Liao Basketball announces the new seasons list: Fensen Bass leads three new players

 Liao Basketball announces the new seasons list: Fensen Bass leads three new players

Eighteen registered domestic players are Ma Zhuang, Wang Yansong, Gao Shiyan, Cong Mingchen, He Tianju, Li Xiaoxu, Guo Allen, Guo Xu, Han Dejun, Liu Dawei, Liu Zhixuan, Sun Kaiqi, Zhang Zongrui, Yan Shouqi, Zhao Jiwei, Lu Zijie, Wang Huadong and Liu Yanyu. Two foreign aid: Bass and Stephenson.

Compared with last seasons registration list, this seasons Liao Basketball Registration List has changed a lot. Among the domestic players, Lu Zijie, Liu Yanyu and Wang Huadong, three 20-year-olds, replaced Wei Meng, Zhong Cheng and Yang Ming, who served as vice-president of the club last season. Lu Zijie, Liu Yanyu and Wang Huadong are the newcomers of Liaoning Mens Basketball Team. The three players had no previous experience of participating in CBA. After the departure of Zhong Cheng and Wei Meng, the three youngsters are likely to get many appearances in the new season. In recent years, Liaoning Mens Basketball Team has not been able to qualify the rise of new forces, the new season Club suddenly started to use three new people, take the lead in the interior of the old and new alternation. If the youngsters can seize the opportunity, they will share more pressure for Han Dejun and Li Xiaoxu.

Wang Yansong, Guo Xu, Liu Dawei, Sun Kaiqi and Zhang Zongrui are not the first players to appear in the season registration list, but these players rarely have the opportunity to enter the 12-person official competition list in the previous few seasons, more time in the reserve team for training and competition. If these players fail to grasp the chance again, they will be even more likely to play in the future if they re-enter the roster this season.

Gao Shiyan, Cong Mingchen, He Tianju, Li Xiaoxu, Guo Allen, Han Dejun, Liu Zhixuan and Zhao Jiwei will be the main rotation of domestic players, and the key to the teams success. From the domestic playerspoint of view, the main framework of the Liao Basketball team has not changed much. The biggest suspense is the substitution of the inside line. The performances of Liu Yanyu, Lu Zijie, Wang Huadong and other young players deserve attention.

In terms of foreign aid, Bass, who had been a big foreign aid in the team for two seasons before, had no problems running in with the team; Stephenson, a small foreign aid who replaced Hudson, was the first time to play in CBA. He will be the most burdensome player in the new season of Liaoning Basketball and is highly expected by the fans.

Liao Basketball will compete in the extraordinary 12 Asian league matches held in Macao, China on September 18, when the teams new season lineup will make its debut.

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