Vieris bombardment of the 2002 Korean-Italian war black whistle Korean journalist: the foolish loser

 Vieris bombardment of the 2002 Korean-Italian war black whistle Korean journalist: the foolish loser

The 2002 World Cup was co-hosted by Korea and Japan. The Koreans created a miracle in that World Cup. They successively eliminated Italy and Spain and broke into the top four, and finally won the fourth place. However, the Koreanspromotion path is not glorious, and they have benefited from the referees misjudgement many times against Italy and Spain. In the 1/8 finals, South Korea played against Italy, and many rough fouls by South Korean players were ignored by referee Moreno.

In an interview with the Marca newspaper recently, Vieri spoke again about the game in the history of football, saying: When you play football, you can easily find that the referee has done something. We had a chance to win that game, but the referees decision was ridiculous. It may be understandable if this happens in the domestic league or in the second division, but this is the World Cup. I never thought such a thing would happen in the World Cup. People all over the world are watching the World Cup. If I were a Korean player, I should be ashamed.

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Violent fouls committed by Korean team in 2002 World Cup (Source: Netease Video)

Seventeen years after the 2002 World Cup, South Korea is not convinced that they did wrong, and is extremely proud of the miracle they created. Steve Han, a South Korean journalist at, immediately responded to Vieris comments.

On Twitter, Steve Han wrote: Nineteen years later (and then seventeen years later), Vieri was still a grumpy and foolish loser. He told Marca that South Korean players should be ashamed of beating Italy because the referee had repeatedly ignored South Korean fouls in the 2002 match. Thats a joke. On that day, the referee blew more fouls in Korea than in Italy.

For this reason, Steve Han also posted the statistics of the war between Korea and Italy. In that game, the Koreans were blown 28 fouls, while Italy 22 fouls. In yellow cards, both teams have four times. However, Italy has a red card, Korea 0. Offside, Italy 5 times, Korea 0.

In addition, Steve Han continued to mock Vieri in the message area: In order to better describe Vieris ignorance, let me tell you a fact. In 2016, he predicted that Guardiola would not be able to lead Manchester City to the championship. If someone should be ashamed of himself, its you, Vieri!

Netizens almost one-sided support Vieri, who tweeted under Steve Han: 28-22, ha-ha, at least 40 fouls in that game in Korea! Seventeen years later, Korean dogs are still disgusting. Korea is a dirty dog. Everyone knows what Korea did in the 2002 World Cup, the dirtiest World Cup. What a shame! You and your team (South Korea) are forever nailed to shame! _____________

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