Juventus giants announced that five years after the European War, reform is needed! Zhang Kangyang will run for Executive Board

 Juventus giants announced that five years after the European War, reform is needed! Zhang Kangyang will run for Executive Board

Founded in 2008, the European Football Club Association is an organization that replaces G14. There are currently 232 clubs from European leagues as members of the Association. Former president of the European Football Club Association is Rumenig, Juventus President Agnelli was elected Chairman of ECA after Rumenig resigned in 2017.

Chairman Agnelli said, Before the Malta meeting, everything seemed to have been decided, but that was not the case. In the past two months, many clubs have actively participated in the consultation, which is a real, open and transparent discussion process. I think we all agree that a better European club is better for football. Although we still have some differences about the specific schedule, on the whole, we believe that the European game should be reformed in the 2024-25 season.

There have been rumours in the past that some of Europes top clubs are interested in organizing the Premier League to replace the existing Champions League events. President Agnelli went on to say, We must put the club at the centre of decision-making and maintain a strong symbiotic relationship with leagues in the future. In recent years, we have achieved a lot of important results, such as the Financial Fair Competition Rule 2.0, which will create a new European Club Competition with 32 teams starting from 2021, which will enable more clubs to participate in the European Championship. In addition, if we want to improve the level of womens football, we must stimulate the development of the youth training department.

At this conference, a new member of the Executive Board of the European Club Association Committee will be announced. There are currently 15 members of the Council of European Club Associations, 11 of which belong to the clubs of the Association, while the remaining four are members of the Council of Professional Football Strategy of UEFA. In this election, Inter President Zhang Kangyang and Napoli President De Laurentis will run for one of the executive seats. They become rivals, which is nicknamed the Italian Derby in the campaign by the Sports Daily of Rome.

Zhang Kangyang was elected president of Inter Milan Club in October last year. This summer, he invited Comte to coach and spent a lot of money on his signing. Inter Milan is regarded as a champion contender in the new season. However, Zhang Kangyang is young after all, and has a short time in club management. According to the Sports Daily, de Laurentis has more experience than before, and in the past two years, de Laurentis has put forward some innovative and unconventional business and communication strategies in the European Football Club Association, which has triggered discussions among the members of the association. Therefore, de Laurentis has the advantage in the election of the executive committee.

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