We broke up...

 We broke up...

Thats why they had to split up.

We broke up.

The opening season is only once a year, but the breakup season is different, and its on all the time. In the microblog hot search, stars are breaking up, friends are breaking up, but the copywriting is not a painful drama of many years ago, more like a decent announcement, telling people around who have witnessed and watched the love: - Sorry, we broke up. - Its here. How careful you are on the way.

A kind of

Watching them go through so many years, but they all broke up

Q: Its been 100 days since we broke up. What if we havent come out yet?

Replacing files is always more thorough than deleting them.

A lot of things have happened in life.

It should make sense.

Its just that you dont know at the moment.

Including leaving you

Ill always think of you.

It will gradually become that I occasionally think of you.

I forgot how long I havent thought of you.

Time is irreversible

Well all meet better ones.


Leave what you want to say to ta here.

How far ahead are you in the future?

Heavy Rain in Beijing

Good night