Joking about the World Cup: Another former teammate of Yao Ming is also at the moment of waving goodbye to the national team?

 Joking about the World Cup: Another former teammate of Yao Ming is also at the moment of waving goodbye to the national team?

However, in the face of Spain, Yorkick was not satisfied with the penalty mentality explosion, in front of the referee is a gentle and easy-going vomiting fragrance, I am really sorry for the four words to be a teacher.

Tonight they will face Argentina, who has won all five games in a four-in-eight game, and in this South American team, there is also a teacher recognized by all the team members.

In addition to the memorable style of play and the sexy posture when he fell to the ground, the reason why the old Argentine was regarded as a teacher was his devotion to the team and the sport.

Scola, 39, led the Argentinians in their fifth World Cup tour as one of the squares dancing groups in the tournament.

When he achieved the first rebound and the second total score in the history of the individual World Cup, many people would feel a sense of disillusionment like time and space chaos. Its the same stunned feeling you had when you knew that Polish player Alexander Balcelovsky was 21 years younger than Scola.

After all, if Scola lived in Argentinas axisymmetric, younger North American continent, perhaps Alexanders Congress was younger than Scolas son.

Even such a veteran who gives ethical significance to the World Cup still has the fighting desire that many young people do not have. Shortly after the end of the CBA season, Scola gave Argentina a promise to play in the World Cup under the flag.

Therefore, whether this will be his last international competition has become a common topic for former teammates of Chairman Yao.

Even after retirement from his own golden generation, Scola still chose to stand on the FIBA field and fight with other comrades in the Pampas grassland once more.

In order to prepare for the World Cup and gradually regain his form, Scola began his recovery training in a basketball stadium outside Buenos Aires a few months before the tournament began.

(This means that the competition of CBA League is far from enough for the old man who is approaching the age of perplexity to play in the World Cup.)

Scola had been training for 14 weeks before entering the training camp. Like every summer in his previous career, he once again chose to serve his country instead of traveling to accompany his four sons to their favorite childrens paradise. Scola is used to this situation, and Scolas family has to get used to it.

After all, in his basketball career, Scola Junma even missed the birth of his first child.

Interestingly, it seems to have become a tradition of the Scola family, even though the old Scola is only a semi-professional player.

Since then, it has become a matter of time for Scola to take the road of basketball. Father put a basket in their garage, which was obviously a crazy thing in Argentina in the 1980s.

Because in that era, football was Argentinas first sport, and the emergence of basketball was just that the people of this country did not want to make their spare time too monotonous.

Discovering Scolas basketball talent, Old Scola gave her son a necklace with golden basketball.

A few years later, at a concert, the necklace was robbed. Even though Scola tried to get it back in the crowd, the result was still disappointing. Old Scola could only make another identical necklace and give it to Scola.

The young Scola never let the necklace leave him again, nor did he realize that the robbery was the closest he had ever left basketball.

Scolas love for basketball came from his father, who brought him all FIBA medals except the World Cup: Olympic gold, Pan American basketball champion, Diamond Cup gold, American champion.

And, of course, his impressive NBA career.

In 1999, Scola first played against Wen Baker, who was facing NBA players for the first time. Scolas mentality completely collapsed when his opponent flew around shooting and hitting shots.

He thought he would never be fit to stand on the same ground with the monsters, but we all know the story of him using a top to teach black insiders in the NBA.

Many people would think that Scolas status in the Rockets is not high, but in fact, in the game when Scola joined the basket and visited Houston, the Rockets sent a tribute video.

This tribute video is not a perfunctory collection, but a message video from a group of contemporary Rocket players such as Mutombo, Yao Ming and Sean Battier.

This is not an indispensable act of the rocket authorities out of emotion. The Argentine power forward did leave an indelible mark in Houston. He ranked sixth in the list of favorite players voted by American Rocket fans.

Houstonians love his dedication and his unique style of play. At the same time, his off-court approachability also contributed a lot to his success. Scola on the court has endless passion, but he is never a noisy person in his daily life.

Apart from basketball, Scola only plays games and reads books in her daily life. He likes to write his thoughts on his blog. Every time he writes them in Spanish and then in English.

Because he spends most of his time in the league and FIBA, he chooses to stay at home with his family for the rest of the time. Habitat for a long time, he also has some NBA players in the unusual shyness.

Scola visited the Argentine Pavilion at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. At the exhibition, he was invited to tango dance. He had never touched the tango dancer. He was so stunned by the tango girl that he dared not even touch her back with his hands. From this point of view, the Rocketscurrent home players have made considerable progress than their predecessors.

But he didnt think so himself.

Everyone is talking about my age, I can understand, but I dont think so myself.

I never thought about it in a game. My God, Im so old. These children are fifteen or twenty years younger than me. When I touch the ball, I am an athlete, a player who wants to lead the team to victory. I dont have time to think so much.

Before the World Cup, he shaved off his trademark long, flowing hair because it was all white and ugly. Even though it was a sad thing to hear, he did not give us a chance to stir up emotions: This is not a farewell tour, this is the World Cup.

In the story of the Bible, Samson is a powerful man ordained by God. His only weakness is his long hair: he cant cut his hair since he was born, otherwise his whole skill will disappear.

At the end of the story, Samson was charmed by the enemys daughter, shaved off his hair, and finally regained his divine power by praying with God, and eventually died with the enemy.

Scola is also like a divorced man in a mythological tale who signed a contract with God. But compared with Samson, he did not seem to be tempted by women, nor was he afraid of being cut off.

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