Irans Anti-American is facing a dilemma of fear of beauty in Europe step by step

 Irans Anti-American is facing a dilemma of fear of beauty in Europe step by step

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, September 9 (Reporter Tian Dongdong Liu Chen) - Iranian Atomic Energy Organization Chairman Salihi criticized European countries for failing to fulfil their commitment to the Iranian nuclear agreement, saying that Irans choice to further suspend the implementation of the agreement was helpless. On the same day, French Foreign Minister Ledrion said that France would remain committed to promoting Irans implementation of the Iranian nuclear agreement.

Iran: Moving Forward and Backward

Salihi said on the 8th that Iran has been abiding by the Iranian nuclear agreement, which is a breach of the agreement between the United States and Europe. The European Union should have replaced the United States (to fulfil its responsibilities) after the unilateral withdrawal of the agreement, but unfortunately, it has not fulfilled its commitments.

Irans Atomic Energy Organization spokesman, Kamal Vandi, announced on September 7 that Iran had launched an advanced centrifuge to increase its uranium enrichment reserves as a third phase of measures to suspend the implementation of the Iranian nuclear agreement. The picture shows Camille Vandys information photo. (Xinhua News Agency/Associated Press)

After the United States unilaterally announced its withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear agreement last May and resumed sanctions against Iran, Iran hopes that other parties to the agreement will stick to the agreement and provide some of the economic dividends promised by the agreement.

But with the escalating pressure from the United States on Irans limits, European countries are struggling to advance compliance, which makes Iran, whose economy has been hit hard by sanctions, increasingly dissatisfied.

Salihi said that the Iranian nuclear agreement should be two-way, but now it has become a one-way line, and Iran will naturally make the right choice at the right time like the previous suspension of some of the provisions of the agreement.

Yu Guoqing, a researcher at the West Asia and Africa Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said that although Iran has repeatedly announced measures to suspend the implementation of the nuclear agreement and has made no compromise in terms of words and actions, it has always stressed the reversibility of the process and its willingness to remain within the framework of the Iranian nuclear agreement, with the main intention of urging Europe to take practical actions to safeguard the Iranian nuclear agreement. Discussion.

Europe: the dilemma of thinking hard about Countermeasures

European countries expressed concern about Irans new measures to suspend the implementation of the Iranian nuclear agreement. On the one hand, they urged Iran to continue to comply with the agreement. On the other hand, they hoped that the United States would loosen sanctions and leave room for the agreement to change.

French President Mark Long talked with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the 8th to discuss the Iranian nuclear issue. Both sides expressed their support for the joint efforts of all parties to safeguard and fully comply with the Iranian nuclear agreement.

French Foreign Minister Ledrion said on the 8th that France will remain committed to promoting Irans implementation of the Iranian nuclear agreement. He said Irans negative actions could only lead to an escalation of tension. Earlier, he disclosed that France and Irans negotiations on the Iranian nuclear agreement focused on the issue of the credit line guaranteeing Irans oil revenue, but the issue ultimately depends on whether the United States will re-grant sanction exemptions for some countries and regions to import Iranian oil.

On June 28, 2019, the meeting of the Joint Committee on the Comprehensive Agreement on Irans Nuclear Issue was held in Vienna, Austria. Schmidt, Secretary-General of the EU External Action Agency, chaired the meeting. Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Aragzi, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov and British, French and German officials attended. (Xinhua News Agency reporter Guo Chen)

Yu Guoqing believed that, under the pressure of the United States, the European Union has no intention at present, and it is more only a verbal appeasement to Iran than an effective means of support. The recent good offices of the European parties at the G7 summit and other occasions have also failed to work, and there are no signs of compromise between the US and Iran.

German TV commented on the 8th that since the withdrawal of the US from the Iranian nuclear agreement, the EU has tried to maintain that the agreement does not completely break down in order to avoid triggering a nuclear arms race in the Middle East. However, due to the heavy sanctions imposed by the United States on Iran, the European Union is unable to guarantee that Iran will benefit from compliance with the agreement. Relying solely on vague promises and hypocritical appeals, alleviating the situation is almost an impossible task.

The United States: Extreme Pressure to Compress

American public opinion believes that Irans initiation of advanced centrifuge will further escalate the already tense dispute between the United States and Iran. Recently, the United States has increased its sanctions against Iran, which shows that it still expects to force Iran to submit through extreme pressure.

U.S. Vice Finance Minister Mandelke said Wednesday that the United States will continue to impose sanctions on all parties involved in purchasing Iranian oil and trading with Irans Islamic Revolutionary Guard, and will not grant any exemptions.

While continuing the pressure of sanctions, the United States also stressed that it did not want to solve the Iranian nuclear issue by force. U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo said on the 8th that the United States does not seek war with Iran. He also mentioned that US President Trump had publicly expressed his willingness to meet with Iranian President Ruhani without preconditions. Earlier this month, a U.S. government source disclosed to the media that the United States had proposed to Iraq to facilitate a meeting between Trump and Ruhani during the United Nations General Assembly in late September.

On May 8, 2018, at the White House in Washington, U.S., President Trump presented his signature of the presidential memorandum. Trump announced on the same day that the United States would withdraw from the Iranian nuclear agreement. (Xinhua News Agency, Shen Tingsheng)

Richard Neffeyo, a Columbia University scholar and US negotiator on the Iranian nuclear agreement, told Xinhua that the US blockade policy towards Iran could not solve the problem and that diplomacy was the only correct way to ease the current tension. The United States and Iraq should stop hostile attitudes towards each other and seriously restart dialogue. (Participating reporters: Peng Mengyao and Ma Miao)

Source: responsible editor of Xinhua News Agency: Li Zaixing_NBJS9026