32 minutes three world-class assists! De Browne: I just finished my job.

 32 minutes three world-class assists! De Browne: I just finished my job.

Belgium currently ranks first in the FIFA scoreboard, while Scotland only ranks 48th. There is a big gap between the two teams. In this match, both sides have the same possession rate, but the Belgian team has scored 15 shots, eight of which are in the right direction, while Scotland has only three shots in the goal range. De Browne was captain of the Belgian national team in this match. In the absence of Azar due to injury, De Browne became the core of Belgiums attack.

In the 10th minute of the game, De Browne hit back with the ball into the penalty area and attracted the attention of two other players, while his teammate Lukaku was not defended. De Browne crossed the line, assisting Lukaku to shoot the first record. In the 24th minute, Belgium opened the right tactical corner and De Browne crossed from the right, assisting Vermaelen in the penalty area to close the door. In the 32nd minute, it was a corner kick from De Browne, which passed precisely over Aldwells head. Aldwell then headed the goal.

De Browne gave three assists in the first half to help Belgium lead 3-0 away from home. De Browne scored in the second half. In the 83rd minute, Lukaku passed the ball to the left. De Browne shot directly with his right foot without stopping from the left side of the penalty area. Although Marshall made a save, the football still flew into the goal. Ultimately Belgium won 4-0, and De Brownes 3 passes and 1 shot directly contributed to the teams goals.

I didnt play a world-class game, I just finished my job, De Browne said modestly after the match. As a team, we did better. We werent relaxed at the beginning of the game, but the situation changed after the 1-0 lead, and Scotland had to come out and attack instead of defending because they wanted to win. But they didnt get too many chances. We controlled the game.

De Browne went on to say, How many assists have I made in the national team? I guess its about 30 times (32 times). Its all great. When your career is over, you can look back and see what youve done. But now I just want to win. We want to qualify for the European Cup as soon as possible. My position on the court? In the national team, as in the club, I can play from No. 6 to No. 10, which is not important.

De Browne has played in four Premier League and two national games since the start of the season, and he has scored two goals and assisted eight times. Belgium national team coach Martinez said, De Browne is in the best period of his career. De Browne said, Is there any player in the world who is better than me? Fortunately, I dont have to judge this by myself. I just need to play well. I feel good now. Im satisfied. Ive played a lot of games and started to get into my own rhythm. This is very important because there are still many games to play.

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