U.S. Army Testing Can Hold DF-21D Attack by Detonating Bombs near Carriers

 U.S. Army Testing Can Hold DF-21D Attack by Detonating Bombs near Carriers

[Global Network Reporter Xu Luming] The latest U.S. development of the Ford carrier will conduct a impact test to assess the carriers battlefield viability. The US media has been repeating the old saying that the reason for conducting the test is attributed to the China Threat.

According to National Interest magazine website on September 9, U.S. Navy officials said recently that the U.S. Navy is planning to complete the integration of weapon systems on its latest Ford carrier, and will test the detonation bombs near the carrier in different sea areas in order to prepare for future battles at sea.

Reported that the U.S. Army weapons testers will detonate a variety of bombs, including mines, to assess the carriers ability to withstand enemy attacks. This test, known as impact test, is one of the final test projects for US naval warships from the development stage to the operational deployment stage.

US carriers carry out impact test

William Kutcher, an official at the U.S. Naval Ocean Systems Command, said earlier this year: The Ford carrier will undergo further tests, including final full-ship impact tests, and then conduct initial operational test evaluations and formal deployment. Effectiveness is part of a test that includes testing the integration capabilities of various combat systems. The post-test effectiveness program is 12 months, focusing on testing advanced weapon lift and cable arresting devices, Kuch added.

As the first ship of Ford class aircraft carrier, it is very important to carry out impact test, which is scheduled to be deployed in 2022. Reported that the test is related to the threat facing the United States today, in recent years, potential U.S. opponents have been designing and testing weapons specifically designed to destroy the U.S. aircraft carrier, the threat level has far exceeded most known threats to naval aircraft carriers.

In particular, the National Interest points out that one of the threats is the DF-21D carrier killer anti-ship missile made in China, which China is actively developing and testing with a range of 900 nautical miles (about 1666 kilometers).

Reported that the U.S. weapons developers explained that unlike the U.S. militarys main anti-terrorism activities in the past 15 years, potential conflicts in the future may require the U.S. to have a more advanced carrier defense system. MITRE released a shock test analysis report led by the U.S. Department of Defense that the most likely threat to U.S. warships is the non-contact explosion that fires high-intensity shock waves on warships.

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