Six bus lines in Beijing are detoured and stopped under the influence of rainy weather

 Six bus lines in Beijing are detoured and stopped under the influence of rainy weather

Beijing News (Reporter Pei Jianfei) Today (9 September) afternoon, Beijing ushered in a heavy rainfall. As of 20 pm this evening, affected by the rainy weather, the bus group has 6 routes to take dispatching measures, including 4 routes to take bypass measures, 2 routes to take stop measures. Specific measures are as follows:

Four routes with station-swing bypass measures:

1. 404 Road (East-Dongzhimen Junction Station of Xiqiao, Laiguangying) is expected to accumulate water on Hualu Road. Measures are taken to dump the station. Two stations are Shuangwang Hualu, and two stations are at the north entrance of Nanjie Street, Guangshun.

2. 516 Road (Nangao-Liangma Bridge), due to the seepage under the grassland bridge, the two sides took the measures of throwing off the station to send out three stops of Nangaoxi-Rainbow Road.

3. 650 Road (Jiaozhuang Bridge North-Dabeiyao North), due to water accumulation in the sections of Inkanggezhuang Road, take two-way detour without leaving the station;

4. 658 Road (Jiamingyuan-Dinghui Bridge South), benefiting from the West Block of New East Bridge, adopted the measures of dump station, duplicated Yuhui Xili and Jiamingyuan (2 stations);

Two routes with stop measures:

1. 571 Road (Chaoxingjiayuan-Wangjing West Station of Metro), due to water accumulation in front of Injiapingmao shopping mall, adopts stopping measures and stops one-way towards Xinjiayuan-Wangjing West Station of Metro;

2. 513 Road (Tangjiacun-Lvying Jiayuan), due to water accumulation at Lvying Home Intersection, took stop measures, Lvying Home to Tangjiacun one-way stop.

Source of this article: Peng Mei News Responsible Editor: Xing Haibo_NBJS8850