Xi Jinping presided over the 10th meeting of the Central Committee for Comprehensive Deepening Reform

 Xi Jinping presided over the 10th meeting of the Central Committee for Comprehensive Deepening Reform

Li Keqiang, Wang Huning and Han Zheng attended

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, September 9 (Xinhua) -- Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, President of the State, Chairman of the Central Military Commission and Director of the Central Committee for Comprehensive Deepening Reform, chaired the 10th meeting of the Central Committee for Comprehensive Deepening Reform on the afternoon of September 9 and delivered an important speech. He emphasized that in carrying out the reform tasks set by the Central Committee since the Third Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Committee of the CPC, the focus in the early stage was to ram the base and pillars and erect beams, and the focus in the medium term was to comprehensively promote and build up momentum. Now, we should focus on strengthening system integration, synergy and efficiency, consolidating and deepening the institutional nature of our solutions over the years. Obstacles, institutional obstructions and policy innovations have resulted in reforms to promote the maturity and finalization of various systems.

Li Keqiang, Wang Huning and Han Zheng, Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Deputy Director of the Central Committees Comprehensive Deepening Reform Committee, attended the meeting.

The meeting deliberated and adopted Opinions on Implementing the Deep Integration of Advanced Manufacturing Industry and Modern Service Industry, Opinions on Building a Better Development Environment to Support the Reform and Development of Private Enterprises, Guiding Opinions on Promoting the High-quality Development of Trade, On Promoting the Social Mobility System of Labor Force and Talents. Opinions on Mechanism Reform, Some Opinions on Reducing the Burden of Primary and Secondary School Teachers and Further Building a Good Environment for Education and Teaching, Guiding Opinions on Implementing the Strategy of Important Agricultural Products Guarantee, Work Program of Overall Supervision of Financial Infrastructure, and Opinions on Strengthening Scientific and Technological Innovation to Support the Construction of Safe China u300b General Plan of Action for Green Life Establishment, Interim Provisions on the Responsibilities of State-owned Financial Capital Investors, Opinions on Further Strengthening the Control of Plastic Pollution.

The meeting pointed out that promoting the deep integration of advanced manufacturing industry and modern service industry is an important way to enhance the core competitiveness of manufacturing industry, cultivate modern industrial system and achieve high-quality development. We should conform to the trend of technological revolution, industrial transformation and consumption upgrading, deepen business linkages, chain extension and technology penetration, explore new formats, new modes and new paths, and promote the integration and coupling of advanced manufacturing and modern service industries.

The meeting pointed out that to promote the development of high quality trade, we should strengthen scientific and technological innovation, institutional innovation, mode and format innovation, focus on building the one belt and one road, vigorously optimize the trade structure, and promote the coordinated development of import and export, trade in goods and services, trade and two-way investment, trade and industry, and promote international development. Internal factors flow orderly and freely, resources are allocated efficiently, and markets are deeply integrated.

The meeting emphasized that promoting orderly social mobility of labor force and talent is a strong support for sustained and healthy economic development and an inevitable requirement for the realization of all-round human development. We should eliminate the drawbacks of the system and mechanism that hinder the social mobility of labor and talent, create opportunities for mobility, open channels for mobility, expand space for mobility, and improve the security mechanism so that everyone has the opportunity to achieve their own development through hard work.

The meeting pointed out that we should focus on the main responsibility of teachers to cultivate morality, teach and educate people, adhere to the principle of classified management and treatment of both symptoms and symptoms, coordinate and standardize supervision, inspection, evaluation, social affairs into the campus, and the transfer of primary and secondary school teachers, strictly clean up the matters unrelated to the norms of primary and secondary education and teaching, and effectively alleviate the responsibilities of primary and secondary school teachers. Teachers in primary and secondary schools should devote themselves to teaching and educating people.

The meeting emphasized that we should take ensuring national food security as the bottom line, attach equal importance to quantity and quality, implement Variety-Based security, increase total supply, optimize supply structure, expand supply sources, improve supply quality, strengthen the regulation and control of agricultural product reserve and processing industry development, improve agricultural support and protection system, and strive to build a scientific and rational system. Safe and efficient supply guarantee system for important agricultural products.

The meeting pointed out that financial infrastructure is the basic guarantee for the stable and efficient operation of financial markets and an important grasp for implementing macroprudential management and strengthening risk prevention and control. We should strengthen the overall supervision of important financial infrastructure, unify regulatory standards, improve access management, optimize the layout of facilities, improve governance structure, and promote the formation of a rational layout, effective governance, advanced, reliable and flexible financial infrastructure system.

The meeting pointed out that advocating a simple, moderate, green and low-carbon lifestyle should be based on the principles of systematic promotion, wide participation, highlighting key points and classified implementation of policies, carry out conservation-oriented organs, green families, green schools, green communities, green travel, green shopping malls, green buildings and other initiatives to establish and improve green life. Relevant policies and management systems will promote green consumption and green development.

The meeting stressed that strengthening the management of state-owned financial capital and establishing a unified investor system should adhere to the principles of capital management, marketization and prudence, clarify the responsibilities of investors and trustees, strengthen the management and supervision of state-owned capital in financial institutions, improve the accountability system, and improve the modern financial enterprise system and state-owned finance. Capital management system.

The meeting pointed out that to actively deal with plastic pollution, we should firmly establish new development concept, ban and restrict the production, sale and use of some plastic products in an orderly manner, actively promote recyclable and degradable alternative products, increase the supply of green products, standardize the recycling and utilization of plastic waste, and establish and improve the management system of all links. Effective and orderly control of plastic pollution.

The meeting emphasized that since the Third Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Committee of the CPC, we have focused on solving deep-seated institutional obstacles, launched a series of major institutional reforms, effectively solved a number of structural contradictions, and achieved historical changes, systematic remodeling and overall reconstruction in many fields. We have paid attention to overcoming the obstructive problems of mechanism, cleared up and straightened out many obstacles and difficulties, and enhanced the vitality of social development and innovation. Starting from the needs of economic and social development, we should change things around the people and timely launch a number of policy innovations with small incisions and quick results, which have solved many worries and worries in the field of peoples livelihood and enhanced the peoples sense of access, happiness and security. We should carefully sort out a series of important reforms launched since the Third Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Committee of the CPC, coordinate system reform and system operation, handle the relationship between top-level design and hierarchical docking, do a good job of matching up from top to bottom, from left to right, and from all aspects, pay attention to coordinated advancement of various reforms, so that all reforms complement each other and chemistry takes place. Responsetransforms institutional advantages into governance effectiveness.

Members of the Central Committee for Comprehensive Deepening Reform attended the meeting, and comrades in charge of relevant departments of the central and state organs attended the meeting.