Take an umbrella to work! Continuous rainfall in Beijing will affect early peak travel

 Take an umbrella to work! Continuous rainfall in Beijing will affect early peak travel

Yesterday, the weather in Beijing ushered in a turning point, with the end of sunshine and heat, the onset of wind and rain, and heavy rainfall in some areas. Monitoring shows that the average precipitation of the whole city is 38.2 mm from 13:00 on 09 to 06:00 on 10:00 on 09, and 69.9 mm in urban area. The largest precipitation in Chaoyang Qianmu Lake Park in urban area is 124.4 mm, reaching the level of heavy rainfall.

Rain continued in Beijing this morning. (Tu/Wang Xiao)

The precipitation in Beijing is weakening and the temperature drops in the daytime today. Beijing Meteorological Station announced at 6:00 on the 10th that from this morning to daytime, the light to moderate rain (local heavy rain) turned cloudy, with northerly winds of two or three grades, the highest temperature of 24 C, cloudy at night, northerly winds of one or two grades, and the lowest temperature of 18 C.

Rainfall affects early peaks. At present, in Haidian, Chaoyang and Shijingshan areas, the blue rainstorm warning is in effect. In Fangshan rainstorm yellow warning is in effect, public transport should be chosen as far as possible, raingear should be carried well, traffic safety should be paid attention to. Rainfall accompanied by obvious cooling, todays maximum temperature drops more than 7 C. Please adjust your clothes in time to prevent colds. u3002

After the precipitation, the heat subsides. The highest temperature in Beijing will be 24-27 degrees C in the next three days, and the lowest temperature will be less than 20 degrees C. It will be cool.

Source: China Weather Network Responsible Editor: Chengyu_NBJ11143