Media: TeachersDay Breaks the Incentive Mechanism of Heroes by Thesis

 Media: TeachersDay Breaks the Incentive Mechanism of Heroes by Thesis

Data Map: Wang Jianguo, a primary school teacher affiliated to Capital University of Economics and Trade, instructs students to make butterfly specimens.

Today is the 35th Teachers Day. First of all, I want to say to all the teachers in the country: Happy Festival.

The main purpose of setting up Teachers Day is to improve the social status of teachers, protect their legitimate rights and interests, and establish the dignity of teachers. This has also become an annual teachers day, public opinion read about the festival topic. An important aspect of protecting teachersrights and interests is whether their treatment and incentive mechanism is fair enough.

Not long ago, the media reported that a teacher of Nanjing Forestry University had also appraised a professor in the absence of a standard paper, becoming the first person to promote a professor by virtue of his teaching expertise. In a broader sense, with the promotion of the reform of Title evaluation, more and more colleges and universities have begun to try out a new title evaluation system which is not only for thesis titles.

Relatively speaking, in the field of elementary education, which is farther away from academia and papers, it is also necessary to break the incentive mechanism of heroes in the theory of papers. Moreover, there is also room for reform.

Last year, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council issued the Opinions on Deepening the Reform of Project Evaluation, Talent Evaluation and Institutional Evaluation, which clearly put forward that the paper, foreign language, patent and computer level should not be regarded as the restrictive conditions for the title evaluation of applied talents and frontline talents at the grass-roots level. Primary and secondary school teachers are the typical representatives of applied talents, grass-roots front-line talents. In this regard, the top-level design level has in fact eliminated some unfair threshold restrictions for the evaluation of primary and secondary school teacherstitles and incentives for treatment.

However, in reality, in order to make teaching-oriented teachers stand out, the relevant incentive evaluation system is still necessary to continue to optimize. Last year, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council issued the Opinions on Fully Deepening the Reform of TeachersTeam Construction in the New Era, which proposed that we should further improve the evaluation criteria of professional titles and establish an evaluation index system that conforms to the characteristics of primary and secondary school teachers posts. Although this does not completely negate the paper indicators, it requires that the assessment and evaluation system of primary and secondary school teachers be classified and designed according to the post characteristics, which is realistic.

For example, although teachers with essays can get more points, teachers who are good at teaching need not worry about losing promotion opportunities without essays, which is a fairer incentive and evaluation mechanism.

No matter how education develops in the future, the importance of teaching should still be put in the first place in primary and secondary education as a basic education. In the field of higher education, teaching-oriented teachers play an irreplaceable role in guiding, controlling and improving studentsabilities in many aspects. This naturally requires that we should avoid value inversion and strengthen the examination of teachersteaching ability in the relevant evaluation of teachers titles and salary incentives.

In fact, the relevant documents issued by the state almost emphasize the need to highlight the value of education and teaching. The Opinions on Deepening the Reform of Education and Teaching and Improving the Quality of Compulsory Education issued by the State Council of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China in June this year also calls for the effective implementation of the autonomy of school allocation and the preference of teachers with outstanding teaching achievements.

It should be said that in recent years, the relevant reform initiatives and policies issued by the state have sent a clear signal that more attention has been paid to teachersteaching ability. At present, the most important thing is to combine the importance of teaching ability with the teachers incentive mechanism, so that teaching-oriented teachers can enjoy more respect and incentive tilt.

In Chinese culture, whether it is a summary of the teachers role of imparting knowledge and solving puzzles or the image description of taking root in three feet of platform, it can clearly show the societys expectation of teaching and educating people. Both primary and secondary school teachers and university teachers do play this role. Deepening the reform in the field of education should not only include letting more university teachers comment on professors, but also stop making papers difficult for primary and secondary school teachers.

Of course, how to evaluate the educational ability also needs more grounding gas and more rigorous standards. When a set of scientific evaluation system of education and teaching quality is established there, it is worth expecting that teaching-oriented teachers will get fair incentives.

Source: Responsible Editor of Beijing Newspaper: Chengyu_NBJ11143