The Great Glass Man in the Premier League is just 30 years old! Instinct is the best in 10 years, but instigate friends to re-focus on themselves

 The Great Glass Man in the Premier League is just 30 years old! Instinct is the best in 10 years, but instigate friends to re-focus on themselves

Have boundless prospects! Unfortunately, its in the hospital bed.

In January 2013, Sturridge, dissatisfied with Chelseas lack of centre forward, moved to Liverpool for 12 million. 12 million looks cheap, but when the Reds signed Cutinho, it only cost 8.5 million pounds. Sturridge, who played centre-forward at Liverpool, made a remarkable start 11 times in the half-season and scored 10 goals.

In the 13-14 season, in his first (and later proved to be the only) full season with Cutinho, Stirling and Suarez, Sturridge scored an astonishing efficiency: 21 goals in 26 starts, 2 as the best player in the month, and was selected as the best player of the season in the Premier League.

But the good news of the Rogers era has come to an end, and Suarez has spent the summer just moving to Barcelona. Liverpool have brought in three strikers, Balotelli, Origi and Lambert at one go, but none of them has done the trick.

From the beginning to May 15, Sturridge missed 53 games because of six different injuries.

Starting from this season (14-15), Sturridges health began to decline (although he was only 25 years old). Bell has soleus muscle and Sturridges trump card is hamstring: in the first half of the season, Sturridge took three leave of absence due to hamstring injury, a total of nearly five months.

It was easy to recover, and Sturridge was reimbursed for the hip injury season in March and even had to go to the United States for surgery. In the 15-16 season, Sturridges attendance improved. He played 14 games in the Premier League, two more than the previous year - Sturridges poor card playing record also affected his mentor Rogers being fired and German Klop took over. Since Uncle Zuo took office, Sturridge is no longer regarded as the absolute main force.

The 16-17 season was Croppes first full season in charge, during which his main position was officially taken away by Fermino. He started only seven times in a season with few injuries.

When asked if there was any contradiction with Sturridge, Klop also flickered: Sometimes the media exaggerated some minor questions between me and the players. In England, many media prefer to guess. But I dont care what outsiders think, I think about how to build a team that can win.

First Chance: Farewell to First Class

In the 17-18 season, after a disappointing half-season, Sturridge decided to leave Liverpool for the time being: West Brom, who was struggling to relegate, was on a par with him, and Liverpool were willing to let him go on loan to find his form.

At that time, the West Brom team seemed to be less capable of scoring goals, but now in the super-efficient Longdong at that time was not reliable, scoring only 10 goals throughout the season, all kinds of squandering opportunities. West Brom is looking forward to Sturridges solution to their difficult goal problem.

Unfortunately, Sturridge only played six times for West Brom in the half-season, but failed to score one goal. According to British media statistics, West Brom has paid a total of 3.8 million pounds for Sturridges loan, and Sturridge takes 50,000 pounds from West Brom every minute he plays on the pitch.

West Brom coach Paddo gritted his teeth and insisted that Sturridge was the right man to rent: In the winter window, the Premier League will choose to let go players who are injured or in a temporary bad condition. We cant miss Daniel (Sturridge). Unfortunately, he pulled his hamstring, which cant be rushed. As far as I can see, Sturridge is working hard every minute on the training ground and I hope to see him return soon.

After the relegation, some angry West Brom fans imitated Sturridges tone and said: I hurt my thigh when I was taking promotional photographs. I probably wont be able to play again this season. I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone at the club. I enjoyed every minute of my stay in West Bromwich Brombian, and I will leave with happy memories.

Youll Never Walka Brombawich, your West Browns fans cheer on you, right?

If West Brom can maintain a decent goal-scoring efficiency, Sturridge has at least the chance to be included in the 2018 World Cup list, as well as to be favored by other clubs, so that he can at least reach the height of Waldi (playing in the middle of the Premier League). Unfortunately, he missed the chance to save himself.

Destiny? You cant be an Origi.

After a visit to West Brom, Sturridge basically cut off his desire to play in the Premier League. It would be a pleasure to be a super substitute at Liverpool. After all, todays England national teams substitute striker is just like Kalem Wilson, basically not on the stage, as long as the efficient performance, do not worry about returning to the national team.

In the first round against West Ham United, Sturridge scored his first touching goal 24 seconds after coming on as a substitute; in the Champions League 3-2 win over Greater Paris, Sturridge opened the scoring record; in the League Cup against Chelsea, Sturridge overturned the goal...

It all peaked on September 30, 2018: Sturridge, who came on as a 86-minute substitute, scored a 25-yard super-long shot in 89 minutes to help Liverpool equalize and draw 1-1 with Chelsea. It seems that Sturridge is perfectly adapted to his new role.

Now Sturridge is no longer the young boy who can play right winger, his declining body makes him no longer have the ability to break through the side, only to find opportunities in the middle to complete a fatal blow. This is contrary to Klops requirement for strikers. Over time, Uncle Zuo preferred Origi who could run and play on the sidelines. Throughout the season, Sturridge started only four times, replaced 14 times and scored two poor goals.

Even more embarrassing is that Sturridge last season was actually healthy, basically without major injuries, but was still firmly pressed on the bench by Origi. Despite winning the Champions League with Liverpool, he did not play for a minute in the final. Three days later, Liverpool announced they would not renew their contracts with Sturridge and Moreno, who had become free agents.

Sturridge has two Champions League trophies in his hands, but two finals... He never appeared.

Perhaps it was through the cool world of Britain that Sturridge finally decided to change the air and join Turkeys Trabzon Sports Team. Here, Sturridge will also see his old teammate at Chelsea: Mikel.

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