The man who answered your letter in this way, dont talk any more.

 The man who answered your letter in this way, dont talk any more.

What would you do if a man didnt reply to your tweet for half a day and ignored your love?

When a man does not reply to your Wechat, do not entangle, remember these three points, teach you to be an elegant and smart woman.


Dont keep in touch frequently

Most of the time, busy, is just an excuse for men to be lazy to reply.

The man who really loves you, even if he is busy, will take a few seconds to answer you, in order not to let you worry.

If you send a few messages and he doesnt respond, dont beat them up, or they will make men resent you and think youre on sale.

Even if you love someone again, you should have some reservations.

Because feelings, like the sand in your hand, the tighter you hold them, the faster they drain away.

At this time, you should not contact him any more. You should raise your attitude, put him aside and give him a proper cold shoulder.

He loves you, naturally will take the initiative to come to you, he does not love you, you send no more useless.

The person who cares about you will not let you wait and wait. The better you treat him, the less he will cherish him.


Many women become sensitive and anxious because of trivial things in their emotions, and they are always fantastic.

Men dont return your information for a while, they fill in many stories on their own brain, which not only tortures themselves, but also makes him feel that you are doing a lot of work, always love to make unreasonable noises.

A woman who has nothing to do all day, and a woman who is mentally committed to men, will be narrower and narrower.

Womens sense of security is their own, your life, not only emotions and men, but also more meaningful things.

In the long run, it is easy to force oneself into a disgusted resentful woman.

The man does not reply to the letter, let him go, everything is natural, dont think too much, let oneself distract attention, what should be done.

Its yours, its yours after all, not yours. Its no use pressing.

Instead of being suspicious all day long, its hard for the other person to breathe.

Its better to give each other some time and space to get busy and enrich life.

When you have a sense of security, those doubts and suspicions will disappear naturally.


Live your life well

There is a saying that if you are in full bloom, butterflies come.

A woman, no matter when, should be the best of herself. She should not wronged herself in order to please others.

When a man doesnt reply to your message, he will pay more attention to himself and live his life happily.

From time to time, go out for a walk, relax, take a breath of fresh air, or eat something delicious, buy some gifts to reward yourself.

Every day, we should live out ourselves, not arrogant, not rash, not alarmed.

Work hard, enjoy life, earn money to buy clothes, how to live happily, why bother to please others?

When you make your life elegant and tasteful, and make your life full of beauty and fun, then feelings are no longer the focus of your life.

Its no longer important for you to have a man or not.

For the rest of your life, I wish you to be a strong woman in your heart.

Future life, not to embarrass themselves, nor to live up to the years, no matter what face, can maintain calm and calm.

* Author: Miss Bai, a woman in the workplace, writes words with temperature and power, sharing meaningful life with you, growing up with you and being strong with you. The new book Live Like You Want is being exclusively pre-sold on Public No. Michelia (ID: nvrendds).