Li Ka-shing reiterated his voice on the situation in Hong Kong: I hope young people will understand the overall situation.

 Li Ka-shing reiterated his voice on the situation in Hong Kong: I hope young people will understand the overall situation.

According to Ming Pao, Li Jiacheng arrived at Cishan Temple, Tai Po, late Sunday (8) to attend the law meeting. He said, If we continue now, it will be very bad. I am worried. We hope Hong Kong people can overcome this difficulty. He also said, We hope that young people will understand the overall situation, and the ruling party will also be able tofailto us. Come master, can also open one side of the net.

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Cishan Temple spokesman confirmed that Li Ka-shing came to pray for Hong Kong with more than 1,000 people that night. He expressed his unacceptability of the recent escalation of social violence and its impact on the rule of law. He was very worried that society coexisted and that it was necessary to promote ourselves and others. He hoped that everyone would tide over the difficulties and understand the overall situation for Hong Kongs sake.

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According to live videos taken by netizens, Li Jiacheng came to the audience on a golf course, shook hands with the people present, and took over the microphone of the staff to speak. The whole journey lasted about a minute and a half.

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Cishan Temple is a large Buddhist temple in Tai Po District, New Territories, Hong Kong. It was built with a donation of HK$1.5 billion by Li Ka-shing. It covers 46,000 square meters and has a building area of 5,100 square meters. The temple was completed in 2014 and opened to the public free of charge on May 1 this year.

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On August 16, Li Ka-shing advertised in several newspapers in Hong Kong, one of which read Huangtai melon, how can we pick it again. The other called for anti-violence, and wrote love China, love Hong Kong, love ourselves; love freedom, love tolerance, love the rule of law, love righteousness, calm anger and a Hong Kong citizen Li Jia. Sincerity.

On September 5, Li Zekai, the second son of Li Ka-shing, published a newspaper appealing to Hong Kong to stop violence and restore social order by the rule of law. He said that Hong Kongs long-term prosperity and stability depended on the stability of one country, two systems and was deeply saddened by the decline and social tearing caused by violence.

Li Ka-shing advertised on the front pages of several Hong Kong media: appeasing anger with the righteousness of love

On August 16, Li Ka-shing and Li Zekais companies advertised in various newspapers and magazines in Hong Kong to show their opposition to the recent violent demonstrations. Li Ka-shing made a statement on the front page of several newspapers in Hong Kong as a Hong Kong citizen, which advocated the cessation of violence, pointed out that love China, Hong Kong, love ourselves, love freedom, love tolerance, love the rule of law, and hoped that the righteousness of love can alleviate anger.

Will Hong Kongs judiciary not be able to cure Huang Zhifeng?

Huang Zhifeng, secretary-general of Hong Kong Volunteers, an independent Hong Kong organization, was arrested again at Hong Kong International Airport yesterday on the grounds of violation of bail regulations. However, after this mornings lecture, he was released again.