Poisoned Love: Three Family Education Modes in Little Joy

 Poisoned Love: Three Family Education Modes in Little Joy

Song Qian is always doing two things, one is to get food for Qiao Yingzi. In the previous episodes, Song Qian has never seen Qiao Yingzi order takeaway. Another one is to give Qiao Yingzi a test paper. Second, Song Qians world only has Qiao Yingzi, who has no self at all. She regards Qiao Yingzi as a projection of herself. Song Qians self-realization is achieved by shaping Qiao Yingzi.

In this way, a problem arises. She completely ignores Qiao Yingzi as an independent and self-contained individual. Everything she wants Qiao Yingzi to do, not Qiao Yingzi herself.

When flying dreams, Qiao Yingzi wants astronauts, Song Qian wants Tsinghua; when camping in winter, Qiao Yingzi wants Nanda, Song Qian wants Tsinghua; when playing Lego, Qiao Yingzi wants a model, Song Qian wants Tsinghua... What kind of persistence is this? Once Qiao Yingzi wanted to resist, she used her so-called sacrifice to kidnap Qiao Yingzi. For you, I have no friends, not even myself. I think that a person without self, even without children, is still without self. Without Qiao Yingzi, she would place her self on another thing. This is a reaction many parents will make consciously or unconsciously. When the child tries to resist, throw the following words away: You see, I pull you up with a handful of shit and urine. You see, for your sake, my mother is white-haired and so old. Come on, its your own decision to have a child. Are you responsible for your decision? In addition, even if you have children and dont raise them, you will grow old. Its a natural law. Its nothing to do with children. In the whole play, the mother-daughter relationship between Song Qian and Qiao Yingzi is the most sweaty. Especially Qiao Yingzis melodious greeting to win her mothers favor, that kind of self-depressed pretending to be sensible, looks uncomfortable to death. Seek Qiao Yingzis psychological shadow area. Under such forced love, Qiao Yingzi will naturally run away. She likes Aunt Liu Jing for a very simple reason, because Liu Jing does not force her to do anything. She will embrace Fang Yifang, but only for comfort. Any missing part of a childs growth in the family needs to be compensated. And Song Qians reaction? Not self-reflection, but jealousy and jealousy. I believe every audience will feel sorry for Qiao Yingzi. But should we reflect on ourselves, to what extent do we not have Song Qians shadow?

Compared with Song Qian and Qiao Yingzi, Tong Wenjie and Fangyuans family seem to be happy. But the problems of family education are also obvious. If Song Qian is a totally controlled mother, then Tong Wenjie is a fire-fighting mother. Tong Wenjie first appeared in the play because his son Fang Yifan had a fight with others and was in a hurry to put out the fire. Such a mothers characteristic is that there are no measures in education and family education in peacetime. Once something happens, she will fly to fight the fire. For Tong Wenjie, the way to fight the fire is very simple, that is, to beat Fang Fang in any situation. Such parents are also very common, usually manage meals, eat full, regardless of school. Once the teacher complained, he shouted at the child. Think this roar is education. Actually, its a combination of eggs. Education is more than just a matter of ear-lifting. Family education is hidden in every detail of everyday life. If something happens, you can put out the fire again. Are you an aunt firefighter? Compared with Song Qian, Tong Wenjie is really weak. In terms of work, Tong Wenjie wanted to be a strong woman, but she couldnt get her job. She was designed by an assistant. On the family, its not a good idea to call takeout all day. In the previous episodes, we can see that Song Qian gave Qiao Yingzi a nutritious meal and stewed with love. And Tong Wenjies family, even breakfast is takeaway - until Fangyuan unemployed become a family cook, they did not eat a good meal. The detailed settings of the scriptwriter are interesting. The father of this family, Fangyuan, seems to be promoting liberal education.

Everything is right and wrong, there must always be a statement, on the matter, see recruiting and dismantling. Fangyuan pursues peace of mind in everything, rather than solving problems on a case-by-case basis. This is not wisdom, but wisdom. In this way, in this family, seemingly free, but without boundaries, this is indulgence. In addition, the biggest problem with square circle is that he has no requirement for himself. Like small fish and insects, day by day, a little time to go to the flower and bird market, not good to do their own legal work, only know to tease the scorpion. One of the biggest problems here is that the father gave up his professional growth. It is because of the experience of being dismissed, and after being dismissed, it is no longer difficult to turn back.

We have always said that the best family education for parents is to be good at yourself. Parentspursuit and progress in their career is to give their children the best education. Therefore, like Fang Yifan, the third year of senior high school is still a stingy, which is one of the reasons. Here is my criticism of the square circle. Among the three old men, Qiao Weidong and Lao Ji are successful in their respective careers. Fangyuan, why do you mess with others? How embarrassing that Qiao Weidong pays for the daily food every time. Nor does it mean that Fangyuan must make a fortune, become an official and become a famous person. What I mean is, has a person really worked hard in your passionate career? This is about individual dignity. Of course, the growth of this family is also clear. We still need some praise for this growth. Fang Yuan has self-awareness, while Tong Wenjie has accepted all his family members. Fang Yifangs self-discovery and so on are all worthy of praise. Moreover, it is unfair to blame everyone for being a parent for the first time.

Speaking of it, Tong Wenjie and Fangyuan may still be a family we envy. There is no barrier between parents and children. In the future, they suffer many misfortunes, but they can persevere and support each other. This must also be attributed to the love of their families. Ji Ji and Liu Jings family, obviously, are fraudulent corpse-rearing. The children left the elementary school before they graduated, and did not return until the third year of senior high school. The most important six years in the process of childrens growth are the absence of parents. So in this family, the conflict between father and son is the most acute. This need not be elaborated. We all know that the essence of love is time. There is a chicken soup saying: love is the longest companion. Family education? Accompaniment is a basic requirement. If parents are absent at the most important stage of growth, it will be very difficult to compensate them later. Ji Ji and Liu Jings clumsy efforts are also worrying. Fortunately, in the plot design, they are all Party cadres, with high consciousness and various compensation. In the end, chatting is better than nothing. When we watch such family plays, we often project ourselves. The commentary is written like this, but who can do it, perfect parents? Author: Cai Chaoyang, a middle-aged literary and art teacher, senior grandfather and the most pungent Chinese teacher in history, is the top 10 educators who influenced 100 people in Chinas social process in 2010 Time Weekly. The author of the annual tribute education book Searching for meaningful education in 2012 Beijing Newspaper and the winner of the annual speech in 2014 is Reading. Resisting the Absurdity, Searching for a Meaningful Education, Why Cant We Buy Everything Home, But Love Bookers Like Me, etc. This article is reproduced from Public Number Noise (ID: eken_1919) and has been authorized.