day after the end of the US Open, Rafah took pictures of his return to the island on the social network.


In the 2019 US Open, Nadals final championship script is a bit old-fashioned, but if you insist on seeing the fifth set, you will still be infected by Rafas God of War spirit, marveling at his ability to withstand the crazy counter-attack of 23-year-old opponents, in the fierce battle of 4 hours and 50 minutes. China became the last winner.

This is absolutely not the spirit of Mallorca. Mallorians value the pleasure of life more than the achievement of career. They prefer to enjoy leisure and seldom cherish lofty ideals. After several major injuries, Nadal, firmly occupying the second place in history, still maintained his top position with hard work and self-discipline, and kept a covetous eye on the GOAT throne.

But Rafahs strong will and iron will still come from Mallorca Island, another atypical uncle of Mallorca, Tony. Tony used to play tennis when he was young, but he was not successful. He was only a good player on the island. But he was in high spirits and longed for honor. When he saw the extraordinary talent in his nephew, he was determined to train Rafa to become a world champion at all costs.

Tonys training for Rafa is not only intense, but also spiritually torturous. He was more strict with Rafa than anyone else, even to the point of injustice, and he was not allowed to complain.

Rafa and Tony

For example, Tony would always have Rafa on the half of the sun when they met the sun and Yin during their training. Sometimes, Tony will mix in a flat ball or a goal in training. When Rafa complains about his irregular bouncing, Tony will say, Yes, the ball is bad, but you play worse than it!

In the French Open, people often feel that the irregular bouncing of wind, rain and laterite, all sudden off-site factors seem to be beneficial to Rafa. Who can say that its just Rafas luck, not Tonys training?

Tony will also play a 20-point game with his nephew. He often let Rafa win 19 first, then beat the killer, and finally reverse. Rafah has been tasting the bitterness of victory day after day since he was young. As an adult, it was Rafas opponentsturn to be overturned again and again by the unyielding God of war in the belief that victory was imminent.

In this way, Rafah, who is now before the world, is never satisfied with his honor. After winning the championship, he shook his arms and soon went on to chase the next trophy. Even today, he has won 19 Grand Slams, full of injuries, and at the awards ceremony, he promised the US Open audience the next chasing victory: I hope to see you again next year!

Nadal in the 2019 US Open

Rafael Nadal has created one immortal record after another and has written a legend that is hard to reproduce. But when he stepped off the pitch, it was as if he were the simple teenager on Mallorca Island. Such a pure and simple environment and circle of relatives and friends make Rafa live comfortably and train without distraction, which may be an important secret of his sports career so evergreen. You know, when he first came out, many fans and experts predicted that his fierce play could not maintain a long peak, but Nadal hit all the doubters in the face time and again. Despite being 33 years old, no one dares to judge how high Nadals achievements will ultimately be. Source: Netease Sports Specialist Author: Xie Lin Responsible Editor: Liu Jie_NS6529

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Rafael Nadal has created one immortal record after another, writing a legend that is difficult to reproduce. But when he stepped off the pitch, it was as if he were the simple teenager on Mallorca Island. Such a pure and simple environment and circle of relatives and friends make Rafa live comfortably and train without distraction, which may be an important secret of his sports career so evergreen. You know, when he first came out, many fans and experts predicted that his fierce play could not maintain a long peak, but Nadal hit all the doubters in the face time and again. Despite being 33 years old, no one dares to judge how high Nadals achievements will ultimately be.