Apples response to violation of Chinas labor law: most of the allegations are wrong

 Apples response to violation of Chinas labor law: most of the allegations are wrong

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BEIJING, Sept. 9, China New Zealand. com Client, said to reporters on Sino-New Zealand. com on Sept. 9 that Apple has violated Chinas labor law. Apple said to Sino-New Zealand. com on Sept. 9, We have investigated the statement of China Labor Watch, and most of the accusations are wrong.

At the same time, Apple said, We did find that the proportion of workers dispatched during the survey exceeded our standard, and we are working closely with Foxconn to solve this problem.

According to foreign media reports, a non-profit regulator released a report on the 8th that Apple hired more than half of its total workforce in August at an iPhone manufacturing plant in China, including interns. This is more than 10% of Chinas labor law.

We have confirmed that all workers are properly compensated, including overtime wages and bonuses. All overtime work is voluntary and there is no evidence of forced labour. Apple said.

Apple said in a statement that it believed that everyone in our supply chain had dignity and should be respected. To ensure that our high standards are respected, we have established a strong management system, from workplace rights training, on-site worker interviews, anonymous complaint channels and continuous auditing. When we find problems, we will cooperate with suppliers and take immediate corrective measures.

Reporters contacted Foxconn via e-mail, and as of the time of publication, no response had been received.

Source: Xu Meng-NN7485, Responsible Editor of CNN