Indian girl who took a taxi for 30 kilometers in Shanghai was charged 750 yuan and the driver of a black car was fined 10,000 yuan

 Indian girl who took a taxi for 30 kilometers in Shanghai was charged 750 yuan and the driver of a black car was fined 10,000 yuan

On the morning of the 8th, Peng Mei News learned from the Law Enforcement Team of the Shanghai Traffic Commission that the driver had come to the traffic law enforcement department for investigation and treatment on suspicion of illegal operation, and the vehicle had been temporarily detained. The traffic law enforcement department will impose a fine of 10,000 yuan on the driver, and the public security traffic police department will detain the driver for three months.

Whats going on?

According to Knews, on September 5, an Indian girl complained that she had come to Shanghai to take a taxi from Pudong Airport on September 2. Then she was taken with a car and charged 750 yuan for driving from Pudong Airport to Hongfeng Marriott Hotel on Xinjinqiao Road.

The taxi platform shows that even if you choose the most luxury car, it is less than 300 yuan. Whats more, the operator of the vehicle company said that wontons in five-star hotels and roadside stalls are not a price of course.

Indian girl Ruijini told reporters that she was the first time to come to Shanghai and was not familiar with her place. When she came out of Pudong Airport to take a taxi, two men came up to beg her to take a taxi and took her to the parking lot. Then she got into an Audi car. Ruijini remembered that a female driver was driving the Audi car. When she arrived at her destination, the female driver said on the spot that she would charge 750 yuan.

She swiped 750 yuan with a bank card without knowing where she was going. After getting off the bus, the other party did not issue an invoice, but gave her a receipt. There is 750 yuan on the receipt. When Rui arrived at the company, the hotel staff and her Chinese colleagues told her that the fee was unreasonable and obviously exceeded the normal rate, because the Hongfeng Marriott Hotel from Pudong Airport to Xinjinqiao Road would not exceed 200 yuan by taxi.

The other side also said on the phone that the delivery service is not calculated by kilometers, and the price of Hongqiao and the hotel is the same. The other side also made an analogy with the wonton theory, just like the wonton in a five-star hotel and the wonton at a roadside stall, of course not a price.

After the incident, Regina complained to the traffic law enforcement department.

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