James Cameron Returns to the Battlefield to Create a Female Terminator

 James Cameron Returns to the Battlefield to Create a Female Terminator

In 2009, directed by Cameron, Avatar, the revolutionary pioneer of 3-D technology, was released. It was no surprise that Avatar re-exploded the global film market, raking in more than $2.7 billion at the box office, and directly overtaking the world box office champion in film history. What he surpassed was his predecessor Titanic, the throne, No. 1. Sitting for 10 years. The films heroine Zoe Soldana dancer origin, this innate advantage allows her to be familiar with difficult action drama, as a hot figure of the black beauty, Cameron ruthless to throw a blue paint on her, the beauty advantage is not exist, but let the audience focus more on Zoes acting skills. She plays the Na Beauty Soldier brave and brave, loyal to the tribe is not self-proclaimed, has super faith and courage, is the story of the existence of the beams, but also a powerful force to bear. Zoe Soldana later received the comedy of Carmela in the Manway movie Galaxy Guard, which also performed well. Blue and green, red and purple was a good story among fans.

In 2019, Terminator: Dark Destiny will be released in North America on November 1. This is a new series of works by James Cameron, who has returned to full production and one of the writers. Terminator Series is the pinnacle of science fiction films in the 20th century, and also the beginning of director Camerons creative path. The two Terminator movies not only give human beings a new understanding of device fantasy and future destiny, but also lay a solid foundation for the creation of science fiction and action movies. Spanning 35 years, this cultural IP has become an undoubted classic in film history. The return of Camerons copyright, the new story of Terminator, and the recall of Golden Partners Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton will surely inject new and incredible ideas into this IP wake-up.

The establishment of three key roles of three actresses is one of the proofs. Sarah Connor, the first goddess of war, is no longer a weak object of protection. She loves heavy firepower and does everything she says. What she is facing is a new escalation of combat effectiveness, a divisive villain named REV9, whose fighting scenes with REV9 are so intense that the fighting effectiveness and T-800 are no longer the same. Grace, the new character played by Mackenzie Davis, is a guardian of the battle boom. She claims to be progressive despite her organic skeleton. After the transformation of human beings, although seemingly incompatible with Sarahs fire and water, but in the same trench with the enemy, the world can do anything, but also similar to the hand torn helicopter, foot bulldozer stage. Her contribution is indispensable to the whole films repeat battle scenes. The two female roles are typical Ka Girls, independent and independent, not subordinate to anyone, with their own principles and personalities. Dani, the mysterious girl pursued by the villain REV9, is played by Natalia Reyes. Although she is not responsible for action, her identity will determine the success or failure of the human resistance. Global Terminator fans were shocked by the scene of fierce battle after watching the movies warning. Some netizens even cried out, The battle is too cool, its unbelievable, and they cant wait to enter the cinema. Cameron, who loves to write about womens roles, seems not to be very addicted to this return. So he sacrificed three leading actresses and became the three leading arrows of the plot. This kind of innovation and understanding and respect for women, you said how can actresses not love him?

The sci-fi action film Terminator: The Dark Destiny is directed by Tim Miller and produced by James Cameron. Linda Hamilton, Arnold Schwarzenegger return to the classic, starring Mackenzie Davis (Black Mirror), Natalia Reyes (Migratory Bird), Gabriel Rooner (Agent of the Shield), which will be released in North America on November 1, 2019.

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