The lower the cognitive level, the better the sense of superiority

 The lower the cognitive level, the better the sense of superiority

Sister Stone

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Last month, I chatted over tea at my friends tea house and chatted about parent-child travel. One of them said, Weve just returned from Hong Kong and Macao with our children, and were leaving for Southeast Asia in a few days. Children who havent gone out to play are those who havent seen the world. What kind of tourism is walking around? If you dont go to a developed city, where can you see it? I want you to say, you always stay in this small place, too sorry for yourself... He talked with a banter. Its like the big winner of super life who just returned from a world tour. The rest of us are poor people who live in earnest. We dont know how many places he and his children have traveled and how far he knows, but we know that he is anxious to crush peoples minds with all his sense of superiority. It is understood that he was also earning a subsistence salary. After receiving a demolition payment last year, his sense of superiority staggered upward. Not to mention how subjective and narrow his views are, his sense of superiority is enough to make people sick. Only when the cognitive level is limited, can we narrowly think that a few more trips means that people have more knowledge than others, and that traveling abroad is more than N strata higher than the life level of the surrounding tourists. Only in this way can we use the sense of superiority to show that we are more successful than others in order to fill the real poverty in our hearts. What he didnt know was that everyone had their own way of life, and what he didnt know was that really knowledgeable people couldnt say that. The lower the cognitive level, the better the superiority.

Not long ago, a post-95 female writer who claimed to be TOP5 was mocked by netizens.

The reason is simple. The toilet at home was blocked in typhoon day, and the repairman failed to arrive in time as she wished because of the weather. This is a trivial matter, but she has a long spit on micro-blog. Living in a house bought by 20 million people, doing the so-called work of the human elite, living the so-called top 5 life, can smell the subway station on others, and those who rush through the rainstorm are different. Nothing has changed. I pick up the phone and call the property, no matter how heavy it rains, if I dont get someone to help me with the toilet in ten minutes. Ill call the police now, the police cant solve it. On Monday, Ill find someone to beat the building management. Then well find lawyers. Ill ruin my family and kill you guys. In addition, it also reveals that it is very considerate of the suffering of civilians and that it is not daring to order takeout in typhoon days. The man who boasts of being highly educated, knows the world, and understands the difficulties of others, is so high up that he bursts out with complaints of superiority. Seemingly grumbling, its really a sense of superiority. As she said, because she is already a TOP 5 class, she should be superior to others and not be slighted. But how can a really high-ranking person be so arrogant and arrogant that he cant live forever? Behind the disguised superiority lies vanity. It is precisely because of the low level of cognition that we mistakenly regard material abilities with relative superiority as superior to others and show off when we have the opportunity to satisfy our vanity. The lower the cognitive level, the higher the vanity and superiority.

In June of this year, a video of a well-known blogger denouncing his takeaway brother became popular online.

In the video, the blogger is aggressive when she abuses and knocks at the takeaway brother. The cause is just a little friction between the two sides on the road because of the accident. In the process of coordination, the takeaway brother said that the police should deal with it, but the blogger was reluctant and shouted, I am a media player! What do you mean, people like you! Words are vulgar and arrogant, and a phrase like you guys shows an inexplicable sense of superiority. Career is never high or low, but she considers herself superior: the professional status of takeout is lower than that of media, so she deserves to be bullied. Theres a saying thats very good: peacocks show their butts when they open their screens. When a person shows off his superiority, he exposes his shallow ignorance. In fact, there are many such people in life. They often feel superior to others. Metro workers face despised, want to be far away; street sanitation workers immediately cover their mouths and noses, avoid it; go to the hotel for a meal, from beginning to end to the service staff shout three or four. I try to get joy and satisfaction by expressing my superiority, and try to get the envy and respect of others, in order to show my dignity. Little imagine, the more the sense of superiority expands, the more personal image shrinks. Meng Fei said, All superiority comes from lack of insight and compassion. Lack of insight, will be nursed in the Laozi world first cognitive limitations, stealing that the external nobility can cover up the internal barrenness. The lower the cognitive level is, the more shallow it is regarded as noble, showing superiority everywhere.

On one occasion, actress Zhang Yin had declined the performance of the film Dear, but was still vaguely pulled by the crew to attend the first meeting of the entire lineup. At that time, in addition to the unknown younger generation, there were many well-known actors, because the director did not tell anyone in advance that Zhang Yin would also be there, so when Zhang Yin appeared, everyone was trapped, one by one what he came to do expression. Zhang was embarrassed and tried to stand aside, trying not to attract peoples attention. At this time, Huang Bo, the first man who should have stood in position C, saw him and took the initiative to stand beside Zhang Yin, next to him. Later, Zhang Yin talked about it in an interview and said that Huang Bo was a very caring person. He was very grateful to Huang Bo. The so-called very good at caring for people, in fact, is to hide their sense of superiority, know how to care for others. Writer Li Xiaoyi said, If excellence is sharp, brilliance shines everywhere. Then excellence is restraint, just like a master who has made great contributions in the two veins of governor-in-chief, never clamouring to find people to compete in the world. Personality of opinion. The better a person is, the better he knows how to defend himself. Just like Huang Bo, you are the No. 1 box-office blockbuster. He does not rely on the sense of superiority to highlight his achievements and status. Instead, he is low-key and humble, leaving dignity to others everywhere. Not going to show is the most advanced method of showing superiority. A psychologist said, It took me a long time to understand why some people are proud of themselves when they are not so good. They think they are great because they need ability and understanding to recognize their shortcomings. The higher the cognitive level, the more aware of their own shortcomings, the more introverted. Being humble is the first thing in life, even if you own what others dont have, it doesnt mean you are superior to others. The only thing that people can show off in their lifetime is their low-key style and correct characters, which need not be deliberately expressed. I hope you and I can strive to raise the cognitive level, keep practicing, enrich our hearts, and carry the only thing that can show off in the world.


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