A New World of Styles by Zhang Chengguang and Huang Zihongfan staged the Insect Eating Story

 A New World of Styles by Zhang Chengguang and Huang Zihongfan staged the Insect Eating Story

The incarnated chefs of Pomegranate and Xiaoge in Western Yunnan presented the Bai transliteration menu, which instantly escalated the difficulty of ordering. Old artists who want to get a brocade bag to get tips for dish names have to complete the challenge of clipping potato chips, which requires a pair of long chopsticks to clip potato chips from one plate to another in 20 seconds. Xia Bobo, Ni Ping and Zhang Chengguang suffered successive failures. Huang Zihong came up with an alternative strategy. He picked up the dish full of potato chips and poured them directly into another dish. Finally, he successfully passed the customs and won the first brocade - click click, which was like the sound of chewing potato chips. Ni Ping became interested and chose this dish on the spot.

With Ni Pings intimate help, the little brother in Western Yunnan started the cook mode by putting on an apron. A sentence of fried insects sounded like a change in everyones face. Fan Ming couldnt help picking up the spade to make a stir-frying demonstration. The tempting aroma from the pot made Zhang Chengguang take the first step to try his food. Huang Zihongfan kept silently hiding behind and couldnt bear to look straight at it. However, he still could not escape the fate of being named by Fan Ming on the spot, closed his eyes and wore a strong mans wrist-broken expression. In the constant brainwashing, we swallowed the first insect of our lives.

The name of the dish reveals Ni Pings great regret for playing the flute to boost Pomegranates talent

The breeze in Erhai Lake makes delicious food fall to the tip of the tongue. After many checkpoints, we finally ushered in a victory banquet, featuring five special dishes one by one. Pomegranate served the first dish - fried chicken fir fungus with bacon, corresponding to the dialect menu, straight and thick and said that the use of fir fungus in Yunnan, Fan Ming immediately responded that this is his own point. When Pomegranate elder brother asked who ordered with a fried grasshopper, Ni Ping asked the Bai nationality name of the dish in a blank and innocent way. Huang Zihongfan was shocked to find out that this was the dish he ordered before, and Ni Ping covered her face with a horse and was annoyed.

In order to express the highest respect for the teachers, Pomegranate is playing a folk tune, flute accompanied by wonderful dancing, so that everyone is intoxicated, Fan Ming and Zhang Chengguang can not help shaking their hands with the rhythm. Local Bai ladies and sisters specially changed into the most ritualistic ethnic costumes and came with delicious food accompanied by music money. They could see Huang Zihongfan and Xia Bolian clapping their hands.

Characteristic cuisine is only a corner of Yunnan, but it is a beautiful scenery of external propaganda. New forms bring new concerns. Darens short videos not only convey themselves, but also the unique charm of the land and water. As Fan Ming said, they all make people more familiar with our countryside and our green mountains and rivers through short videos. The world of patterns is still waiting, and unknown stories are still unfolding on the road. New exploration, new excitement, please continue to lock in the weekly Oriental Satellite TV, the next issue of New World of Flowers will take you to play Yunnan interesting market!