Manchester Uniteds 21-year-old Zhan Huang rubbed the corner! Bell laughed and applauded for him.

 Manchester Uniteds 21-year-old Zhan Huang rubbed the corner! Bell laughed and applauded for him.

In the 17th minute of the game, Wales attacked in front and Daniel James received a goal from his teammate on the left. He pushed the ball inward, and the defenders dared not grab it, and fought and retreated. After reaching the line of the penalty area, James suddenly started to shoot. He rubbed the ball with his right foot and drew a wonderful arc around the goalkeeper and the guard, scoring the far corner of the goal. Although the goalkeeper stretched his arm, he could do nothing to see the ball into the net.

Daniel Jamess goal gave a glimpse of Robben. The Dutch flyers greatest skill in his career was cutting and rubbing in the side, but Robben was on the right, while James is on the left today. Jamess ball was really fantastic and stunned his teammates, including his opponents. Bell, the absolute core of Wales, did not start the game. He was very excited and smiled when he saw the goal on the bench, apparently happy for Jamess goal. In the second half, Bell replaced James, which seemed to imply a transfer of power within Wales.

The Sun praised Daniel Jamesgoal as more like Henrys, and both dribbling and shooting were world-class. On the Internet, Manchester United fans were so excited that they said the team had found a big baby. This summer, United signed James for only 15 million, but the youngster has scored three goals in the first four rounds of the Premier League and is indisputably selected as Manchester Uniteds August Player of the Year.

Daniel James has scored four goals in the last six games (club + National team) and is in a very good condition. Manchester United fans said: Daniel James of 15 million pounds is better than Pepe of 80 million pounds. The future of this fellow is really unpredictable. James has scored more goals in the past three games than Rushford has scored in the past 22 games.

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